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What is it?

fraud for me too - multiple charges

web site domain name annual renewal?

I was Charged $180 by this Bloody hell EIG*NETFIRM and never had any Transaction whatever is this.. FRAUD..This should be banned by all Credit agency

I believe this is an annual fee for website hosting.

fraud for me

My credit card has been charged 140 dollars by AIGIPOWER 866-5392854MA.Can any one share his experience.I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

This is a billing company for many web hosting and domain name providers. It was flagged as fraud by my MasterCard, and I denied payment. They resubmitted it, and this time MasterCard paid them! Now it's in dispute. I did have web hosting with one of the companies that they collect for, but had my setting to NOT automatically renew. They did it anyway, and not only that, they somehow managed to bill the credit card which was on file and expired without having the new card number. MasterCard told me they allow this for recurring payments, like electric bills, and that they give them the new number!! Naturally I balked at this and told them flat out I will not pay it. This company EIG, are a bunch of fraudsters. If you have a charge from them, dispute it.

They got my debit card number and charged over $1800 in fraudulent charges. I have never heard of this company nor have I ever done business with them.

I have a similar thing for EIG-MyDomain... the thing is that my credit card number has changed since I bought my original domain name! I didn't want to renew and completely forgot about it. Now this charge is showing up AND I DIDN'T GIVE THEM MY NEW CARD NUMBER!!!! Has to be fraud.

Just posted a few moments ago. Sorry for the formatting error. It should have read "the web hosting company must be processing payments as EIG @@@ (where @@@ denotes the name of the acquired company)"

Anyway, EIG must have bought Netfirms, just like it bought Homestead from Intuit. (Quickly googling shows that it did, in 2011.)

EIG*NETWORKS-866-5392854 are still at it!! They have charge two of my credit cards (both were expired but they worked out the new expiry dates). Small amounts of 11.42 EUros and 0.89 Euros, but it all mounts up. I changed Hosting company last year but don't have to renew for 3 years. Have had to block my cards and request new ones, as well as making an official complaint to Mastercard

I have emails showing I canceled web hosting services with iPage, however, they still charged me each year for domain privacy of $13.99. I didn't realize this until today. I can understand being charged for that while I had web hosting service through them, but after I had canceled and even in a statement through email, they said I won't be charged again? that doesn't make any sense. Especially when the domain isn't in use and account was canceled.

I went through iPage years ago. I had canceled web hosting services after going through them in 2010-2012. For some reason though, I was still charged a one year fee of $14.95 for Site Lock Plus for two years after I canceled my web hosting and then I was also charged each year thereafter for Domain Privacy of $10.99, $12.49, $12.49, $13.99, and $13.99 recently. I don't know how I didn't catch this sooner. This happened each year. You'd think after you've canceled webhosting services and aren't using a domain or website that you wouldn't received continued charges for something that isn't even active in the first place. But it was for the domain name that I signed up with them to begin with when I paid for webhosting services. In the past, if I canceled webhosting serivces, I never experienced being charged for anything else. So, I wasn't expecting any bills. I am not sure if this is a tactic they use to continue making money or if it was an oversight on my part for not double checking. I truly thought by canceling webhosting it meant canceling everything. It just doesn't make sense to me otherwise. I called their number and spoke with someone in their billing department. I had to search for any emails sent to me and sure enough, they had been sending a statement over the course of five years since after I canceled webhosting. You'll want to find your email so that you can provide the domain name this is being billed under. I usually purchase a domain name separately from a domain service provider instead of through the webhosting because it seems this is how they try to keep their customers by locking them in with other charges for the domain name they created through the same webhosting service. I first thought this was a scam, but I think its one of those things that can accidently be missed if you don't know they can continue charging you their yearly service for a domain name you had with them even though you canceled your webhosting service. I requested a refund and there were no issues. They got right to it and made sure to deactivate the account. I'm still scratching my head about it because that is what I thought I did years ago when I canceled webhosting with them. I hope this helps clarifies what is going on. So it doesn't feel so much as a shocker and that you'd know what steps you can take to address it directly at the source.

Flat out fraud. They charged me $179.88. I had to cancel my card and file a dispute. Why are they still allowed to charge cards?

a lot of people here stating : "I didn't give them my new card number!"

well.. that means you didn't cancel your subscription and you..and you alone are responsible for cancellation in accordance with the terms of any merchant you deal with. if you didn't cancel in time, call them and see if they are willing to refund.. but don't go online screaming fraud when you forgot to cancel your account. its possible the merchant has no idea you didn't want to be charged or possibly an actual fraudster using your info to put through the charge, the company has no way to know you didn't ask for it. companies don't have time to double check every single transaction. Check your statements every month!

Just stating that something is fraud, does not make it fraud, the internet is filled with people screaming fraud at the top of their lungs but they willingly dealt with the merchant before hand. If you have dealt with the merchant, you will most likely have to file a dispute. and the above comment is correct, subscription merchants don't follow the same regulations and can force a charge through, its up to the client to have their proof that they cancelled their subscriptions.. and banks don't do stop payments for visa or mastercard

I have never heard about this company before. I googled them in less than 5 minutes ago and came across this site. I called their number and I was told to dispute the charges with my bank.

How in the world did they get my account information?

Bunch of thieves

It was fraud for me - Chase contacted me about unauthorized charges to my account. They charged the same amount twice - said it was a telephone transaction. They refunded the money to my account & are having to issue me a new card.

charge on our card for EIG*IPOWER today, which I know is domain & site hosting but not ours. calling the number 866-539-2854 and you get technical support ~ ugh...

After speaking to a rep, he let me know that the $15.99 charge earlier in the year was an annual domain name renewal and the $239.76 I was questioning was for a 24 month period for web hosting for our web site. It was a legitimate charge for us.

This is a fraud, i called the number, initially there was announcement that its a webhosting company and if you want speak to accounts press 2 i press 2 its music for 1 hr

I got 11 charges from EIG*Netfirms. Never dont business with this vendor and no one can tell me what happened. Bank crediting $$ back.

Fraud. My bank called me this morning and asked if I'd tried to purchase anything online last night or this morning, I told them no and they said there had been suspicious activity on my account. I logged in to my online banking and discovered ten charges for $23.88 that were pending that I definitely did not do myself. I have one domain but I've never used this debit card to renew it so I'm not sure where they got my info but I for sure didn't authorize it.

They charged me $120 two days ago and I have discovered monthly payments going back twelve months of $16 - I have no websites or anything like that - this was fraud for me - and took that $120 for me to even notice!

This is a legitimate web hosting company -

I simply forgot to turn off auto renewal and cancel the web hosting services that I signed up for back in 2006. Although the card and address on record is completely outdated; it's still valid nonetheless. Thus, the annual charges kept coming and I didn't notice it until now. You got to read the fine print and keep ALL your record in order!

I was able to call technical support and have the account canceled immediately; and since I notified them before April 17th (cut off time) they were able to refund the charge for 2016. The support rep was very cool and sent me a confirmation to my updated email address.

It's for website hosting. Mine appears as a charge to EIG Homestead. I questioned it too when I noticed it (just today, 3/6/2014) as a recurring charge, $8.99 every month for the past several months. I compared this to my bank statements a year ago, to see if I had any recurring charges in that amount. A year ago, I was paying Intuit for my website. I did, in fact, have an account through Intuit.

As it turns out, Intuit bought a web-hosting company called Homestead Technologies in 2007. It seems Intuit sold their web hosting business to Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2012. The new owners of the web hosting company must be processing payment as EIG (where denotes the name of the acquired company) (link, regarding intuit and EIG:

Apparently, EIG has been buying up a lot of web hosting companies, but handling the transitions very poorly. (Check the Better Business Bureau complaints. EIG has an incredibly low rating.)

I believe this is the renewal of the web domain's I've purchased.

My credit card has been charged 140 dollars by AIGIPOWER 866-5392854MA.Can any one share his experience.I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

I dont have a domain or anything ant they charged me its fraud

My credit card has been charged 140 dollars by AIGIPOWER 866-5392854MA.Can any one share his experience.I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

Just had this show up on my credit card bill. It was a charge for a website, my wife and her friend created.

I found the number for ipage called and really had no problems removing the larger charge. Service was pretty good actually as i had no idea what the user name, domain name, password, or the connected email address were. took about 15 minutes to get it all straightened out and the credit card removed.

I saw the same charge 3 days in a row with my bank declining, as I have a secure account. When I called the number on the charge they said there was no charge. When I called Dotster my webhost and affiliate of EIG, they said they did not know what the charge was. EIG is all over the net with this same complaint. Call and refute the charge. Check your account to see what you are charged for. Your yearly fees if any should be listed and you should get a reminder beforehand. FRAUD!!! I closed my account.

Fraud for me. I was hit with 6 charges of the same amount in one day, and I definitely don't own any domain names.

web site maintenance

Ipage hosting

It's an annual web hosting fee from iPage

I'm satisfied that it is a webhosting fee. especially since I heard that EIG has bought Netfirms. see link:

Got a call from Chase saying they had charges denied from this biller. I am not familiar with them, never have used them to my knowledge. Seems like fraud.

Charged $11.99...nReview Authorizations Detail Sign Off!Sign Off

 Merchant Information
 866-5392854 ,  MA   018030000

Date    Dec 29 2013
Time    08:27
Amount  $11.99
Currency Code   Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Merchant Category Code  5968
Merchant ID Number  000395700048543
Acquiring Bank ID   ....
Type    Mail/Phone Order
Authorization Code  ....

I've never heard of this company and don't have a website.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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