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What is it?

This is a recurring charge for, a website providing care for elders, pets, etc. Their Terms of Use explains the cancellation policy here: Typically, when you sign up, you either enroll in a recurring charge for your subscription or a one time fee. To cancel, you basically need to log in, go to Account & Settings/Membership Information, click on Downgrade Memebrship (next to Membership Information). This will downgrade you to a free membership. After you do this, you can then go back to the same place and click on Close Account, if you wish to close it altogether. Hope this helped.

I paid for a one month (so I thought) subscription. Now I see that charges are coming out of my account every month!

It looks like they have scammed quite a few of us. A one month charge becomes recurring monthly with no easy way to cancel. I finally disputed the charges with my credit card company and they were able to block all future charges. I'm stuck with the prior charges.

I was supposed to be charged for one month of service and have been charged monthly ever since. Unauthorized charges are illegal. Fraudulent charges will be filed along with complaints to the Better Business Bureau. was a helpful babysitting service we used last November. The charge this month is not warranted. They used a 877_______ MA number.

CCI ( are a bunch of scumbags! I signed up for 1 month, and now have realized they have been charging me for 6 months consecutively! How can I trust them to do a background check on a babysitter??!! I can't believe the first post was in 2012 and this is still happening in 2015...

Like everyone else I too had thought it was a one time charge and have been getting charged a Premium account charges. Has anyone every filed charges or complaint to the Div. of Consumer Protection ? This is my next step.

They didn't tell about the cancellation policy. They took money every month.

I had the same problem. I know that when I signed up they made it seem like a one month charge. You can cancel through the website. I'm so angry.

Never used this site and they charge my card 39.00. Not sure how they got my info.

I never used this company, never heard of it and have no use for there alledged services. I never authorized any charges against my bank account. There have been numerous withdrawlals of $39.00 from my account.

They scammed me too. Hard to get in touch with them. Monthly recurring charges. Where is the Better Business Bureau?

I am looking at our bank statements. 5/30/13 - 37$ 5/30/13 - 20$ 5/31/13 - 37$ 5/31/13 - 20$

This is a load of crap.

I started having a debit taken out of my checking account. They ended up getting over $300.00 < I had no clue who CCI CARE was and got their number to call them. I had to stop my debit card and get a new one. They kept telling me each time I would call they would cancel the account but never did . But could tell me that a Stacy in NJ was using my card.... This Is Fraud

This is a LEGITIMATE cost for signing up with to post job requests, etc.

You have to CANCEL your monthly subscription to avoid additional charges. Didn't figure it out for 4 months...

Had a $140 charge from CCICARE.COM 877-2273115,MA out of the blue. I called the number. They asked for my first/lane name. Somehow, they had my email address. They search the last four of my cc and informed me that there was no charge. I asked if I needed to call the fraud dept of my cc and the rep said "I guess so because we don't show any charges to that card." So, I had to cancel my cc.

Like everyone here my daughter (36 years old with MS since 16) and two very young children. Last year when my husband and I took a trip our daughter finally had enough and she tried to take her own life and that is when we knew my helping her was not enough so we frantically started to search for help. We did sign up and we did cancel prior to the month ending so as NOT to be charged again.
Come to find out we had been charged $49.00/month since April 19 2017 and yet when we tried to use the email they sent the original confirmation(scam/junk folder collected) it was not accepted in their system and when we tried a "Password Reset" it says email not accepted. RIP OFF and as others have said despicable that a company TAKES ADVANTAGE of the disabled or infirmed. SAD!!!

Yep, same here. Signed up for one month only, and they continue to charge me. Fraud. I've reported this to my credit card and will show them the many complaints against them. Worthless company and worthless reference as well. The housekeeper I contacted never got back to me. They don't deserve respect. I don't care who wants to call it "SCAM" or not. It is DEFINITELY fraud when you are not forthcoming with the fact that these accounts automatically go to recurring. This is along the lines of infuriating.

I have been charged a monthly fee and can't seem to get it stopped. When I went back to look at their terms and policy, it starts by saying that by agreeing to their terms, I cannot take a class action suit against the company. They go into a lot of wordage to cover this point. It comes over NOW like we now we are going to rip you off and we are making sure you can't get us back. On about the 40th page of the TERMS, they do say that they will continue to charge you monthly unless you cancel. Their system is set up to cheat people out of additional funds.

I also signed on for a one month 37.00 fee, upon inspection of my credit card statement I have been billed every month since 37.00! Sneaky charges and hidden cancelation policies or terms that are misleading to consumer are still fraudulent!

If you sign up for their premium service and don't cancel in time they will bill you $70!! It is legitimate so you have to be careful.

I never realized they could get away with billing monthly for a service I used once. I am calling the Attorney General's office in Mass. Calling the credit card company.

As someone noted above I never heard of this company. Don't know how they got my acct info but noticed today that they took out $90.90. When I called the bank they were very familiar with the company. They said they take care of pets and do babysitting. I do not have pets and my kids are in college. I wish some authority would look into this company.

I got scammed too i didnt know it was a recurring charge. I signed into my acct and went to my account and settings then clicked on downgrade by doing so it should cancel the recurring charges. this is what it said after I downgraded.

Membership Information Close Account

Member Since 10/08/2013 Account Status Active Membership Plan 1 Month - Your account will be downgraded to a Free Account on 05/20/2015 Cancel Downgrade

CCI- They got me too. 8 months at $42 a month. I just noticed it today. I have Stage 4 Cancer and a I'm a single Mom. I need help with household chores and errands. I can't drive anymore and can no longer manage without help. I have a brain injury from the cancer, so unfortunately I can easily taken advantage of when it's urgent to have help and I don't understand the fine print. SHAME ON THEM. I went online and followed someone else's instructions to down grade. It said I would no longer be charged, but would have my basic information still on the site. I called (877)227-3115 and got a representative. I told her I wanted my account completely deleted, not just "down graded". I told her what they do may be legal, but it's unethical and preys on people that need help. I told her many people are reporting them to the BBB and they are shady. Warning everyone I know not to use them.

I never used this company, never heard of it and have no use for there alledged services. I never authorized any charges against my bank account. There have been numerous withdrawlals of $39.00 from my account.

I cancelled my account on Dec. 2,2016 and I am disputing this automated charge of $20.00 to my card you have on file. I cancelled my account b/c of the many scams by people using your site. I will continue to dispute these charges until you see the light. obviously your elevator doesn't go all the way to the top!!! Again, you will be hearing from my bank in black and white. I am disputing this charge!!! I gave you notice Dec.2, 2015 to close my account. My legal counsel will have to get involved if you continue the unwarranted charges!!! I advise you to take this dispute seriously. Your business practices are less than forthright. 2 different times I was contacted by scam artists and luckily I immediately recognized their efforts and I emailed them to never contact me again.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jane Bridges Morgan Lake Dr. Marietta, GA 30066 Do not delay remove the charge of $20.00, as I said before my bank will be contacting you on this dispute!!!!!!!

I never heard of the company and yet they charged me 39.00 twice. Warning! canceling your credit card does not work with these guys; they can and did call the cc company to get your new number and changed it before I even got the card myself. All you can do is put a block on this company to stop their SCAM! Thieves are the lowest of scum.

Can not cancel at any website or customer number for months.

I will be surprised if this gets posted. I have read other peoples post and I am completely floored that this supposed company is being deceitful purposefully. The fine print will get us every time if we don't read it. I have only be got twice but I can't figure out how they got my card number because i never gave it to them. If anyone has been done this way please let me know at I will be reporting them and putting whatever I can on their web page.

CCI I signed up for one month for my mothers care. I was billed every month afterwards as many have been on this site. This is fraud. You can close your account (I hope) as someone else gave directions here. I did go on the website and downgrade then go back in and cancel. I will pursue getting the funds back that I was illegally charged. They violated my contract and my trust. I am also going to my bank in the morning as suggested by someone above. I also left a message with their answering service tonight. I want every cent refunded. Wonder how many hundreds of thousands they are making monthly ripping off their clients?

We have never heard of this company and have never signed up with them or entered into any agreement with them for any services. When a $170 charge from them appeared against our credit card, we immediately spoke with our Bank to have the charge removed as fraudulent. The Bank is now investigating this company's fraudulent activities.

I was never contacted for the service I requested. Just realized they billed $20 per month and $65 per month separate going all the way back to August!!! I thought it was a one-time fee and I would not be charged if not contacted by a tutor. No one ever contacted me! I am LIVID! How can I report them for fraud?

I never authorized this charge for 37.00 I tried calling 877-227-3115 but could not get through to a real person. My name is Bruce Mack and I live in Tyler, TX. 75703. My Region account was charge by a hacker of some sort. I'm a 50 year old single male. There are no service here that I would even want to be associated with. Please call me within 24 hours at 903-376-1511. Thanks.

I NEVER signed up with you guys!! I am getting charges trying to come out of my account!! WHY? Someone is scamming me and I am going to report you guys! This is BULL!! My bank account says I had charges three times in the last two days! HOW did you get my account info! I never gave it out!!

I clicked on their website once and 6 months later, they charged my credit card for six months services. I did not use their services. I don't know how they got my credit card number. I did not initiate any charges for them. I see now they have many complaints for the same thing

I signed up for 1 month of I just came to see that I have been charged for 12 months!!! I only used it that 1 month. I just went to the site to remove my account and I don't see where you can remove the credit card.

We used for for 1 month under this promotion code they gave. Been charged without authorization for $64.09 per month for the past 4 months. Called them, left voicemails and got nothing back.

Finally, called my bank today to dispute the CC charges. My bank has tentatively refunded us the charges, and is following up with to dispute with them. The bank also has blocked from charging us going forward. is complete scam...can't believe it's a listed company. Must be the most unethical publicly listed company in the whole world!

exactly the same with us - signed up for one month a year ago and have been charged $78 every other month since!!

I paid for a one month (so I thought) subscription. Now I see that charges are coming out of my account every month!

In August of 2016, I was searching for a p/t through CCI*CARE.COM. I interviewed several and found one the I liked and then sent this company an email indicating the same and told them I now longer needed their service. Since then, they have been charging me every month! I demand a refund of the 6 months charge and if not I will consider taking them to court. As an atty. myself, I will not hesitate dragging them into court if necessary in order to gain my satisfaction.

One of my credit cards got hacked and one of the charges was from, I immediately contacted my credit card company and disputed all of the charges including the one from My bank issued a new account and I thought all was settled. Imagine my surprise when a charge from showed up on my NEW account which I had never even used. After talking to my bank I found that on monthly reoccurring charges they were automatically updating the biller so had automatically gotten my new account info. If this happens to you let you bank know to turn off the automatic updates and block It can be done.

I never signed up for this. There are no services needed , never was. This is credit card fraud. They have been charging my card for 7 months!

I also signed up for one month and have been billed for 18 months. My mistake because I thought the charge was my Rx plan. I have now terminated it by notifying the card company so no additional charges can be accepted. I also called the number above 1-877-227-3115 and dialed option 3 to get a live person. I would like to report them but do not know where to start. Any ideas???

If you call the 877 number that appears on your bank statement you will find that the number has been cut off. Go to your bank and report the charge that is being automatically taken out. they will have you sign an affidavit. this is a form that legally stops the payment for 3 months: the current month and 2 previous months (they cannot go back more than 90 days). It does not mater if you said you agreed to pay them or not. The bank will cancel that credit card and issue you a new one in 7-10 days. The payment will stop immediately. babysitting referrals

Well, the reason that occurs is because NO ONE reads the terms and conditions prior to putting their credit card info into their system. Click the button and read the terms. And true fraud only occurs when the cardholder doesn't initiate the charge. You know who this merchant is and you used their services. So, it's not fraud. Fraud is when a charge shows up on your account and you have never done business with this merchant and you did not initiate this charge at all. Like if you lost your card and someone used it at a corner store. That's fraud. Reason I'm putting this on here, is because reading terms and conditions OF EVERY ONLINE MERCHANT, especially one that has the ability to bill your card monthly, should have their terms and conditions read. Also, read your cardholder agreement with your credit care provider. Because if the merchant can prove that they provided terms and conditions, you will lose your billing dispute the bank puts in to Visa. So, it's important to read people. IJS.

My issue is like everyone else. They just keep charging and it almost seems impossible to get out of. Currently working with my cc to dispute charges and get them blocked. They are the worst. SCAM beware

We got ripped off as well. Thought the charge was for a co-pay since it was $35 every month for six months until March 2016. and it was my partners card. I have no doubt there will be a class action. In the meanwhile contact your senators and congressman as well as BBB.

same here this CCI*CARE.COM MA has been charge my credit account without my authorize since April 2017 39 a month

Well then, this is fraud, as I never initiated a charge, requested care (no need, ever) and yet they have been charging my card for months. Goes to show that you really need to check the statement detail all the time.

Everybody is so quick to throw the "scam" word around that it dilutes the meaning of the word. I, too, saw a charge on my card for this and had no idea where it came from. But after some research I found out my wife (at the time) signed up for the service via a phone app and didn't realize she signed up for the premium service that kicks in after a free trial. Once the free trial was up, boom there was the charge.

I called the number and, albeit after a 35 minute wait, the staff member was very friendly and very accommodating to issue a refund.

I'd say it's probably not very consumer friendly with it not being so obvious what you're signing up for, but I wouldn't use the "scam" word because I save that for intentional deceit on the level of Bernie Madoff and that's not happening here.

Sometimes you just gotta look closely at what you're signing up for.

same problem here. They have been charging us. I couldn't believe this.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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