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This business should be put out of business! The hotel charge was $130.32< CCI charged $187.68. In the process of disputing the excessive charge! What a fraud...should not exist!

I went online to make a reservation at Holiday Inn Express in Hilton Head and was quoted a price of $436 - imagine my surprise when I went to check in and I'd been charged $671!!! The difference was this fraudster (CCI Hotel room) site that appeared to be Holiday Inn linked and they applied an overcharge of $235.27 - this is unbelievable and I plan to complain to the Chamber of Commerce in Hilton Head and also to Holiday Inn - I demand a refund!

This company is a scam. I did not realize I was booking through them. I thought I was booking through the same hotel my company has been staying at like I did multiple times before. They charged me 613.85 to book 5 rooms . I thought that was my room charge. turns out that was just them pretending to be a travel agent. My rooms cost me 513.93 . I can't believe this is possible. They try to get you to think you're checking in with the hotel. What a scam! I want my money back.

I had the same experience as many other people, including a cloned website and the surprise overcharge for "tax recovery and service fees" of $169.52. The more significant problem is that immediately after I made my reservations, several attempts were made to use my credit card, bank account and Amazon account. Luckily, these institutions caught the intrusions and notified me. Now, in addition to spending more that I anticipated, I had to spend time changing login information for several financial sites. Coincidence? I think NOT. Since I am usually cautious about online transactions, I am upset that I fell for this scam. It is all well designed to fool the customer into thinking it's authentic and reasonable. Despicable.


This business should be put out of business! The hotel charge was $130.32< CCI charged $187.68. In the process of disputing the excessive charge! What a fraud...should not exist!

The people working at this company made a reservation for me in the WRONG area of the state of Ca. I drove to the address and it was a hospital I called the hotel and was informed that they were near San Diego, Ca. I told the man at the hotel I would not be there, since I live in Modesto Ca. How do I get my money back. He said I had to go thru getaroom to get my money back. For a week and a half I’ve been told I have a ticket# and they had to call the hotel only to be told they won’t refund my money. So, now I’m paying for their mistake. I’m going to take them to small claims court. Report them to BBB, as well as make a formal complaint to USITC. I was charged $214.00, for a room I never stayed in, and was told nothing in the area of San Francisco had any vacancies. I drove down the road 1 mile found a room, for $159.00. These people have terrible customer service, also clueless unbelievable!!!!!!🙄

This is a fraudulent website and a scam!!

Booked a room with in Tallahassee, FL. When I checked my cc statement I found that I was charged $216.15 from CCI*Hotel Res AND $167.31 from Country Inn and Suites. On and by the way, the room at the Country Inn and Suites was crap. When I tried to cancel my reservation for the return trip was told I had to go back through Which I did. From reading the comments on this site I totally believe this is a fraudulent charge and a scam! Lesson learned ... NEVER BOOK THROUGH A THIRD PARTY ...

THE SAME SCENARIO JUST HAPPENED TO US MAY 2021 that I have been reading on other websites. CCI*Hotel Res/ is absolutely fraudulent and still doing the same thing to customers without any remorese. We have never heard of this website "". Apparently though you may end up here by accident just by clicking on a link when you google for hotel deals or when you are on a hotel deal website. We got duped for $300 + which doesn't seem like alot, compared to what others may have been stiffed with. But we were only traveling for our boys soccer game so booked a two night stay, then found out we only had to stay one night. My husband booked accidentally through this site and paid up front, didn't end up getting an email confirmation so when he tried to call and cancel, he could not give them a "reservation number' and from there 1 1/2 hrs later after being transferred over and over again with each person on the other end asking for the reservation number, each one of them said they could not help him bc he didn't have the number to give them. We finally gave up. So we are making sure others are aware of this. THis is exactly the same procedure we went through that we read in all the negative reviews. We wish we looked up this company ahead of time, or else we would not have purchased from this site. However, we didn't even know that we were transferred to this website in the first place! So many things to watch out for. We even notified each person on the line that we were talking to from this company that they have gotten bad bad reviews on multiple review websites, it didn't even phase them. I hope others read this and do not fall for the same scam.

I have a charge on my bank account for CCI Hotel on 11/13/19. I was not even in Texas on that date. it was for $163.90. I am contacting my bank & reporting that this is a fraud.

(CCI HOTEL RES 800-468-3578 TX), this was on my bank statement.

I booked 3 rooms last summer with CCI Hotel Reservations. I did not call them directly, but thought I was calling the hotel myself. When I tried to cancel my room reservations, I was unable to get through to CCI Hotel Reservations. I then called the hotel directly and cancelled my reservations. CCI still charged me over $224.00 for room reservations that we did not use. They are a TOTAL rip off!!

Had a charge of $212.61 from CCI*HOTEL@GETAROOM 800-468-3578 TX. I thought it was fraud but after checking with's Customer Service department (whom I booked a trip to Denver with around the same time that I saw the charge), turns out the charge was for the hotel that I booked through So Cheapoair works with Getaroom for hotel bookings. Kind of weird, a 3rd party using another 3rd party, but it was legitimate nonetheless.

Hotel charge was $309 and they charged my credit card $500, what a crook. They earned $200 for answering the f**king phone!!!

I'm going to be reporting this to the Fraud division

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Also Appears on Statements As

  • POS Debit CCI*HOTEL@GETAROOM 800-468-3578
  • Visa Check Card CCI*HOTEL@GETAROOM 800-468-3578 MC
  • Misc. Debit CCI*HOTEL@GETAROOM 800-468-3578