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Amazon Prime 8665572820 NV


Also Appears on Statements As "AMAZON PRIME 866-557-2820 NV"

What is it?

hey guys no problem just call them and told them you don't need this service and the so helpful just call this number 866-749-7545

I don't want this service is there a way to take it off, also I don't remember asking for this!!! so I do want my money back! I don´t even use amazon much...

This charge may appear a month after you make a purchase from Amazon if you signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping, etc). After your free month ends, Amazon Prime renews for a year at a time.

I was really mad when I saw that they charged me for something automatically. You can email Amazon or chat with them and get it taken care of.

It is the subscription for 2 day shipping. I never signed up and am not happy about the charge. They are working on giving me a full refund. I think it is a scam for people that don't read their credit card statements.

Hello from,

As you requested, we've canceled your Amazon Prime membership.

Since you have not used your Amazon Prime benefits, we are refunding the full membership fee of $79 plus any applicable fees and taxes. Your refund should be processed within the next 2-3 business days and will appear as a credit on your card's next billing statement. If your latest membership charge is still processing, we'll issue the refund as soon as the charge is completed.

If you'd like to join Amazon Prime again, start a paid membership by signing-up during checkout or visiting the Amazon Prime page:

Thank you for trying Amazon Prime and shopping at

Best regards, Customer Service

Thank you so much for helping. I cancelled by clicking the button they provided. I was not aware of the charge until a month later. Hopefully they will give the full refund as promised.

Hi, Not sure how they deduct 79USD once I just registered and living in UAE, how can i cancel this and get the refund

My charge was $82. As I had not used the Amazon Prime "convenience" since the time the charge was implemented, I was able to go to the "Prime Membership" page, and they had a button to "cancel" the service, with a full refund. That worked. They also leave a number to call to get that cancelled if that doesn't function correctly.

my wife passed away a while ago and she used Amazon all the time. I called up the number 866 etc. and the gentleman was very nice and took care of the problem right away with a full refund. Manage Your Prime Membership/cancel subscription(membership) they will refund your money in 5 days

I wanted to buy a laptop through Amazon and saw the ever enticing "FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING" if i signed up with amazon prime. Well i opted not to sign up to anything and i cancelled the whole shopping cart process and did not confirm anything. A month later, i get charged $99... WTF??? Yes, there is a convenient button to cancel membership and receive full refund if you didn't use service but why are they locking people to a membership they didn't consent to?

This is obviously used as a cash grab to catch out unsuspecting buyers who are not tech savvy and who don't check their bank accounts thoroughly.

This SCAM should be investigated!!!!

caught a $39 charge on my bank statement for AMAZON PRIME, followed by an 866 number. I came to this site, saw others have experienced the same thing and called custmer service. I never knowning signed up for this service but because I selected 2 day shipping, they signed me up for it? Sneaky and WRONG! I no longer trust them with my personal information and refuse to use them to buy my school books. Even though they did refund the $39, I shouldn't have been charged for it in the first place. Do yourself a favor and buy from a reliable source from here out.

$99 was deducted from my checking account for Prime service that I did not order. This is a fraud for someone to deduct money from your checking/savings account without your approval. I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. I got an Email saying the money will be re deposited into my account but that is yet to be seen.

Amazon Prime annual subscription

We just purchased a Kindle Fire and me and the wife know just enough about one to be dangerous. Amazon charged us $84.00 on or credit card for movies in which we did sign up for not knowing what we were doing. We contacted them and they were very courteous and removed the charge. Other companies could take lessons from them when dealing with customers.

I called Amazon and asked for a refund and they gave it to me...what a scam... <a href="/air-cargo-packers-and-movers-poor-service-c871120">Air Cargo Packers and Movers - Poor Service</a>

I submitted my complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. This is a very scary and wrong thing to do. So many people will be scammed by this.

They did not ask you but just add you as Prime member and charge you maybe 39$ when you buy something and choose prime free 2-day shipping. You can cancel the membership by clicking "cancel membership" in the "prime" page of your amazon account. You will be noticed whether you can get the full refund or not before the membership is canceled.

I called the 866-557-2820 and the Amazon customer care rep was patient and kind. She reversed the charge and will follow up with me to make sure all is well thereafter.

Hi Guys,

i purchase a case for my iphone on amazon and they charge me $81 automatically without any noticed. i already sent a complain to Amazone Prime. would like to ask if the gave you Refund for this.?

I was charged $108 for amazon prime. Defiantly a SCAM. I will no longer ever use amazon for anything. I never used amazon prime. They refunded my money but know I have to wait 3 days. Amazon sucks!

Found a $79.00 charge from Amazon Prime that I did not authorize. Called the # that appeared on my statement. Talked with a representative who said they would refund the $79.00. I requested a verification on my e-mail as to who I talked with and that they would be refunding my account. In a matter of minutes I received the e-mail and it also stated that I would receive an e-mail with confirmation when the refund is processed! Will see what happens! So far so good.

They'll tell you that they can't refund it because it was already charged. Just explain nicely that this is why you know they can refund it and it was done without your consent and you want your refund back and they'll "see what they can do". Then they can refund it. Worked smoothly

you may cancel it and if you haven´t used they they may refund your money...

it's never been mention about the charge for 2 day sign up

Hi, I too didn't realize that I was agreeing to a 12 month membership to Amazon Prime. I surfed their help section and after a few clicks found the section where they refund it. While unhappy to find a US$79 (AUS$89) charge, it appears to be a simple process to refund.
I think Amazon have made it easy for people in a similar position as me.

Hey guys, just spotted this on my bank statement and freaked out but found this site.If you've gotten a textbook through Amazon and you accept 2 day shipping, they sign you up for this. Although cust. srvs was more than obliging with a refund, it's very sneaky, as it took two weeks for my book to get here, not 2 days.

Immediately I saw this on my card statement, I went to the site and cancelled the membership. I've been told to expect a refund in 7-10 days. Very annoying and inconveniencing. Thank GOD I thought to check my account balance before carrying out another online transaction, otherwise I'd be paying charges for a payment that didn't go through. Urrgh! That refund better come through on time...

thjs service was not ask for and take it off my credit card

I haven't use my amazon account in a year and still get this charge on my statement. $79 amazon prime. thanks to this web page, I called 1 866 number and guy was nice, offered refund right away but couldn't explain charge. I requested to remove my credit card from account. I'm very disappointed in Amazon and will think twice before I use it again.

So you probably signed up for a free trail of Amazon Prime the trial only last 30 days and once the 30 day's is over it renews automatically with a charge of 79$ You can cancel it by calling Amazon and telling them you do not want the service, the money should be back in your account 2-3 business days


This charge is baloney. Shame on you, Amazon. Makes me not want to shop there.

I got charged for prime because I signed up for Amazon student and apparently got it free for 6 months which is why I just got charged. If you go to your prime account and click on automatically don't renew and cancel your subscription they won't charge you anymore. In my case it told me I was uneligible for a refund so I called customer service and they refunded the charge for me.

I ordered a St. Christopher necklace for my son on his birthday in April and I got a $100 charge for this. I called customer service and they said they would take care of it. I am going to check on my next statement.

order two books a month ago, selected free shipping at checkout, did not get to complete the order because my card was declined One month I receive a $79 charge for AmazonPrime, I had not been on the site in over a month. what could I have order. Call the service line, I was told when I selected FREE shipping it automatically signs you up for this service. And you are billed if you do not cancel within 30 days. SCAM I called and had charges removed, FRAUD

Since you already have it, go to Amazon and there is a book explaining what Amazon prime is. .the book is free if you won't cancel amazon Prime for 30 days. You have a 30 day free trial. If you will keep it and try it, you will see how much information that's availablel to you. One is 2 day shipping. I use Amazon A lot and I've probably got back most of my $79.00. I love it and if you try it , you'll see. When I need anything, I go to Amazon. They have everything and it's nice to get it in 2 days.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As