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Amazon Mktplce EU-UK


What is it?

I had same problem and after calling, discovered it its a monthly fee for a professional selling account on Amazon, which I never signed up for. Operatives told me it was a regular order and have been overcharged for a whole year and a half but never sold a thing.

Someone must have signed me up for it so call Customer Service and explain or check if you signed up to sell things.

The confusing part is Amazon place it on your bill as the same reference as selling an item, which is very confusing for staff and customers.

Ideally the should make those references separate from the regular buying items (main) website.

Hope this helps.

Amazon mktplce eu keeps showing up on my statments for months now,its differant amounts of money that's being taken and I don't even no what for can u help

You bought somenthing on Amazon using the Amazon app.

This actually means the things you bought from Amazon site

The charges seem to be stemming from membership. How do I close this account.

I am noticed that inspite fonding regularely, the account showes iregularities. every month, the account sumary shoves one post called Amazon mktplace with dfferent sums, without any orders from my side. I have not bought anything from Amazon for months now. How should I proceede to put stop to this nusence? Thanks in adwance,

Can you help? What is this charge?

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