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DNH*GODADDY.COM 480-505-8855 AZ


What is it?

any body used my card to pay godaddy on 29March 2014 with exact value 37.86. can you please check who did it and it is givinf DNH*Godaddy. on my statement. I do not pay on that date any money.

I have had a charge twice once by go-daDDY FOR A DOMAIN -and again from DNH*DOMAIN/HOSTING for the same Domain...I called and they reinterated that it was for a Domain Name! The same Domain that I paid goDaddy USA for in May and this charge with DNH was in February for the same Domain name on a different card number

HELP because they do not understand what happened!

i have had charged by, it is clear that i have purchased the domain for one year only and iam not using the site. after completion of one year you should cancel the domain by givivng the prior information. but you people have charged totally 299 +710 rs. why this amount have charged.


I have canceled the web hosting services with DNH Domain/Hosting 3 times already (more than a year ego)They still doing unauthorized withdrawal from my MC card account. Look like I need to unleash my lawyer on this scumbags.

                 J Palinko

Someone got hold of my work card and I had numerous charges for DNH* (480-505-8855, AZ) I work in Australia and I have since cancelled this card. sells domain names, website hosting and various other web services and products. This charge is probably for a domain or website.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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