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HLU*HuluPlus 52954341 HULU.COM/BILL CA


What is it?

In order to cancel the Hulu charges and prevent them from taking money each month from your account you need to go to: You had better have lightning fast reflexes as Hulu has set up the cancellation website to redirect within about 1/2 a second and will not let you cancel your account. Quite devious if you ask me. I have been trying to cancel for about 3 hours with no luck.

I have deleated my HLU HULU as I know longer have my I Pad would you please take it off Discover Card.

Canceled my subscription but I noticed on my bank of america statement that I have another account I didn't know about can u cancel it please.

I would like to change the payment method from the Marriott Visa card to my bank card

I would like to cancel Hulu off my Capital one card, we don't use your service, so please cancel, thank you.

I need to cancel my membership with your it for the grand kids and they have moved out of town. You did keep them busy while visiting , I thank you very much, You were very helpful kept their minds occupied

I would like to cancel my account because I'm unable to work!!! Thank you very much. I just saw the statement on my credit card.

3 months ago I deleted Hulu from my computer and tried to cancel, thought I had. Still being charged monthly. My next step will be cancelling the credit card today.

I have never used Hulu and have never ordered it. It is charged on my checking account. I am on disability and have a brain injury and I know I didn't do this. Please remove it and refund my account. Thanks. Janice Fox 02/03/15

CHECKCARD 07/01 HLU*HULU 57185082-U HULU.COM/BILL CA Please cancel this account as I had removed it from my new computer and You are charging today. Please I couldn't use my free month as was not available.

Please Cancel

Never ordered this. My Hulu was cancelled a long time ago. Credit back to my Discover card. Trans. Date~~ February 14, 2014 $7.99 Do not put this on my credit card again. Thank you. HLU*HULU 52841306-U HULU.COM/BILLCA

I was able to cancel easily. Go to the official web site, click on it. An add came up to get free weeks for you and a friend, I clicked on that and there was a link to my account and I logged in.

I reported fraud that showed up on my February 2014 on my Bank of America statement. That credit of (5) charges $39.95 was credited on this month's statement 4/13/14. On my March statement from Bank of America an additional two charges from Hulu were charged to me. On this statement of April, again two Hulu charges appeared. The reference numbers for the 4 charges ( March and april) are: posting date1/3 ref # 24906414002005177082711

               1/6          24906414003005198496170

                3/3          24906414061006308293761
               3/3          24906414062006329526628

I do not, nor ever have had a HuLu acct. and would appreciate your crediting my Bank of America Card for the 4 charges listed above. Please contact me with questions or other needed information.

Calling to cancel my sons account. My son passed away Dec/ 31. 2013. His name was Scott Foelker

               1213 Bruce Road

I will not pay my suscription on Barclay card ending 0034,posted 03/14-03/17,I never use or watch any movie,on your channel.

I would like to cancel this service, how should I proceed ?

Please reply to.

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