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Audible 888-283-5051 NJ


What is it?

Audible is a charge associated with, and is the membership fee from a 14-day trial when you sign up with certain features. I just saw the charge on my bank statement, called the 888-283-5051 number and was told by the marketer this information. I unknowingly accuired this service when I started my account. Sneaky little bastards.

It is tied to your Amazon account since they are Amazon company. If you hae CC info for Amazon, then they have access to your account via Amazon. If you click on the free audio book, it will subscribe you. Reading the details will help to prevent this, but if it does, contact them ASAP, hopefully before the 14 day trial is over. I did web chat with them and they cancelled the account right away and refunded my money. My son got click happy and tried to buy something without my permission.

Beware of this scam! I went in to the website to look at the books, next thing I know I have a charge on my credit card. They are sneaky. Called to have them cancel and get a refund and they did.

I was very upset when I discovered the charge, especially since I didn't download a single audiobook. However when I called to complain about the charge the fellow who took my call was very kind and immediately offered to refund the charges. He managed to defuse the situation very well, so I didn't feel like I should sound off my anger with him, since clearly he has nothing to do with Audible's protocols. Nevertheless that's pretty low to pilfer your credit card information from Amazon and then charge it surreptitiously.

This charge appear on my credit card on 04/25/2014. I never subscribed to Audible. I don't even use my Kindle. I haven't gone to Amazon in months. I don't click on any ads or banner. Yet they just charge my credit card on file on Amazon without my authorization. Amazon shouldn't not allow their customers to be scammed like this. I called the number 888-253-5051 and they reversed the charge and remove me from their subscription. I will check my credit card again if the charges were indeed reversed.

My 2-1/2 year old clicked on this!!! These guys are not associated with Amazon though they are linked on the Amazon site and use Amazon's name in vane. They are scam artists just waiting to be caught. I just called and talked with Marrella to have them remove me from their computer and refund my money! These guys give clear reason why the world is going to $%^#!

I have no interest in audiobooks nor did I click on any trial offer or authorize amazon to charge my credit card, yet a $14.95 charge appeared on my Visa card. I called and got the charge reversed. I am surprised amazon is resorting to these tactics. BEWARE.

I have charged for 16.68$ every month since last few months and I called this bloody number 888-283-5051 and they said bla bla bla which is useless... And they are Sneaky little bastards..... I am telling all my facebook tweeter and all social network friend not to shop in amazon and this bullshit stuff ever...thanks guys who posted before and i am able to cancel my stupid subscription and hopefully get the refund

This is an Audio Book Subscription.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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