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Also Appears on Statements As "APL*APPLE ITUNES STORE 866-712-7753 CA"

What is it?

fraudulent charges over $250 on multiple charges of $10.63 over a 2 day window. Charges traced to one card that had not been used . The charges show as APL*Apple ITUNES STORE 866 712 7753 CA. The phone # links to an automated message instructing the caller to contact /support / cc.

Apple was not helpful and mostly dismissive. Chase . com was decisive and acted quickly. I called apple directly . I send feedback. I chatted. I left emails. I never got the impression that they had a care in the world. The fraudulent scam is using Apple's brand and hiding behind it.

Fraudulent charges made to debit card totaling between $40 and $126 made frequently. Doesn't look to be an actual itunes purchasing related number.

I need to change the new credit card for this account

I had 20 charges in one night to my Debit Card.APPL * APPLE ITUNES STORE I would think these could be traced back to an E-Mail.If not changes should be made in how they do business.ARKANSAS Charge enought to not be investigated by police.

my card was charged for things i didnot purchase i would like for card to be taken out of apple tunes system can you help me?

i will be going to the SEC to accuse you of fraud!! they have the means to have your fraudulent charges on my debit card removed and to prosecute whoever is stealing money from people like me who has never made any charges to iTunes in my life, and it is stealing!!!!

On my card for 111. 38 I wont it off now please

Fraud! Scammer got your info and is stealing your money. Charge really isn't for iTunes.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As