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Also Appears on Statements As "ZAP*DEV ZAPPOS.COM 800-927-7671 NV"

What is it? online retailer of shoes, clothing, etc.

A charge from you is pending on my bank account. Please reverse the charges as I have NOT ordered anything from you in the amount of $156.96. I've sent my bank a notice. This PU is dated March 21, 2014.

I too had a fraudulent charge to this company on my bank card. My bank is disputing the charge.

ZAP*ZAPPOS.COM 800-927-7671 NV

Charge of $10.83 on my credit card this is not a purchase of mine Please Cancel

01 May 2014 PENDING - ZAP*ZAPPOS.COM 800-927-7671 NV -$10.83

I have a charge of $10.70 on my bank statement. I did not make this purchase. You need to correct this ASAP. Thankyou

I have not even hear of Zap* befor please take me off of your site and correct the charge of 10.00back to my bank Thank you


have a charge on my credit card of 10.00 not ordered by me want it credited to my card

I have a charge of $10.00 on my online banking. I didn't order anything from please reverse the charge. Thank you.

i received a charge for $195.00 usd and I haven't use my card, I will demand you. how can we fix that? I don't even use zappos.

cvi cleverbridge

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As