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What is it?

I paid for a one month (so I thought) subscription. Now I see that charges are coming out of my account every month!

It looks like they have scammed quite a few of us. A one month charge becomes recurring monthly with no easy way to cancel. I finally disputed the charges with my credit card company and they were able to block all future charges. I'm stuck with the prior charges. was a helpful babysitting service we used last November. The charge this month is not warranted. They used a 877_______ MA number.

This is a recurring charge for, a website providing care for elders, pets, etc. Their Terms of Use explains the cancellation policy here: Typically, when you sign up, you either enroll in a recurring charge for your subscription or a one time fee. To cancel, you basically need to log in, go to Account & Settings/Membership Information, click on Downgrade Memebrship (next to Membership Information). This will downgrade you to a free membership. After you do this, you can then go back to the same place and click on Close Account, if you wish to close it altogether. Hope this helped.

They didn't tell about the cancellation policy. They took money every month.

I am looking at our bank statements. 5/30/13 - 37$ 5/30/13 - 20$ 5/31/13 - 37$ 5/31/13 - 20$

This is a load of crap.

If you sign up for their premium service and don't cancel in time they will bill you $70!! It is legitimate so you have to be careful.

I had the same problem. I know that when I signed up they made it seem like a one month charge. You can cancel through the website. I'm so angry.

Like everyone else I too had thought it was a one time charge and have been getting charged a Premium account charges. Has anyone every filed charges or complaint to the Div. of Consumer Protection ? This is my next step.

If you call the 877 number that appears on your bank statement you will find that the number has been cut off. Go to your bank and report the charge that is being automatically taken out. they will have you sign an affidavit. this is a form that legally stops the payment for 3 months: the current month and 2 previous months (they cannot go back more than 90 days). It does not mater if you said you agreed to pay them or not. The bank will cancel that credit card and issue you a new one in 7-10 days. The payment will stop immediately.

I also signed on for a one month 37.00 fee, upon inspection of my credit card statement I have been billed every month since 37.00! Sneaky charges and hidden cancelation policies or terms that are misleading to consumer are still fraudulent!

Can not cancel at any website or customer number for months.

They scammed me too. Hard to get in touch with them. Monthly recurring charges. Where is the Better Business Bureau?

I have been charged a monthly fee and can't seem to get it stopped. When I went back to look at their terms and policy, it starts by saying that by agreeing to their terms, I cannot take a class action suit against the company. They go into a lot of wordage to cover this point. It comes over NOW like we now we are going to rip you off and we are making sure you can't get us back. On about the 40th page of the TERMS, they do say that they will continue to charge you monthly unless you cancel. Their system is set up to cheat people out of additional funds. babysitting referrals

I also signed up for one month and have been billed for 18 months. My mistake because I thought the charge was my Rx plan. I have now terminated it by notifying the card company so no additional charges can be accepted. I also called the number above 1-877-227-3115 and dialed option 3 to get a live person. I would like to report them but do not know where to start. Any ideas???

I got scammed too i didnt know it was a recurring charge. I signed into my acct and went to my account and settings then clicked on downgrade by doing so it should cancel the recurring charges. this is what it said after I downgraded.

Membership Information Close Account

Member Since 10/08/2013 Account Status Active Membership Plan 1 Month - Your account will be downgraded to a Free Account on 05/20/2015 Cancel Downgrade

CCI I signed up for one month for my mothers care. I was billed every month afterwards as many have been on this site. This is fraud. You can close your account (I hope) as someone else gave directions here. I did go on the website and downgrade then go back in and cancel. I will pursue getting the funds back that I was illegally charged. They violated my contract and my trust. I am also going to my bank in the morning as suggested by someone above. I also left a message with their answering service tonight. I want every cent refunded. Wonder how many hundreds of thousands they are making monthly ripping off their clients?

CCI ( are a bunch of scumbags! I signed up for 1 month, and now have realized they have been charging me for 6 months consecutively! How can I trust them to do a background check on a babysitter??!! I can't believe the first post was in 2012 and this is still happening in 2015...

I never realized they could get away with billing monthly for a service I used once. I am calling the Attorney General's office in Mass. Calling the credit card company.

I never authorized this charge for 37.00 I tried calling 877-227-3115 but could not get through to a real person. My name is Bruce Mack and I live in Tyler, TX. 75703. My Region account was charge by a hacker of some sort. I'm a 50 year old single male. There are no service here that I would even want to be associated with. Please call me within 24 hours at 903-376-1511. Thanks.

This is a LEGITIMATE cost for signing up with to post job requests, etc.

You have to CANCEL your monthly subscription to avoid additional charges. Didn't figure it out for 4 months...

I paid for a one month (so I thought) subscription. Now I see that charges are coming out of my account every month!

Can you help? What is this charge?

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