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Opened by bank statement and surprised to see 3 fraudulent charges on 01-02-14 by this company!!! NO WAY ARE THEY LEGIT!! I have a car and never used their services..Called my bank to investigate, close my acct. now I'm inconvenienced by this error. Are you kidding me!! They better refund my money or additional action will be taken!

Uber (car driving service)

fraudulent charges were put thru today on my bank account. what's going on at your company?. surely you are aware of these problems. i got a police report and contacted the fbi. why doesn't anyone answer your phone? hope you get shut down.

I discovered 4 charges on mt statement totalling over $700.This overdrew my account. These charges are fraudulent. My bank is working on this now. It appears as ady*uber technologies.

fraud charge today, 4/18/14

Got charged $363!!!!! I did not use this service!!!! I want my money back and hope you get SHUT DOWN!!!!

This is a phone APP. A black car takes you from one place to another for less than a taxi.

In March 2014 my Discover card had 4 fraudulent charges frm this ADY*UBER technologies. claims to be limo/taxi service. I have never used their services. Discover was good about shutting it down however 4 attempts in one day?? Charges varying from $28 to $130.

I was recently hit by these charges as well, and I have no idea why! I'm amazed that so many others were affected by this. Hope something happens to knock down whoever's doing this -.-

I too have been hit by this company two charges on the 21/03/14 and one on the 22/03/14. I booked a holiday on the internet through resort vacations international and the next thing I know my credit card information is out there, so any of these other people that have been hit think about if you have shopped on line.

Fraudulent charge on 2.03.2014 by this company!!! Charges were not made by the cardholder. If think I am letting you get away with this think again, hired a lawyer for full investigation and procuration.

Wow! This is crazy!!! I found the same charges on my credit card this past week. Card is closed now, but very surprised my cc company did not get flagged by these charges (racked up a couple thousand in a couple weeks) from this uber tech company. Apparently this company has been doing this for awhile now.

663.00 in two days now my account is shut down until the bank can find out what happened. The money will be put back in my account but I can't use it until this is all finished. If there are this many disputes on this one company why are the not closed down?

Went to use my card and my bank had shut it down because of suspected fraudulent charges Had two charges one ADY * Uber for 346.00 and the other for Uber BV Vorden in the Netherlands for 87.52 both charges were recurring charges. Glad my bank is looking out for me but the inconvenience wanting on a new card was hard had to take back a MO and cash it in to have money for the 7 to 10 day waiting period for a new card. People who do these types of things are such a waste!!!

I am mad! They took $269.00 from my account on 4-10-14. There is a pending transaction for $336.00. My bank advised me to hot card my debit card, which I did. I live in Ga. and have never been to California where they are located and I too have NEVER heard of them, and certainly have NEVER used their services. I filed a report with the Sheriff's office in the county in which I live. I know a very good Detective who works for the Sheriff's office and I am counting on him to get to the bottom of this!

Uber Technologies hit my bank account (through my debit card) with 2 charges totalling more than $900.00 in one day, it sat in "pending" for 2 business days then went through. These are fraudulent charges, my card was in my possession and further more I live in a rural small town and I'm pretty sure there is none of their "taxi" services anywhere nearby! I believe this company knows full well of this going on as the only way to contact this place was via email. I did get a response email, they stated to file a claim with the Visa company. Really? I bet they make allot of money on the people who don't keep up with their accounts. My bank has sent in the documents to dispute these charges with Visa, but in the mean time, my account is overdrawn and I can't use my own money and I have to wait for a new card to be issued. PS. there was no ADY prefix in front of Uber Technologies

I was downloading an app from my phone called "Caught Offsides", it's an app which allows you to follow all the social media updates of your favorite soccer teams, when in the middle of the download (thru Google PlayStore) an advertisement for Uber popped up. I dismissed it and clicked the X. 3 hours later my check card is hit with a $24 dollar charge to "Uber technologies". I was upset, called to report the fraud charges and cancel my check card. Apparently the woman at the bank I spoke with has seen this before and was aware that it was fraudulent. It appears for me anyway that my card information was hacked from them via Google playstore. I don't know who else to contact. I would have liked to have called Uber but they have no phone number anywhere on their website (probably since they are just a front who's actual business is stealing money.)

i was charge the whole limit balance..what a sick fraud company..

2/10/2015. You fucks! Over $1,000 in charges! Although a hassle and inconvenience, the bank will issue my money back! I'm not sure how you got my card but I never used this service. BBB will hear about this and you will be out of business for good!

We just found over $400 worth of fraudulent charges from ADY UBER on our bank statement today with 3 more pending. Closed the card and are investigating. This card has never been associated with Uber. These are not the only mysterious charges on our account. 2 other online services (Seemless web and Fandango) are showing up as well. It seems Uber is getting stolen CC# information and using it. How? I know they are a real car service, many friends have used them. This is bizarre.

666.94 you ass* charged my account !!!! I want my damn money back this is bull$!!!! Get a job!!!!! Charged out of L.a and I'm in AZ !!!!! Put it back now !!!!!

I had a $432 charge on my Capital One credit card. They are removing this charge but now I have to wait a week to get a new card issued. Get these fuckers and close them down.

This has happened to me too!! I had three charges to my paypal account, luckily I noticed the day I was charged and it is being investigated and I was able to change my password.

Its a black car driving service called uber. Its legitimate and used by many.

they took 161.00 out of my account I closed my account who are you you need to be arrested for stealing peoples money. GET A REAL JOB

I just got this charge on my credit card wtf

ADY UBER TECHNOLOGIES IS A FRAUD!!! Had a charge today (4/25/14) for $128.00!! Luckily my security dept of my credit card identified this right away n put the account on hold. (Only because I dont use the card very often) There was also 2 other fraudulent charges as well: 1) Hilton Woodland Hills-$50 2) Telcel *services-$51.70

My wife got 2 charges on her debit card, with Rockland Trust from that same company. The bank is taking care of this problem!!!! Why isnt this company shut down completely yet? Where is the FBI on this?

$1237 charge appeared on my card by ady uber technology. Credit card Co said that someone used my card # but punched in wrong expiry date and security code. I'm furious. Money getting credited but it's a hassle and my cards have had to be canceled and reissued. Close this fraudulent company down!!!

I got GPB214 from credit card. I bought new android phone by credit card at big supermarket and I made setting to new phone. These fraudulent charges start same day when I bought phone and use new phone. I don't know my card information skimming at shop or leak out from Google play. Anyway I haven't know your service and APP and I'm living in thailand.

My boss used a taxi and this is the name that came up on his credit card. It was not fraudulent. It was the service that the taxi company used to process payment. A legitimate expense.

My husband's account was charged 511.00 on 3/24/14. This is crazy to see how many other people this has happend to. Why has nothing been done to shut this copmany down.

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