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Woke up this morning to 4 fraudulent charges from them. 2 were for $40, 1 was for $1, and another for $80.43. Called my bank immediately. Will be filing formal charges.

So I checked my debit card and the amount left was $20 when I had $150 on there, and in my transactions are purchases for ea redwood city ca and some other from ea I don't know how it happened at all and my last purchase I made was days ago on amazon and I'm currently trying to get my money refunded for those unknown payments. Smfh

I had multiple $65.69 charges posted to my credit/debit card within the course of a couple minutes. Obviously / Electronic Arts requires nothing more than a credit card number for hackers to order games online.

These message boards are fine, but you really need to contact the Attorney General in whatever state the sketchy business practices take place in: Unless the AG's office sees a trend in complaints, they won't investigate. (similarly, the banks could really care less about stopping these fraudsters)

So, if (and when) you get a bunch of fraudulent charges billed by EA, TAKE A COUPLE MINUTES to fill this simple form if you want anything to change

I had 6 charges during the night for almost $300 to ORIGIN.COM EA. Fraud department alerted me and has cancelled my card. I WILL PROSECUTE!!!!!

I also had similar charges to my card. I would like to know how in the heck they got my bank card numbers to do these purchases? I have called my bank and am.disputing it and my operator was very helpful in helping me fix this issue. In the meantime I'd like to find out how and where this is happening to help people in the future from doing it to others!!

Wow, same thing happened here today, need to know how they got my debit card number. my nephew does have xbox live with my debit card in it. and most recently used amazon. where have your cards been used

ESTOS HIJOS DE LA CHINGADA YA ME LA APLICARON TAMBIEN CON CARGOS DE $1.00, $43.30,$43.30 y $87.07. chingen a su madre

I had the same thing happen to me. The last place I used my debit card was at Arbys/ at a gas station in Normangee, Tx. any connections?

*********Solution, I had the same problem on 04/11 and 04/12. Just called EA at 650 628 7352. Waited 1 minute for an operator, explained what happened. Said she would get me a case # and have someone from fraud call me right back. Person from fraud called while I was still on phone with the operator. Had everything fixed in under 4 minutes. Still have to wait for the pending charges to drop off, and the new card to come in mail, but at the end of the day not that difficult to get fixed. GIVE THEM A CALL

I woke up this morning to go shopping and as I always do, I got on my CC account to verify what I had to spend and there were 4 charges of $69.99, 59.99, 124.00 and 39.99 all from These people just went in and helped theirselves to my money and now I am sitting here with no money for food and bills. I contacted origin and since 1 purchase actually went through they refunded my money and said it should appear on my CC within 10 days. The other 3 charges are showing they went through but this company said it FAILED on their side, but yet they still got my money. Who do I contact to prosecute because the police in my city wont do crap so someone needs to be held accountable

I am in Melbourne Australia and was notified yesterday by my bank (ANZ) that there were suspicous transactions on my debit card, charged to "origin com EA Geneva CH". They had already cancelled my card and will refund the money and their fraud department is going to investigate. Due to the fact that they had cancelled my card before querying the transactions with me, I would think it must be a common occurrence. EA Games you really need to get with the times and upgrade your security measures when customers are ordering online. This is totally unacceptable. I am now left with $50 for a whole week with 12 and 14 year old boys to feed. Thanks for that!!!

I had 150 in my account. Left with 20 and have 4 fraud charges from origins ea. When i called and cancelled my ebay account closed. Texas

I think it is funny that the amounts seem to be in the same range for everyone and that there are always multiple charges that leave nothing shy of an empty bank account. Seems they are still preying on innocent people. When is this company going to stand up for this fraud being used to obtain their merchandise with other people's money?????


WWW.EA.COM/CS E REDWOOD CITY CA and ORIGIN.COM EA REDWOOD CITY CA $40.00, $40.00, $39.99, $36.96, $10.00, $4.99, $4.99, $1.00

I have filed with the bank and I am willing to go through with criminal charges on this matter.

Maybe your company should figure out how they could assist with this matter and all these people, like me, who have to deal with it on our own~! You are NOT looking very reputable at this point~!

If you leave me a number to call I can give you the bank reference number and I will verify the Credit/Debit card this person has used to scam all of us. I have since had to cancel my card and request a new card. I hope you are a stand up company that is willing to help those who were wronged by this matter~!

I had $130 dollars fraudulently posted to my debit card on 4/4/14. Company needs better measures when setting up accounts. This company is the one that is loosing as its reputation is being trashed through the internet. I Contacted company and told them of this link to let them know thieves are stealing merchandise from there company. here is there contact info: Electronic Arts 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 Main: (650) 628-7352 Email:

Im royally P.O.'d!!!!!!!!! I have several charges! $1.00, $40.40, $40.40 (yes 2x) $40.39, $37.33. Highly unacceptable, called my bank to dispute the charges. In the meantime my card has been cancelled, set to go on vacay and will not be home to receive the new card.I sure did request my bank to prosecute EA for this. Rat B@$T@RD$ !!!!!!!

Happened to me too. Talked to my bank and got the charges declined...but guys. Let's all brainstorm and figure out how this was caused. I know for a fact that I didn't buy anything online from EA, so how did they get my card info?

If we can all find some common ground, maybe we can find out how all of our credit cards' info was stolen. What were some broad places that you put in your credit card info? I use Dollar Shave Club, Wal-Mart, Circle K, Meijer, and many more. Anybody else?

have 6 charges on my bank card from this company all totaling $170.00. Have opened a fraud investigation on this company. I have no idea who they are or how they got my info. My bank has declined all the transactions. What a POS company.

I have experienced the same thing. I just think if your a victim to a crime or fraud, then justice should be served for the ignorance of the company. I'm in duval county. I will be opening a class action law suit if anyone who would like to voice their experience and refuse to become a victim to the ignorance of this lack of website security. If you do want to join in on this class action please contact me at

Please don't fall victim to this ignorance.

In one day 4/8 they charged $1.00, $39.99, $36,96, $4.99, $40.00 and $40.00 to my account. I'm very lucky, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management holds all Visa charges until the end of each month. They noticed the activity and immediately shut down my card. I am contacting the DA since I cannot get anyone on the phone at EA, no operators available

This charges are due to PC game purchase...

I also am a victim of unauthorized charges dated March 15 - March 18, 2014 from "ORIGIN COM EA GENEVA" and "WWW EA COM/CS EA REDWOOD CITY CA" totaling $1,074.14, most of them are duiplicate charges. Called my bank and filed a dsipute plus cancelled the card. I am so pissed!! I'm also requesting legal charges to be filed. This shouldn't happen!


Same thing happened to girl friend we found out this morning when we woke up ....seems like a lot of you use Wells Fargo ...We do too.

1 charge for $43.44, another for $87.35, and yet another for $1. I'm absolutely furious and I hope I get this sorted out. Whoever tried to take my money better be ready to have their neck wrung if I find out who it was.

Three unauthorized charges on debit card appeared today for: $39.99, $36.96, $40.00 & the bank told us another for $4.99 was pending. The card has been cancelled. This is outrageous!

My account was charge $1, $86.20 and $42.80. I was so furious. I reported it and I am waiting for a refund. from Eastwood CA

I just got off the phone with my bank (Wells Fargo) and they are going to get the charges removed. My debit card is cancelled as well. They told me they are seeing this same fraud from EA more frequently lately and were pretty helpful in getting it taken care of. I tried calling EA with the number above, but they don't talk to you directly. You have to go to the website and select your issue and apparently they call you at some point, but fraudulent charges or billing were not options that I saw.

The same thing just happened to me from, I checked my bank account online, and had a$1.00 charge and then a $34.99 charge !! I've never played a game on-line in my life ! I used my debit card at Wal-Mart last night. I just got off the phone with my bank to report it, They asked if I would press charges if someone is using my account no. , you better believe I will !! I would love to know how they got my account number. Now my debit card is no good until I get a new one in the mail, So not only did someone use my account no., I have to wait to get money back into my account AND wait on a new debit card, could be 10 business days, I despise a thief !!!

I also woke up this morning and finding that these charges were charged to my account..I would like to know how in the f--k you guys got my bank account number..I am so pissed off .....!!!!!

Went to check account tonight and found charges for $34.99, $1.00, $34.99 and another $1.00 from Redwood CA on my CheckCard. I had never even heard of these people??? How did they get access to my card? Seems they would have a little more security on their end and want a little more information from people ordering stuff using a card that is not in their name. Thieves is the only true explanation for this entire transaction.

I was just sent a text alert of a $31.82 on my card from this company as well. Has anyone received their money back?...This is a mess and a shame! I pray to God some thing is done about this because people have families to take care of and fools stealing the kids school clothes money!!

Same thing happened to me. wells fargo very helpful.

Just had 8 charges from this company hit my bank statement today (5/2/14) in the amount of $177.93. It was apparently on my debit card, not a credit card.

I did file a complaint with the CA Attorney General per the link above and will be calling my bank and EA to get this resolved somehow.

I had a fraudulent charge on my debit - I have purchased form origin in the past, but not recently. It showed up as 'VISA CHK CRD RECURRING PAYMENT ORIGIN.COM EA REDWOOD CIT Y'. And now that I think about it, I think there have been others that I simply ignored. Well, no more. I spent a good 30 mins in chat with customer support, who simply said that they had no record of it, and offered me a 15% discount - HAH! - Now, I'm going to my bank, and am hoping for a refund. And I deleted my card information from origin - I would delete my account, but I've spent too much money on the Sims to throw it all away.

Yep they got me to. Same charges add up to around 200$. Arbys was the last place I went! And I to have WF bank. Is it the bank?

Okay so I'm glad I'm not the only one, only mine came from chkcardORIGIN GENEVA com (exact quote used) this royally sucks though. I'm definitely giving EA a call to get this figured out

The same charges appeared on my account 4/7/14 all totalling $177.93 worth from ORIGIN.COM EA, REDWOOD CITY, CA. Called the numbers for ORIGIN-EA, but the only way you can speak to someone is if you ahve a gaming question. Had a "spirited" conversation with the guy & he said they are just the vendors in the transaction and cannot completely verify electronic theft or CC information. In other words, they just want the money and dont really care about how it comes to them. Suspicious to say the least whereas you cant get anyone on the phone and they are very layered. Disputing the charges with my bank for reimbursement since it appears that is all that can be done.

Hi I had the same company show up and freaked out when I googled and found this page. After talking to my husband, realized it was for a game he ordered for our daughter and perfectly legit. Maybe check with your kids and see if they ordered any games. The game was Sims.

I have over $300 in charges from this fraud company. Who are they? Have contacted Wells Fargo and the BBB in California and Washington DC. I have never had any dealings, nor would i with such a company. Contacted the Ca Attoney General also, and filing a complaint. Lets shut this fraud, theft company down. I have no idea where, or how they got my credit card.

I have the standard 6 charges.

EA is a joke. Can't get ahold of anybody.

Wells Fargo said they are taking care of it.

6 pending charges from Sunday. I noticed Sunday evening.

I had used the card on amazon lately.

They just got me! 2 charges for $15.93 and 1 for $30.79!! I am pissed and on phone with the bank now!

Just adding to the complaints here. Began receiving text messages for charges on my WF card. First 1.00, then 65.69 from ORIGIN.COM EA in REDWOOD CITY. Called Wells Fargo, cancelled card, then began seeing "declined" messages as the bastard was trying again.

Opened complaints with AG offices in WA state and CA.

same thing happened to me, although the weird thing is 4 out of the 5 transactions were reversed and only one was left debiting my account as well as the weird $1.00 one. last used my card days ago, and deposited money at an atm this morning. so frustrating!

It's fraud ! I was frauded 2000$ from this -.- Argh call ur bank ASAP and they will credit u ! They told me that this is under and investigation has happened to many people in Canada quebec! They said its Xbox games I guess !

Just used my card at the ATM at my Univ of Arizona dorm. With an hour my account was cleaned out with 8 charges of various amounts. First one was $1 CHKCARDORIGIN.COM EA redwood city. Bastards strike again!

I'm sorry for the double post, but in the interest of helping out any who are affected (I'm not sure if this will help or not) "Origin" seems to be some sort of video game company based in California.

Just like everyone else, these are unauthorized charges. Don't know how they got my card numbers but am requesting a full refund

I got a call from fraud protection...4 trans.on my account 1.00,104.96,84.86,36.97 never heard of to cancel my debit card...look out

I had 2 charges to my Debit card on 09/14/14 the amount was $59.99 and $1 charge for 2 transactions. I want to know how this company accept card without verify all information.


I had 2 charges to my Debit card on 09/14/14 the amount was $59.99 and $1 charge for 2 transactions. I want to know how this company accept card without verify all information.

I had the same thing. they charged 1.00 dollar then charged 41.44 from ea redwood city ca. Javier rodriguez. i live in colorado so i know i didnt charge it dam thieves

The same thing happened to me, they charged a total of 175 dollars from my card.

I'm a Wells Fargo customer...6 charges on 10/14 totaling $193.77 never heard of or purchased anything from this site. Just shut down card at bank & will call the site now.

Unauthorized charges of $63.46 today. Had to cancel my card. I will be prosecuting!!!!

The same thing happenef to me this morning and after a few min of questioning a agent wih EA he said I was not the first person to call today with the same complaint. Im with the guy that said lets get this company shut down!

Came back home to check my bank account and found 6 charges in my debit card. $1, $19,99 three times and $29,99 2 times. Called CHASE and cancelled card, but no way to contact the company. EA redwood CA. How the hell did they get a hold of my info? scary. Want to find out through which company...Olive Garden and Sonnys are the last places I left the card to waitress. Everywhere else I paid, card was with me. I will find them

I too, woke up to several unauthorized purchases with my Visa Debit Card from two sites, which appear to be the same, but different links. I've contacted my bank and did the necessary reporting, however, it does not stop the anger and fear that someone has violated me. I'm a senior on a fixed income with a disabled husband. I can't take my husband to the lab for his lab test which is necessary for his TPN (IV nutrition) because I don't have money for gas. They took everything in our account except for $3.00. ORIGIN.COM EA REDWOOD CITY CAUS at link: web browser presents many choices and most have common complaints of unauthorized purchases. WWW.EA.COM/CS EA REDWOOD CITY CAUS at link:

Came back home to check my bank account and found 6 charges in my debit card. $1, $19,99 three times and $29,99 2 times. Called CHASE and cancelled card, but no way to contact the company. EA redwood CA. How the hell did they get a hold of my info? scary. Want to find out through which company...Olive Garden and Sonnys are the last places I left the card to waitress. Everywhere else I paid, card was with me. I will find them

Same thing happened to me! Same charges in price range. I called EA and they said they would call me back, they have yet to do so. Contact CNN or Fox News so they can do a story on this. Seems to have happened to thousands of people. Don't know how they got my info.

I also have 7 charges on my account. 2 are $4.95 1 for $10 1 for $36.96 1 for $39.99 and 2 for $40. The fraud dept at the bank said they were all done around 2:30 a.m. and it is gaming site. The $4.95 charges are for apps on i-phone. Card is now cancelled and the investigation begins.

Sounds like these fraudulent charges are from different areas. Could Walmart be the connection? Used our debit card there the day before these charges. Target recently had a breach of their credit info - why not Walmart?

Had 4 charges from the very same 2 companies just Friday & the first one was for $1 & then several more on my CC - Chase Bank alerted me to the fraud! My CC was last used at a gas station in CA where I live! Anything on the Internet yet as seems it has hit a lot of people just recently??

I had a fraudulent charge of $90.39 on my credit card made by "ORIGIN COM EA GENEVA CHE". I contacted ORIGIN and they told me they had no record of this transaction (real comforting!). In the end I filed a dispute with my credit card and am still waiting for a refund.

Have two charges on my account for $1.00 each from this website.

Woke up to WF alerts for $43.46, $43.35, $40.07, $43.46, $1.00 and $5.07 from ORIGIN.COM EA REDMOND CA does anyone know how they got the information

This morning I woke up to several unauthorized purchases with my Visa Debit card. #1 1 was origin.comEA Redwood for $1.00 as if it were a test to see if the card would work #2 was $39.99, #3 was#36.96 #4 was #40.00 #5 was $4.99, #6 was $4.99 #7 was #40.00, #8 was $10.00 I called and cancelled my bank card but cant contact this company to talk to anyone to giver reference numbers on transactions. What do I do now?

4 charges on my account, same as whats being reported

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