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Spotify USA charge posted to our credit card yesterday of $9.99. Never heard of the company or it's products. Did not order anything from you and do not intend to.....Remove charge please!

hey yall need to cancel this spotify crap cause I signed up for the 30 day free trial, and im getting charged 9.99 for it and it overdrew my acct 130$ and its still doing it cancel it or I will put it as fraud and ill sue, that and ill press charges its destroying my credit card posted at 9/2/14 STOP PLEASE!!!!!!

I do not recognise SPOTIFY USA in any Form. I have never charged on this card for ANYTHING besides one charge at my Kroger store. Remove this immediately, or truly, I can and will report it as fraud. Thank you for you attention to this matter.... And this card is being destroyed today.

There is a $4.99 charge on my card.

There are 14 charges on my card from Spotify that I did not do. Please answer me.

A 4.99 charge on my chase card that I did not make!!!! Posted 7/12/2014. Remove it or I will press charges!!!!!

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