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What is it?

Audible is a charge associated with, and is the membership fee from a 14-day trial when you sign up with certain features. I just saw the charge on my bank statement, called the 888-283-5051 number and was told by the marketer this information. I unknowingly accuired this service when I started my account. Sneaky little bastards.

Okay - So I had an issue where I had used a code to get a free download of a book (for a class I was taking at the time. I never even used the thing, turns out I can't listen to books) and had apparently signed up for a membership at the time. (I never even noticed until today!) If this happens to you - what you see above will show on your bank statement. CONTACT THEM IMMEDIATELY. I used the Web Chat and explained to them what had happened - I told them the same thing I told you here. They were super helpful, and they not only cancelled my membership, but also refunded all of the money that had been charged since I had downloaded my first book (four months worth). If this charge is showing up, you should contact them and ASK FOR A REFUND and EXPLAIN why you think you deserve it. I was terrified, but it worked AMAZING for me, and this all happened within the course of maybe 15 minutes. I hope it works for y'all.

It is tied to your Amazon account since they are Amazon company. If you hae CC info for Amazon, then they have access to your account via Amazon. If you click on the free audio book, it will subscribe you. Reading the details will help to prevent this, but if it does, contact them ASAP, hopefully before the 14 day trial is over. I did web chat with them and they cancelled the account right away and refunded my money. My son got click happy and tried to buy something without my permission.

Beware of this scam! I went in to the website to look at the books, next thing I know I have a charge on my credit card. They are sneaky. Called to have them cancel and get a refund and they did.

My husband downloaded an audiobook from Amazon without reading the fine print very carefully. When he downloaded this audiobook, he signed up for a free trial. Our card was charged when he failed to cancel the membership before the trial expired.

I was charged $14.95 for audible. I did not order this service, but was charged on my Amazon CC. The lady I called @ 888-283-5051 was very nice and helpful. All charges will be refunded and subscription will be cancelled. I cannot understand why Amazon allows this sneaky scam continue!!

I as well just saw a charge form this company on my account, and when I called it was removed immediately. They were very polite, not the pushy run of the mill scam artist behavior, but Id really rather not have to deal with this at all. Just glad it was not a fight.

This "Audible 888-283-5051NJUS" (from Amazon) appeared on My wife's and I credit card for $16.00 each month (notice everyone has different amounts) and we do not purchase books on-line nor do we listen to books on-line. We checked with our daughter who didn't either and doesn't have access to our charge cards and then disputed it with the bank and received credit. Then after a couple of months it appeared on another card, then it appeared on our daughter's teen account!!!

Something isn't right here, others on this site are saying they credit the charges so easily only means to me that they are raking in a lot of money for people who don't check there statements line by line. If you know anyone who doesn't check please tell them how important it is! Good Luck!

I was charged $14.95, called and got a refund. Audible is associated with Amazon. Watch for it, it is a Scam. Shame on you Amazon.

I was very upset when I discovered the charge, especially since I didn't download a single audiobook. However when I called to complain about the charge the fellow who took my call was very kind and immediately offered to refund the charges. He managed to defuse the situation very well, so I didn't feel like I should sound off my anger with him, since clearly he has nothing to do with Audible's protocols. Nevertheless that's pretty low to pilfer your credit card information from Amazon and then charge it surreptitiously.

This is indeed a fraud. I noticed this after six months of repeat debits. I use my debit card in Amazon. It does say Free download, but without the knowledge of the user, every month you are charged. Surprising that, Amazon allows such activity from another seller. I called 888-283-5051 and spoke to someone and they willingly agreed for a refund.

Imagine, how many other people around the world may not notice it and they should be making millions easily.

This charge appear on my credit card on 04/25/2014. I never subscribed to Audible. I don't even use my Kindle. I haven't gone to Amazon in months. I don't click on any ads or banner. Yet they just charge my credit card on file on Amazon without my authorization. Amazon shouldn't not allow their customers to be scammed like this. I called the number 888-253-5051 and they reversed the charge and remove me from their subscription. I will check my credit card again if the charges were indeed reversed.

I just received a refund for ...get ready... $179.40 FOR 12 MOS. WORTH OF AUDIBLE THAT I NEVER PURCHASED!!! My credit card is set up on auto pay, so I have been paying for this service for over a year now without noticing! Shame on me for not catching that sooner, but it is absolutely amazing to me that this can happen without a greater degree of verification and / or approval on the part of the Amazon customer. Fortunately the representative I spoke with was very polite and (actually quite to my surprise) cancelled and refunded all of the charges without really asking too many questions. Lesson learned - watch those statements, and be careful about subscribing to free trials that often are converted to monthly subscriptions without so much as a squeak!!

I had no idea how this charge of $14.95 had appeared on my credit card. It was coupled with another charge (a legitimate one) from Amazon. All I bought was a couple boxes of Cheerios. I called the number provided and they canceled the Audible membership that I never knowingly signed up for in the first place and then issued me a refund.

I called my credit card company and filed a fraud claim. This is fraud. With all I have read about this, someone needs to be held accountable and do some prison time.

I also received this charge for $14.95 from Audible. Go to Amazon, then to Audible. There is a way to chat with them in real time. Apparently, they have people requesting this refund all the time, because they will do it with no questions asked. However, it takes 7-10 days to get it back. Better than nothing, but it's a sneaky tactic. Jeff Bezos should not allow such a sneaky company to be tied to Amazon, whom I LOVE.

August 8, 201 Thank you all for the advice. I saw the $14.95 charge on my bank statement also. I called the number and explained my situation. I immediately got a refund and they cancelled my membership for me without a hassle. Great service, but poor on informing members about charges made in advance.

I had not really looked at my credit card statement that closely but discovered recently they had been billing me the charge for sometime on my cc. I called the credit card company, reported the charges as fraduulent and they removed them back for the past year. The cc fraud deprtment was going to go back and see if there were additional charges and remove them as well. They have also put an alert on the company for future charges as fraudulent so it can not be repeated. Scammers, as i have never looked at an audi book on my kindle or elsewhere.

Hi everyone, Sneaky, this one! Firstly, I also cannot recall signing up to It is just possible that I clicked on the free trial which led to subscription (my responsibility if that was the case).

HOWEVER, when I asked for cancellation of membership, it was done immediately, so when I went to the site, I had no more credits accumulating, and I stopped receiving emails from them. I assumed that meant it was cancelled. But much later on (several months later) I notice that money has continued to be deducted from my credit card account. How clever! Yes, I should have checked my credit card deductions more carefully each month, but there is something that does not feel quite right about this whole thing.

I have written to them again via Internet, hoping to for a positive outcome. Will let you all know.

I received a charge on my credit card from Audible US 8882835051 for $14.99. I contacted Amazon and customer service informed me that the charge was not from them and recommended I dispute the charge. I disputed and was refunded money immediately. Really strange that Amazon wasn’t aware of this charge as I just assumed it was a sneaky subscription that they slipped in.

I just realized that charged my debit account for a 14day trial through Amazon that I never purchased. So please be careful when shopping on amazon. I just called the 888-283-5051 and inquired about it and they said I purchased audible trial through Amazon which is not true. I asked for a refund and they said they would refund my money. It's a scam....

wow. Found charges from Audible on our joint charge card. Ironically, one month they used my CC number, the second month, my husband's cc number. I called, and they assured me the amount would be credit back to my card in 7-10 days. This just happened today, so I don't yet have confirmation that my refund has been received. I don't do audio books, but we do have an Amazon Prime account and I do load books on my kindle. I assume that is how they got our information. The credit card company recommended I request re-issue of cards with new numbers. Ug. As consumers we have to constantly monitor our accounts. This is nuts.

Called to cancel and was refunded $16.00. The following month, they charged the card again. Had to call back, had to speak to supervisor who said they will cancel / close membership ... again. BEWARE IS RIGHT> Surprised Amazon is affiliated with them

My 2-1/2 year old clicked on this!!! These guys are not associated with Amazon though they are linked on the Amazon site and use Amazon's name in vane. They are scam artists just waiting to be caught. I just called and talked with Marrella to have them remove me from their computer and refund my money! These guys give clear reason why the world is going to $%^#!

I have charged for 16.68$ every month since last few months and I called this bloody number 888-283-5051 and they said bla bla bla which is useless... And they are Sneaky little bastards..... I am telling all my facebook tweeter and all social network friend not to shop in amazon and this bullshit stuff ever...thanks guys who posted before and i am able to cancel my stupid subscription and hopefully get the refund

Yes, this happened to me as well. For the last 6 months I have been charged $16.04. I called and they said I must have purchased a Kindle book through Amazon that was associated with a free trial of Audible. They refunded all of the charges and cancelled my membership.

I asked how I can prevent unauthorized charges from them in the future, he informed me to be aware of what I am purchasing on Amazon and make sure it has no reference to Audible, or an Audible free trial membership that apparently just morphs into a membership where they magically start using a credit card on file with Amazon.


saw the charges, called bank, called 18882835051, they were very easy to work with, very accommodating and pleasant. they are reimbursing all charges. its nice to have companies who have no problem rectifying user error.

This is fraudulent behavior. I used Audible last October once and it was a free book and I never once agreed to a membership. I just called and they were polite and gave me a refund for up to 4 months but I have been charged for the last 8. I should have noticed, but I never signed up for it so the fact that somehow they just scammed me out of that kind of money is ridiculous. I'm going to email customer service and ask for a full refund.

I found a charge of 15.10 from Audible on my bank statement. Searched my bank statements and found two more from the previous months. Called Audible at 888-283-5051 and spoke with someone I couldn't understand because of his dialect and because I wear a hearing device to talk on the phone. I called back and spoke with "Paul". I explained that I've lost most of my hearing and can't listen to books, I have to read them. I told him that there is no way I would order such a product. He refunded the charges and canceled the account. He said the funds should be returned to my account within seven days. We'll see.

I had unauthorized charges to my bank account as well. I called audible and spoke with Kimberley. She was very professional and helpful. She explained that when the App for iphone is downloaded, it can happen that the 30-day free trial is accidentally selected and then the charges start, unbeknownst to the customer. She quickly refunded the money to my account. I recommend asking for her, should you need to call.

This is clearly one of those scams as mentioned by the other posts. This is a way for Audible.Com to bilk amazon subscribers monthly. Those that pay close attention to their bills or bank accounts will catch it.. However if you are a busy person this can slide by you quickly. I just caught 3 months of charges!!!! The company also will tap any credit card you have on file with Amazon to get the monthly charge. In my case 3 separate cards and 1 was a VISA gift card... Now i am having to wait for refunds.. Clearly not legitimate business practices. When I called Amazon they simply said it was a different department/business of Amazon and were useless in resolving.. Call them and get your credit back!!!

My 78 year old mom does not have internet, own a computer, a kindle or have an email address. Upon checking her bank statement I noticed repeated monthly charges on her debit from Audible??? I called to report the error and was told they couldn't find an account. REALLY??? How is it they can deduct from her debit and not be able to find the account? I'm calling it "bull". The bank account has been cancelled to protect my mom from further charges but in the meantime Audible refuses to "own" up. Am not done with these folks. I intend to show up at their headquarters where it will not be so easy to dismiss me. I want my mother's account reimbursed!!

I saw their charges while doing a yearly review of my CC. They had been charging me the whole time. They were very pleasant but only wanted to refund 4 months, then talked to a supervisor and would give me 8 months. After I said I would go to my CC about the charges they agreed to refund the entire year's worth of charges.

These people are THIEVES!!! I'd never even heard of them, no less signed up for any service through them. They openly admitted that since a card on a family members Amazon account did not work for charge (b/c they too filed a complaint and took the card off) they just went to the next card # that worked. OMG!!! With an entirely different name! In the process of reporting this to not only my bank, but also to Amazon and BBB. It wasn't until I said I was hanging up the phone and filing a police report that the agreed to credit my account. Of course, they cannot provide a transaction # and it will take 7-10 days. Not holding my breath. Beware of these scumbags!!!!!!

I had this same charge to my bank account, too. $14.95. I called this number right away and they were very prompt in giving me a refund. I'm glad I caught this!!!

I also go conned!!! By having a free trial of an audio book. They were happy enough to process my refund but it is so fraudelent!!! How annoying Took my details from Amazon. Sneaky bastards

I saw the Audible charge on my credit card statement. I googled the number. This website was among the results. The information here is great! I called the Audible number and spoke with Angel. With no argument she cancelled the 'membership' and refunded the $17.10 charge ($14.95 US) to my credit card.

There's some kind of scam here with Audible. I saw an Audible charge of $7.49 posted to my credit card account on 03/18/2015 (yesterday). I use my Kindle but for e-Books, not audio books and had not signed up for this service. I've never done an audiobook in my life. The Amazon/Audible fraud department told me the account was in my name, but used an email address other than mine. What address? Good question. They would not tell me that, other than that it was a gmail account and did not use either of the names I use on my active accounts with another email provider. (It seems like if this was supposedly MY account they could tell me, but no....). They promised to reverse the charge and I have reported this as fraud to my credit card company.

This is an Audio Book Subscription.

I am almost ready to close down my Amazon account over this. I have a Kindle, but have never even used it. I had 2 charges on my checking account today, Feb. 17th. One from New Jersey and one from the UK. When I called them about it, they wanted more information that I was willing to give, like my address and such. Turns out someone named Linda Green used my debit card to download an audio book, but the customer service person I spoke with said the account was de-activitated. Now, I'm on hold with to clear up a second charge. This is very scary. I'm about ready to cancel my account over this.

I had $14.95 charged to my credit card from "Audible". I called the number they provided on my bank statement, and it was cancelled. Weird!

I didn't realize it until this morning that I have been paying for this service for four months, because I do a lot of shopping online and just overlooked this charge each month. I made a call to "Audible" and found that it was an a company selling membership to audible books. This is great if you are interested in "talking books", however I wasn't. The gentleman I spoke with was very polite and cordial, and when I asked for a refund he not only refunded this month, but all four months. "GREAT COMPANY"

This charge showed up on my credit card statement for the last five months as "Audible 888-283-5051 NJ." I read this website and realized the charge was coming from Amazon. I use Amazon a lot for my Kindle but I had never authorized a recurring charge like this. I called the Amazon customer service and although I was very mad I had been charged for this service unknowingly the customer service member was very nice and friendly and immediately refunded my money for the entire 5 month period.

I was charged $ 16.37 called Audible 888-283-5051 they are associated with Amazon, spoke with a customer service Rep. Who stated they would refund my money and cancel the membership. Glad I caught this before any more charges could be taken from my Bank Account.

This is a scam. First they charged my card for 16.16. Then for $48+. When I called, they pretended not to be able to hear me, then the same girl answered, gave me a different name, and then hung up on me when I refused to give her my email and credit card number again. Contacted my bank immediately. They are doing fraud research. shows a, NJ. SCAM SCAM SCAM

I've just been charged Rs.1013 out of the blue!!! how does one "unsubscribe" from this scam?

It is tied to your Amazon account since they are Amazon company. If you hae CC info for Amazon, then they have access to your account via Amazon. If you click on the free audio book, it will subscribe you. Reading the details will help to prevent this. Its not fraud if you have an account with amazon and have a cc or debt card liked. Read the terms and conditions nothing is ever FREE .

I called and they were nice and helpful and gave me a full refund for the 7 months I didn't notice that they were charging me.

Same issue for me. Just noticed a $14.95 charge from Audible. Called them up and they are issuing credit. I then noticed that I've been charged the past 4 months. Called again and they're crediting me. I don't understand how they got my information. If it's from Amazon, that's highly shady.

July 2015 - Thanks for this great page and contributions, which I found after discovering from credit card statements that I've been unknowingly paying Audible US$14.95 per month since July 2012 for an 'Audible Listener Gold 30-day trial membership' (yes, embarrassing that I didnt pick it up til now). Excellent help from Audible AU to point me to the US website and figure this out though. Let's see how I go with recovering the 500 bucks they owe me.....

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