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AVE C MKT 8889790062 TROY MI


What is it?

This is a charge for a vending machine company. I used it in NC and it bills in MI.

It is a vending company. I about stroked at first. I am tired of my cards getting hit. The vending company I used was Gallins vending in NC. They should change the listing on the receipt. It definitely appeared fraudulent. Glad it wasn't.

Same issue with recurring charges to our debit card, AVE C MKT 888 TROY MI.

Looks like others here have it nailed. There is a vending machine at the work place. This seems to be the culprit.

I think its a cashier-less register. You scan your own products and pay via CC.

Found my way here from a Google search. Saw the $1.00 charge from Michigan on my bank statement, thought I was being skimmed. Turns out my wife had bought a snack from a vending machine on her employer's campus here in the Pacific northwest, so it's legit. Panic over.

This is for a vending machine at my wife's work. It is legit.

Agree with the feedback on the site and appreciate the info. I saw a charge for $10.62 on my Credit Card Statement from "AVE C MKT 8889790062 TROY MI" which corresponds to an automated Food Service Cashier located at my company's newly 'automated' Self-Service Cafeteria in Bloomfield, CT. I had forgotten that I purchased lunch - so I quickly researched the info on Google and found the answer. Not fraud - just centralized billing & processing for outsourced Vending from 365-markets.

This site clued me into the nature of these charges. We have self-service food kiosk with self-service checkout in our cafeteria in downtown Philly which I realized was where I was adding $5 and $10 credits to my account. Agree with other comments here that vendor should attempt to provide clearer description to reduce user confusion.

Looks like fraud, but it's legit. Mine was a cashier-less, self service, honor system type vending. Mine processed as day after the transaction. Vendor needs more explanation to Amex or CC companies!

I too saw this and thought it was fraud. I realized it was the same day I went to MSKCC and brought lunch from their concession/store in the lobby. I hope this helps others.

Charges from Vending Machine at Office, Houston, Tx; Bills out of Troy, Mi.

I work in Philadelphia, I was about to call my bank to have this transaction reverted or flag as fraudulent.. I am glad I found this site and comments. This is very confusing since the transaction says in-person purchase and the address is far away from me... They should detail more in the transaction, rather than one needing to search all over the internet to find which company is doing the charge. Also the name is not linked nor similar to the name of the vending machine at my work. but the date and amount matches the transaction.

Outrageous prices.... Most stuff isn't even price marked and if it is you get blindsided by tax . It's like buying a coke for $1.50 out of a machine but after you push your selection the machine wants another 50 cents before it drops your drink..very deceiving! !!

Vending machine at work lmao I was thinking.. what it was

Apparently the vending service at my job is out of Troy, MI. I did report it as fraud because our company name is not attached to the statement, so I automatically assumed fraud. This needs to be cleared up for people so they do not have to go through canceling out their cards and so people know exactly who is charging their card.

Same as everyone else I had a bunch of $20 charges and it looked like fraud on my end of year statement. Nope! It's just my addiction snacks in our open market vending at work. I'd upload $20 in credit and snack away, then a month or so later I'd swipe it again and add another $20 in credit. I'm in the Pacific NW, but the company bills out of Troy Michigan. Shows up as "AVE C MKT 8889790062, MI" on the bill.

Hope this helps someone else. :-)(-:


I also received a charge then realized it was for a food vending service at Amazon in Kent Washington. I purchased a sandwich earlier. Thought I would let others know.

My job has a convenient like store on site. The check out is a self checkout. I'm in TX and it billed in Troy MI. Would be helpful to list our company name .

It is a vending machine that works without attendant. Took me a while to figure out and they do not answer the phone either. Issue solved as we have that vending machine at work and I did use it there for 10 dollars worth.

I think this is from the cafeteria at HSN employee commissary, and probably other places like it. Phew!

Outrageous prices.... Most stuff isn't even price marked and if it is you get blindsided by tax . It's like buying a coke for $1.50 out of a machine but after you push your selection the machine wants another 50 cents before it drops your drink..very deceiving! !!


This is the vending company at my work...they provide the drinks and snacks and lunch items. Avenue C

I had the same problem, charges from all over the USA when I used the vending machine at work (in Hillsboro Oregon). Then it reports charges from all over the USA! This needs to stop because this could make it easier for thieves to rip-off our accounts!

At first I was wondering where these charges were coming from, as I looked at my bank statement. When I goggled the information, I realized I was not the only one. And as everyone else assumed fraud. I to have one of those vending machines at work so now it makes sense. If you watch the link I provided it will allow you to see the vending machine that i have at work. Hopefully this helps. Thanks to everyone else who posted it helped me realize where these charges came from.

I'm not sure, but I'm definitely keeping an eye on it, specially because of the swipe in one city and appears as Troy, MI. Many transactions in vendor machines that I rarely use them. Maybe they make up some additional charges, small amount, nobody cares, right ?

I saw this and thought fraud, but it's a billing from a vending machine at my work in Texas, the though of having to get a new card flashed through my mind.

Look at this article:

This company (Avenue) provides premade sandwiches at the lunch kiosk at work. You prepay on your credit card then use a Barcode or thumbprint to buy stuff you remove from the cooler (at the kiosk). It's legit.

Have the same vending machine here n Melbourne, FL. AVE C MKT 88897900 TROY / MI

same thing happened to me, using vendor machine at my work MN and charge me from a Troy, MI

they took $90 from my debit card... so reported them to the police.

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