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Also Appears on Statements As "AWL*PEARSON EDUCATION - 800-232-6556, NJ"

What is it?

I was charged $95.20 for some math text book, they say my daughter purchased which she did NOT. It appears they get hold of college students information and fraudulently bill for books NOT ordered. I am filing a fraudulent claim with my bank. This type of crime must stop.

I highly suspect it's from book orders. I have a couple of those charges that escaped me from the past as well, and coincidentally ordered a physical and an eBook from this site for just about the amount on my statement.

Yes, it is I just ordered an ebook and this charge appeared under the AWL Pearson moniker.

I just got a statement with this awl-pearson education...on it state n I bought a book...I did not buy any thing!!!!!!! this was the only funds I had to pay my bills... I caslled and the rep. said he couldn't hrelp me at this time to stop payment please help me figure out how to stop this and get my $ back..i have a 3 yr. old I need help!!!!

Charge on April 14, 2014 to AWL*Pearson Education for over $1300. This was on a new credit card with the same bank. Second time in 40 days (2 different card #'s) that we've had fraud. Who buys books online for $1300? Very strange that there are so many fraudulent charges to this company.

I bought a book <<Into. to the Analysis of Algorithm>> from Addison-Wesley website. It escaped me as well when I looked at my credit statement. Later I noticed the publisher(what the AWL stands for) belongs to Pearson from the book's cover page.

On my Discover bill there is a charge of $114.17 for a Pearson product I did not order. Coincidentally, I had just ordered an Instructor copy of a newly published text, at no cost, from Pearson who sells for That date was Feb 3 and the "AWL" transaction was Feb 4. I found the info on AWL*PEARSON EDUCATION CISCOPRESS NJ l01249954900176R on my bill and, of course, researched online for possible fraud and an erroneous charge. And I do want the charge removed. So I will contact Pearson, my rep, and Discover. Please help and thank you.

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Also Appears on Statements As