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I have had several charges to my credit card account, that I have not authorized. Someone has hacked into my phone and had several different charges for an adult website and hotels and other things. I need to get this credited back to my account. It was done on 9/15/14 with six different charges, totaling $354.10.

I have not authorized this payment two time from $9.99 for date 07/29/14 and date 09/2/14 to my credit card chase freedom, 08006427676, WA 980520000 US . Please send me many back .

I think this is Microsoft 365 subscription

I can't say what this is either, other than I have it on my card too, and after several attempts I have still not been able to track it down. 3 years ago I had a MS Online (small office) account, which I suspect is now being billed at $6/month for some unknown reason

this seems to be Windows Intune subscription. contact Microsoft support to cancel.

I have not authorized this payment

Microsoft appears to have forgotten why they charged me this amount. After a lengthy investigation, none of them are able to provide a purchase to support the transaction.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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