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I am reporting this charge as well, I have 2 charges from them for $99 and $275 but have never purchased wireless phone insurance in my life.

My Visa company was alerted that my card was compromised due to a 3rd party being hacked and credit card numbers were stolen. Once i was issued a new card my old card was charged by them for two charges - $169 & $199. these are fraudulent charges and you should contact your credit card company for pursue this with them.

I am reporting this /// I did not autroize this charge I don't even know who or what company this even is

I was charged $199.00 from Aurian Wireless ins so I disputed the charge and my credit card credited me back the $199.00. The next day I saw two more pending charges from them for $199.99 and 99.00 so I ended up having to have a new credit card number issued to me. I know this company is associated with Verizon Wireless (which i do not use). I recently signed up for Verizon Fios at my home so I think that it is weird that I started getting these charges right after that, even though I had never given Verizon this credit card number. I still believe this has something to do with Verizon though, maybe a Verizon employee on commission from Aurian to provide credit card numbers from my Credit report.

I was checking my bank balance and found a charge for $199.00, dated 1/09/2014, from Asurion Wireless Ins 866-6672535 TN. I had no idea who or what this was all about. I went on line to do some research on this company and found that others have had the same problem. I will be alerting my bank, as soon as they open, that I did not make the charge and will have this card closed out immediately, as well as contact Asurion Wireless Ins who I have never done business with.

Reporting that this happened to me too. $788 in various charges within 10 days. On my discover card that I rarely use.

My visa company just blocked my card for a fraudulent $199 charge from Asurion. First I've ever heard of them. Never had wireless insurance.

"ASURION WIRELESS INS 8666672535 TN $99.00"

I also have this charge on my account/debit card. My bank instructed me to contact the merchant directly at 866-667-2535 and request that they cancel the transaction before it's authorized. Apparently this merchant is affiliated with those idiots at Verizon, with whom I do NOT have a mobile phone. This amount represents a deductible when a claim is filed on a mobile device. The merchant asked for my card number, which I declined to provide.

I'm going to my bank to dispute the charge and report the card stolen.

I just experienced unauthorized deduction of $149.00 from Asurion wireless (06/16/14) on my bank statement today. I will call my bank today and cancel the card. I have already mailed the Asurion wireless for the unauthorized deduction and still await the response. I am just hearing about the site today talk less of purchasing anything from the site. I think an urgent action has to be taking about the so called Asurion wireless.

I had a $199 surprise unauthorized charge recently to my Wells Fargo account. Called the bank right away, and they issued me a new debit card. Asurion is a legit company, but obviously they aren't doing something right if this many people have had issues with fraudulent charges!

My Visa was charged 169 from Asurion as well from my credit union. They also took little over a 1,000.00 out of my other bank account with USAA on the same day. One charge was with Walmart and two others with Liberty Mutual. After contacting Liberty Mutual, they said we don't show those charges of those amounts. These people have no idea what is going to happen next but I do. Knock, Knock, "PRISM", we have a reservation for you at our state pen for 5 years. Felony offense... I get the last laugh. :-)

I was balancing my checkbook, and also found this charge in the amount of 300.00 to ASURION WIRELESS INS TEL 8666672535 TN. I DON'T EVEN HAVE VERIZON WIRELESS. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS CRAP THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE!

I also was affected by an unauthorized transaction of $199 from Asurion Wireless on 10-28-14. Apparently they haven't found the culprit yet if this is still going on..... Thankfully my bank took care of it and told me that I wasn't the only one who has filmed a fraud claim for Asurion Wireless

I have just noticed 3 October, 2014 charges from Asurion Wireless ins in the amounts of 199.00, 199.00, and 169.00. These are fraudulent charges, I have notified my credit card company.

I posted yesterday about my issue but have looked at many of these other ones......and so this has been going on since January and is still happening???????????????????

I just randomly checked my Citi credit card account and there were three $169 charges that I did not authorize from Asurion Wireless. Called the CC company. They have opened up an investigation, canceled the card, and are sending out a new card. I'm amazed that this is still happening when people have been complaining about it for months on here.

This freakin co. has been doing this and getting away with it for a long time. Someone has got to stop them. My discover card was charged 500.00 and I'm furious that they can continue to do this. Please help me!!!!!!

I was charged $75 by them. Never heard of them, and have never purchased wireless insurance.

I guess I have the same story. Contacted by BofA and advised that there were suspicious charges on my checking account. Reviewed the charges and found a charge for $169.00 From Asurion Wireless in TN. When I called the number, I explained the problem to the agent who then transferred me to another agent. She told me that if I gave her the full card number she could tell me who made the charge. They sure did sound professional on the phone. Fortunately, I opted to hang up and call the bank instead. Disputing charges and getting a new debit card. What a hassle!

Looks this issue persist, unknown charge was done 04-30-2014 by: Asurion Wireless ins 8666672535 tn us. Seeing the history here inmediately call my bank to block and cancell Credit Card.

apparently this unauthorized charging on people's credit card is very common. Just happen to me. Well be reporting them to a lawyer, BBB and a newschannel.

p.s. the charges were $150 and $175.

I checked my bank account on 2/7/2014, only to notice a charge from ASURION WIRELESS INS. posted to my accounnt on 2/6/2014, for $169.00. I don't even have cell phone service in my name, so why would i buy insurance. I immediately notified my bank and was told to check it again on monday 2/10/2014 to see if it was sent through, if so we would prosecute. I am demanding a refund to my account immediately.

I am reporting this charge - two transactions dated 12/19/13 on my VISA card. VISA company says someone used my # to buy replacement cell phones, that is what the charges are for. It's a legit company but someone fraudulently using CCs to buy stuff (cell phones) from them. My card is being cancelled and a new one issued.


billed me $169.00 showed up as ASURION WIRELES 8666672535 TN. I don't even have a cellular phone in my name nor have I ever. I have had my debit card in my possession at all times and no one has access to my bank information but me. Cancelled card and disputing charges. Will call tomorrow to address this issue with Asurion and provide the card number as it has been cancelled. So much for Identity theft protection. I will likely also get a new account. Wells Fargo Customer. This is the first time this has happened to me. I am also reporting to my identitiy theft company.

Same here, 199 charge hit my BOA card. Also, small charges from

I got hit with $199 from Asurion, called them, they identified it as fraudulent. Said to dispute with bank as they couldn't do that. Anyway, its simple ol' credit card number compromise, company has nothing to do with it, they are legit

I already have phone insurance that was purchased nearly a year ago. There's no way I'd make a charge like this. I have the habit of checking my account daily, and thank goodness I did! There was a $75 charge on my checking account from ASURION WIRELESS INS TEL866667253 TN Date 02/06/14

I'm going to my credit union tomorrow to fill out a fraud form. I already cancelled my debit card. :/

It looks like this has been happening quite frequently. I hope this gets settled soon!

Today I had 169.00 taken from my account. Called and couldnt get the company so I called Sprint and they told me that isnt even the number for their insurance. the number listed with the charge is 866 667-2535 TN. I have closed and disputed too. What a pain.........................

just got the 169 charge on my amex never heard of these people before

Bank notified me of suspicious activity on my debit card - two $175 charges from Asurion Wireless. Called Asurion immediately, they asked for my debit card number and after I provided this to them, they said they would not stop the transactions and that I needed to pursue this with my bank. Obviously they need greater fraud protection at Asurion.

Just checked my bank statement and found two charges of $175 each from ASURION Wireless Ins. We changed our phones earlier this month but did not purchase insurance. I called the number listed but it did not go through so I called the bank and they were very helpful in taking the debit off my account and will re credit the amount. They had to close my card due to fraud and issue a new one. Phones were purchased through Verizon. Can't trust anyone.

I was charged three separate charges on my credit card account of 3/27 169.00, 3/31 149.00 and 4/3 169.00. I have never heard of this company Asurion Wireless Ins 866-667-2635 in TN. I would never purchase this type of insurance. I have called my credit card company to report that hackers stole my number. I canceled my credit card and closed the account since my credit card company did not notify me of charges that were unusual.

Asurion Wireless in Tel86667253 TN on 2/4/14 charged $169.00 to my debit card. Went to the bank immediately and disputed. Teller called Asurion and the receptionist was insisting that I authorized the charge for a cell phone in NJ. I live in NC. Asked for debit card to verify. Card was already marked stolen so teller gave it to her and she magically had the info. Now I have to wait for another Debit Card.

I popped into my account today just to check it and saw the $169 charge. I have verizon and I have an Asurion insurance with my cell phone. However, I have not used it nor have a need. I'm off contract and would never agree to paying a $169 charge for a replacement of my old phone when I could get a new better phone free with a new contract. I called the bank and alerted them and cancelled my card. I ordered some trophies online within the last month. I'm not sure if this is when my card got compromised or if this is another case where a retailer has been compromised. Seems like this is a huge scam by Asurion and they should be more careful who they are randomly charging. Maybe more secure measures are needed before allowing someone to charge for a new device.

I also had a $45 charge from Asurion Wireless in Tel86667253 TN on 1/16/2014 CHARGED DIRECTLY to my checking account!!! I also HAVE NEVER purchased cell phone insurance!!! I called Asurion on 1/24/14 (my credit union gave me the corrected number: 1-866-667-2535) - and they referred me to an agent (Natalie ID #104202) who said that I would have to provide my Debit Card number in order to tell me what the charge was for!!!! I wasn't going to give my number to a company that has already made a fraudulent charge! Now I have to cancel my debit card in order to dispute this charge!!! This is messed up!

I am reporting a fraudulent charge of $169.00 to my visa by Asurion wireless insurance. I notified my bank closed out that card and ordered a new one. They erased that charge and hopefully will pursue these criminals.

Same thing happened to me. Luckily my credit card company had the funds returned to my account the next day. Everyone should go and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as I did. This company has an A+ rating when they should have an F-.

I was charged for $224.11 on my Visa and then again two days later for $189.25 its fraudulent reporting it to Visa

I am adding to this chorus of fraudulent charges.My Discover card was billed $199.00by Asurion on 11/07/14. Never heard of them. I di pay my Verizon bill one time with this card. That may be where they are getting these credit card numbers.

Just looked at my account and was charged $169 as well by ASURION WIRELESS INS 866-6672535 TN 37211. I will be disputing this company on Monday.

Asurion Wireless charged my Mastercard for $169.00. Never heard from them until today. Few weeks ago my bank called about the possibility of my card being compromised. Great they got me a new card. Now they call because of suspicious activity on the old number. How can the old number even be usable AND still connected to my account? Sigh! Asurion apparently is charging from TN.

How on earth does this keep happening to people.

I noticed a a charge from this company and knew it wasn't something I charged. I called my bank and canceled both debit cards, and reported the fraud charges to them. I also called this company...unfortunately for them people are stealing card info and using it to order from the company. They are a legit company. There wasn't much they could do, they were able to stop delivery of the phone that was ordered because I caught the charge so quickly. Now for the long road of getting the $169.00 refunded :(

This was a charge that showed up on my statement just recently. It is the deductible from the insurance that we carry on our cell phones. My husband recently broke his phone and he made a claim. lol. After seeing this I thought it was fraudulent but then remembered our claim.

My daughter's ATM just got billed for $199. I called my credit union & filed a fraud report with the police. When I called the Asurion the man that answered said they had authorization to charge this ATM card for "Verizon iPhone insurance". We don't use Verizon for our wireless phones. I don't know what these crooks are doing but I hope that they burn in H*ll.

I was alerted by my bank today of a charge in the amount of $169.00 by your company, Asurion Wireless, please refund immediately. Check your statements everyone. They are also providers for Sprint.

I just looked at my cc statement and assurion charged me 169.00 and the lady at the cc dispute said that another charge for 60.00 was attempted the next day from but was declined. my card is now cancelled.

just now got $99 deducted from my debit card from Asurion Wireless Ins! And I live in Qatar and my debit card is issued by a Qatar bank!! My bank now blocked my card and will investigate this fraud. So Asurion is now debiting credit cards and debit cards all across the globe???

I was looking at my bank account today, and saw a charge for $169 from Asurion Wireless. Supposedly, they're a phone insurance company. My mom still pays for my phone bills so there's no way any kind of insurance would be charged directly to my account. This is ridiculous. I just got a new debit card in the mail because the first one wasn't working, and now I'll probably have to get a new one.

Update - I just spoke with Visa the card is now cancelled. Visa said that they also use a charge with something small like $1.12 to authorize under 123 Copenhagen, or some name like that. Then they wait so you don't get suspicious and then they charge the large amounts later. My Visa is now cancelled.

Unauthorized charges on my VISA account by this company, ASURION WIRELESS amounting to 2 $169.00 on 6/11 and one on 7/14. I called my bank and applied for dispute. I am still waiting for my money to be debited in my account. This company should be CLOSED!!!

Same here - two debit card authorizations $169 and $199. Never heard of that company, never purchased a phone insurance... How could that be going on for so long ?

Looks this issue persist, unknown charge was done 04-30-2014 by: Asurion Wireless ins 8666672535 tn us. Seeing the history here inmediately call my bank to block and cancell Credit Card.

Saw today (4-26-14) $169.00 credit card charge from Asurion Wireless Ins in Tennessee made on 4-14-14 (posted 4-16). I don't own a wireless phone (use company's), did not purchase or anything else from them. Called Chase (number on back of card), they said credit would appear within 48 hours, will also block any future charges from them.

I was going to pay my credit card on line and found this charge of $169.00 to my credit card. I called my credit card company to tell them I never made this charge and to see who Asurion Wireless Ins was, and they gave me the 8666672535 number. I called and of course they were not open. I then did a search on line and found this site and the history with all the complaints! I immediately called my credit card company back, told them what I found and to cancel my card and send a new one. It's now in the hands of the fraud department of my credit card.

i didn't purchase anything from your company and i never heard of this company. Why you guys charged me USD169 to my credit card???! I have make dispute on my credit card. Please refund back the USD169 to my credit card urgently!!!

I checked my checking account today and found two charges for $99 on it; called Asurion they said I had to call Verizon; Verizon said it was NOT them that my insurance was billed monthly on my bill; but that the charge is the same amount as replace two IPhones -which neither my husband nor I had done; both Visa debit cards were used and had to be canceled - thankfully PNC refunds all money - this is a SCAM company!

Can you help? What is this charge?

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  • Visa Check Card ASURION WIRELESS INSURA 866-6672535 TN MC
  • Misc. Debit ASURION WIRELESS INSURA 866-6672535 TN