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Also Appears on Statements As "SEARS.COM 9300 800-349-4358 IA"

What is it?

My credit card has been used in your stores an hour ago for an amount of 817,48 USD. It is a fraud operation. My email address is visa card number ends by 0002. Can you help me to stop this fraud? 9300 is a credit card scam. Report it to your credit company ASAP

In response to 8/15/2013, I too made a purchase from an online smoke shop (for small cigars, not e-cigs [vapers]) on 3/26/14, and yesterday found an unauthorised charge to my BoA account on the same date, same ID (800-349-4358 IA).

I had charges posted fraudulently to my account on 8-11-13. They have been canceled and my credit card number replaced by Discover Card.

I had been charged $650 last month from "SEARS.COM 9300 335SEW DES MOINES IA". I reported to my American Express and replaced new card after I saw it on my ebill today.

I also have fell victim to this today 8-15-13 charge of 741.99 I am curiouse how they have obtained our info. i order vapor cigarettes from a few vendors, i am wondering if you also use vapor cigarettes

My credit card has been used in your stores an hour ago. It is a fraud operation

I have been charged $214.11 today. It is a fraud. I have contacted the police

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As