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EDONATION 1 703-684-3435 VA


What is it?

On my mosr recent 5th/third credit card statement, I was charged $25 by edonation. What was it for?

I want this charge to cease. I cannot recall authorizing a "monthly" contribution. I have contributed to a political party but I did so as one time only contributions and submitted my information thinking that this was the case and was shocked to see a 'pending' charge to my credit card.

You can go to the website and enter basic information about your charge. It will show you where the donation is going to and will also let you stop the recurring charges right there. It won't get the money back that already got charged but you probably have to get that from the place that actually got the money. I had one going to and I think most of them are for something political.

Is there anyway you people can post the name of the recipient of a donation on the credit card statement instead of just listing the 703 tel. no.?

I received a $35.00 charge on my American express card. I did not authorize the card. Please remove it from my card.

I donated to EW Jackson's campaign for Attorney General of Virginia and it showed up on my statement as Edonation. It's legitimate. If you supported any candidate or any political cause, you clicked somewhere on that website to donate and that group ran the charge through Edonation. They are legitimate.

I have no recollection of authorizing a deduction from my credit card for thisw organization. However, if I did for political reasons, it was a one time only donation. not monthly as has been done for the past 5 months. The first deduction for $50 was made on October 13, 2016 and it has been repeatedly deducted monthly since then. Since I can guarantee that I would not be foolish enough to have a standing monthly deduction, my calculations indicate that you owe me at least a $200 refund.

edonations has taken payments from ny credit card without my OK. Please reframe from using my credit card, 0746

I am been charge $3.00 reference number8RV*L66S and $3.00 reference number D20BL66S.Please I want to stop this charging me now.

Roberto Herrera card number :327375282.Republican National Committee.Please cancel this edonation in the future. THANKS....

I think it's a political fundraising organization. I signed up to give a monthly gift to an organization that I like and that started to appear on my statement.

I gave $25.00 to the Black Conservative fund, thinking it was a one time donation. Apparently I checked the wrong box and chose recurrent donations. I want this to stop, but can't get in touch with the fund that is listed as EDONATION 1 703-6843435 I would like contact information

While checking my credit card statements for Schedule A deductible expenses, I was shocked to see 4 "edonation" charges totaling $78.00 in the first 4 months of 2016. I never authorized any credit card donation! Now, it's past 60 days to notify my bank. Yes, I should have been paying closer attention to my statements. How could this have happened?

I want this charge to cease. I can not recall authorizing a monthly contribution.

I have never heard Edonation and wonder how in the hell they charged my credit card without my permission. I am filing a legal claim against this company

I paid - that came up at Edonation 2, VA.

703-684-3435 is associated with: Campaign Solutions, Inc. 228 S. Washington St. OR 118 N. Saint Asaph St. Alexandria, VA

I have tried in vain to get in touch with this organization for explanation and refund of moneys charged to my credit card each month since September. (I did not authorize this repeated charge.) What does it take to get a response???

Can you help? What is this charge?

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