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I was was fraudulently charged $12.79 on 9/11/21 from Express# 2401, Columbus OH. I called my bank, Varo Bank, they froze my account and is issuing a new bank card. The charge is still pending, and was told that I can not dispute it until the charge is paid and posted. Transaction Detail EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH -$12.79 Description EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH Transaction Date Sep 11, 2021 Status Pending Method Card Not Present Category

This just happened to me - a charge for $68.48 from EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH. Then 2 transactions attempted at an online store but they were both declined. Bank is Wells Fargo.

I just received my new credit card two days ago, and today I received from my bank both a text message on my phone and an email on my computer that there was a suspicious charge of $324.21 from Express 2401, Columbus, Ohio. My bank declined the payment, so kudos to them for catching this fraud. Amazing how my card is new and just activated and yet this scam jumped right on it...

Got an email from wells fargo saying i had a declined transaction of 19.48 because of a wrong expiration was done at express 1204 columbus. I have never heard of this place....i had to shut down my debit card.....such a pain...does anyone have an email address for wells fargo security

Debit fraud. I was charged $25.17 on 10th Sep 2021. (Australia). Reported to Bank immediately, they cancelled the card and will check it out.

I just received my new credit card two days ago, and today I received from my bank both a text message on my phone and an email on my computer that there was a suspicious charge of $324.21 from Express 2401, Columbus, Ohio. My bank declined the payment, so kudos to them for catching this fraud. Amazing how my card is new and just activated and yet this scam jumped right on it...

Same thing happened to me. I was initially charged $11.76 USD from this fraudulent merchant, and then immediately following this, the frauds attempted to purchase an order from Fashion Nova. As I did not have very much money in the compromised account and it being immune to overdrafting, I only lost $11.76 to this scam. I consider myself very lucky, as I could have easily lost hundreds. I plan to dispute this individual transaction once it is posted, and I will also go into the process of getting a new card.

I received a text from my bank if I was authorized this charge from the Express 2401 Columbus OH of $16.00. I didn’t authorize it which I never made this transaction. I had no idea how the scam stole my debit card information and use it while I still had my debit inside my wallet. This is the first time happened to me. One more charge that I never authorized was Iconicb Alabama for $40.85 also charged today. How crazy! Two frauds charges happened on the same day.

My debit card was charged 44.94 Dollars as fraud.

I also just was charged fraudulent charges to Express #2401 in Columbus OH today on 10/13/2021. It appears to the Express online store processing center. I have sent a note to Express Corporate to tighten up their credit/ATM processing procedures. If I hear back, I will post their response.

PURCHASE EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH Yeah me too. fuck these guys. somebody needs to report this "company" to the Feds asap.

My card was recently compromised after I made an online purchase. I've reported it to the bank and even though my card is turned off they have continued to charge me for these bullshit charges.

PURCHASE EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH this company is definitely a scam company of some sort.

I suffered the same scam with reason: express # 2401 for an import of 10.87 euros. The card was a prepaid card issued in Italy by the Italian Post Office. I immediately blocked the card.

I also had this charge on my Capital One account for $29.95 from Express #2401. However the bank caught it and was never authorized.

Yesterday I received an email about a possible fraudulent charges made on my card. I checked my account and had 2 charges made at express #2401. one for $70.00 and one for 17.12. I called my bank they are investigating this and sending me a new card.

My story very similar to those above. First there was a charge on my debit card to Express #2401. After that, there was a charge to Fashion Nova, which was declined. I rarely use this debit card, and for online purchases always use a credit card. My bank texted fraud alert.

I got an alert yesterday from my bank as to a charge of $17.12 from Express #2401 in Columbus. Declined. Fraud. Glad they caught it. I shut down my card.

Part 2 - Forgot to add that Wells Fargo thankfully declined the $16.00 EXPRESS#2401 in COLUMBUS UNITED STATES transaction due to an incorrect expiration date entered at time of transaction. I only found out about the fraudulent attempt because I was sent an email from Wells Fargo about the Declined Transaction. There was no message from Wells Fargo or line item of the failed attempt noted on my online account as in shown in my account transactions before or after I spoke with a bank representative.

My husband's debit card was hacked on 10/25/21 with a $15.09 charge from express#2401 Columbus Ohio and on the same day a charge showed up in the amount of $100.00 to a place in the UK called ONLYFANS.COM. This concerns me because we are both on the account that is in my name. I know this in detail because my Credit Union Bank Fraud department contacted me via text and by phone call. We canceled his card immediately and are requiring a refund. I am also going to turn this over to the feds for investigation and charges if needed.

My debit card was charged 44.94 Dollars as fraud

The post by Dominick Scioli, When I read it I thought I wrote it!!! All the information is the same !! The dates, the amount, the bank!! This is definitely a scam!!

Express #2401 tried to charge me $27.77 on a debit card I never had. It was declined because it had never been activated.

Why don’t the card issuers close this down?

My story is so similar to many of the above. I bank with Wells Fargo. Yesterday my debit card was charged $11.76 by Express#2401. I only use my card at Wells Fargo ATM locations, never for any other purchases. I have no idea how they got my card information unless the scammer has hacked Wells Fargo. I cancelled my card and am waiting for a new one. I hope Wells Fargo is paying attention to this!

I received a charge on my debit card for 9.06 from Express #2401 Columbus, OH ON 10/9/21 that I knew nothing about. I also had my card cancelled. Someone needs to check into this… I’m reporting this immediately to the proper authorities..

Charged $65 from this store that I have never been to. Also charged $70 at another store called "Wigona Fashion" but bank caught it and allowed me to cancel via text message. Eff these scammers.

Same thing for me. I got an email from Union Bank that my credit card account was used at Express #2401 in Ohio,13:20 CT for the amount of $23.54. Union Bank blocked it and have now cancelled my card and will send me a new one.

I got 3 charges of $44.94 from Express#2401 Columbus OH, then 2 charges of 27.79 and $35.28 ftom Fashionnova. Then they tried a charge of $57.78 from Express again and it was denied from my bank (Wells Fargo). I hadn’t used my debit in a long time and the knly place i used it was at the cashier in Morongo Casino in Cabazon, California.

Debit fraud, saw charge EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH on account don't live in OH and haven't made any purchases so this stood out. Called bank, card cancelled and new card being issued.

Debit fraud.

Today, 10/13/2021 i noticed a pending debit transaction to my checking account to Express #2401 for 46.01 along with another pending transaction to sei* for 84.50. Immediately froze debit card, tferred funds to another account, called bank to report fraud, cancel card and order a new one.

Express 2401 should be declined at all banks. Express seems to be the starting point, if it goes thru then they use the perfume company. Thankfully my bank WF declined at the git go. Still have to go thru the cancel and reorder baloney. Only declined because of expiration date.

Same situation as the others on this thread. Yesterday a charge from Express2401 for $12.99 was made to my account. I called the bank and requested a new card because this company is bogus! Someone please tell me how to report this company because this needs to stop!

This is so bizarre. I got a notice of like an 11 dollar charge that was declined when the charge was made using a debit card I actually have never used (it's literally in a drawer still in the envelope from wells fargo). Definitely seems though that someone has somehow gotten a list of Wells Fargo card numbers or is at least very good at guessing card number combinations.

My debit card was charged $11.76 as a fraud

A fraudulent transaction made today using my debit card was declined by the bank. Wells Fargo bank notified me immediately. They cancelled my card and will issue me a new card.

Transaction amount 11.76 USD

I also had an attempted $85 charge today by EXPRESS#2401 in COLUMBUS UNITED STATES, but the transaction was declined by Wells Fargo due to an incorrect expiration date entered at time of transaction.

PURCHASE EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH CARD3577, $16.43, Fraudulent charge. Then another attempted charge from Puerto Rico, $28.52 my bank caught it thank goodness.

I have also been charged $31.03 at Express #2401 @12:10pm today, then followed by a $71.53 charge at PERFUMEONNE online. Fortunately, Navy Federal CU caught the fraudulent activity and declined the $71.53, and refunded the $31.03. What is strange is that I was just trying to find the location of Express #2401, and there are many threads about bogus charges at this store! How are they continuing to be allowed to accept cards at this location? It appears they are a stolen info laundering location? But now I am concerned as to how they obtained the info from a card I have never used anywhere?

had an "online, phone or mail transaction with Express#2401 for $17.12 today. This was followed by fraud alert for a charge for $32.81 for Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa.

Just got off the phone with Wells Fargo to report the same purchase Express #2401 Columbus OH for $17.02. I also had another charge right after that one for an SP DOSSIER NY for $49.00. I had to look that one up and it's a Perfume store. I was on the phone with the agent when I looked up the Express store and saw this thread. I reported it to the Wells Fargo agent so they can look into this more. I can't believe there are so many people experiencing the same charge.... It is definitely a SCAM!

Alert sounded on my phone at 4:36 AM California time asking to verify a charge of $62.33 from EXPRESS 2401. As I never, ever, ever use my debit card to pay for anything (only for occasionally getting cash at the bank) it was obvious this was fraud. Called Wells Fargo who had declined the charge (whew) and they immediately cancelled my card and are issuing a new one. Glad I had set up a phone alert on the card to notify me any time it is used but wondering how the fraudsters got the card #.

I also had a charge from Express 2401. Because I have multiple accounts with Wells Fargo I was able to isolate the debit card charge to a debit card number given to Target Stores for a RED CARD debit. WTF is going on. I have informed both Target stores fraud Department and Wells Fargo Fraud departments.

PURCHASE EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH for the amount of $16.87 was charged to my card on 11/5/21 and one for $49.99 from PURCHASE SP * FOR THE 6783273949. I called Wells Fargo to dispute the charges and they informed me that they have received several calls the past few days with fraud involving Express. They origianlly thought there was something wrong with the system because so many people were calling about it. I never use my debit card for online purchases and I use it maybe once a month at a local restaurant that doesn't except credit cards.

This just happened to us again. We don't even have the new bank card yet and somehow there is a new charge again for express after there was 3 days ago. Do other people bank with Wells fargo?

Happened to me this morning at 3am. PURCHASE EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OH, manually entered my credit card information and charged $19.71. Still have the card in my possession. Suspect it may have been compromised via spam link or computer RAT.

Same here. $15ish charge. Seems like after a purchase from Ludwigs online store that it started happening. Anyone else?

I had the same thing happen to me with my credit union VISA debit card with a charge to EXPRESS #2401 and there was also a fraudulent charge to Zulily on that same day. The credit union caught it, notified me, and issued me a new card and for that I am grateful.

I got the $16.00 on my capital one debit card. I called the bank and they cancelled the card and will expedite a new one. Same store as others here Express#2401. I’ve never used this debit card anywhere so not sure how someone got it. I talked to express store customer service and they said they don’t see a transaction with this card or amount. Weird.

My story is very similar to most above There was a charge for $65.70 to this Express #2401 and then a charge of $492.50 To Asea LLC which sells some sort of water for you to buy and sell as a business. I called Asea and they gave me the name and address of the person who fraudulently used my bank card. I hope enough ppl speak up about this Express 2401 that someone looks into it more. I bank w/ M&T in Buffalo,NY I am thankful they froze the card and will be sending me a new one.

Was charged 3 different times from this express store on my Chase credit card. Haven’t made any online purchases with the card, mostly just DoorDash and spirit Halloween before it closed recently. Definitely fraud. I’m seriously angry seeing posts on here dating back to months ago. Why hasn’t something been done about this yet???

I was charged $6.42 fraudulently, and then the same fraudster went on to try using the card dozens of times at Fashion Nova for various amounts

I just received an email from my bank that my card was declined @ Express #2401 because of incorrect expiration date. Thank God it didn't go thru, it's FRAUD. I'm reporting this to my bank right now.

Fraudulent Charge Attempt from EXPRESS #2401 today 11/07/21 @ 9:55 AM in the amount of $19.26. Received email from Wells Fargo as they declined due to incorrect EXP Date. CXL'D Debit Card. Definitely needs to be stopped- disturbing to see how many other experienced same issue.

I also was just charged for 4 payments amounting to almost $450 from Express2401. What the hell is this place? I luckily saw it within a few hours and talked to my bank. They immediately deactivated my old card and are sending me a new one. The fraudulent payments are still pending so I can't dispute them until they clear. I'm hoping I caught this in time and that we can block any payment to these shysters.

I also was just charged for 4 payments amounting to almost $450 from Express2401. What the hell is this place? I luckily saw it within a few hours and talked to my bank. They immediately deactivated my old card and are sending me a new one. The fraudulent payments are still pending so I can't dispute them until they clear. I'm hoping I caught this in time and that we can block any payment to these shysters.

Today I just noticed 3 attempted charges at Express #2401 for $11.76, $20.22, and $23.54. The charges are pending but I only checked because I received a PIN text that was required to complete an online purchase and I wasn't the one who requested it. Very strange that there's so many fraudulent purchases coming out of this store.

My card was declined at Express #2401 at 12:22 today, 11/3/2021. Apparently wrong expiration date. The amount was 23.54. I think this business should watch for repeat customers with declined cards. Apparently they have a problem with fraud at this store. If they have cameras they can look this transaction up.

Fraudulent charges began yesterday, 11/4, with a $1 payment to Air1 Radio, followed by $18.75 to Express #2401 and two charges, $37.86 and $99.28, to Walmart. I rarely use my debit card, but was on an unsecure wifi link for several hours yesterday, wondering if I was hacked. Debit card has been cancelled.

I was charged fraudulently charged $16.00 on 10/18 by EXPRESS#2401 in COLUMBUS UNITED STATES. Wells Fargo customer service representative told me they are seeing a lot of disputed charges by customers for this same vendor. I ONLY used the card at a Rite Aide, Smart & Final, Cheap-O-Air/COA*CHEAPOAI CHEAPOAIR.COM NY, and American Air Fort Worth TX.

I reviewed my checking account with my credit union and saw the following: 10/21/2021 Processing...EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS OHUS (Pending), $22.00. I have never purchased anything in Ohio. I immediate called and cancelled my debit card.

Same thing. I just received a notice from my bank of a charge from express 2401 immediately following an attempted charge from sp kitch llc. Neither of them were from me or authorized by me. I am on hold now waiting to talk to someone at my bank

My Banker called today. There was a Charge on my Husbands debit card for $10.40 . Just small enough so this group of frauds would think it is small enough and insignificant not to notice.

By Bankjer had put a stop on it because the use of my HIusband Card is always low. So thank God for Bankers who actually do their job.

BEWARE everyone who reads this. Check you bank account every day. Put notifvations on your accounts for just this scam.

It is too bad there are so many lazy people out there that need to hack accounts to earn a living.

Me too. A $14.14 charge on my debit card to Express 2401. My accounts are with a credit union so evidently these scammers are able to illegally access credit union and bank accounts.

I'm just wondering how many of the above people have automatic withdrawal from their checking accounts from Verizon for their monthly payments.

10/29/21- these amounts were taken out from my account $39, $29, $39, and $14. The fraudulent charges were made to Express #2401, Columbus, Oh. and also Dreamentali, AL. I reported to Wells Fargo and currently on hold waiting to have my card frozen and replaced. 🤬

I have faced this fraud activity today. When I woke up in the morning, I had got message from my bank that $34.49 have been paid at Express No4201 COLUMBUS. Firstly I tried to recall if I had made any online order or subscription but couldn't recall any. Then it clicked in my mind that this must be fraudulent activity so I called my bank, they immediately blocked my card and also opened up a dispute to claim the amount back. Catch these fraudsters

Rarely used Wells Fargo card had a declined charge from this store. The last two vendors that I visited were dispensaries in the Sacramento area via debit/pin.

How is this Express#2401 able to charge all these cards? I was charged today for $14.98 and within 5 minutes froze my card, called the bank, disputed this transaction for fraud and had them issue a new card. An hour later the card number was used again at a clothing store. Since it was frozen, they got zero and they won't get anything from Express#2401 except an investigation from the police report I filed. I also requested that the online clothing store report these crooks to law enforcement as they have that important shipping address for the fraudulent order and the online IP address of the internet service provider (and corresponding computer MAC address) used to attempt the fraud. Keep reporting this company and the others to help prevent online fraud.

Express#2401 Charge for $22.40. Then 262 and change. While I was on the phone with my bank---long hold time. They charged another 463.00. hey also tried to get my PayPal and Afterpay. Bank card cancelled and altered them to fraud. I also called Express-the orders were cancelled. I got an email of my order I have the address of where the order was going to go. 8550 NW 70th 75605 Miami FL That's what the address said. It had my name on there. I want them to go down for this!!!

I just found a fraudulent charge to this Express 2401 in Ohio (I am not in or near Ohio.) It was for $29.95 on 12-13-21 and is "pending" but then two more fraudulent charges were made on 12-14-21 to another merchant and they went through. I don't use this card for anything but ATM withdrawals and transfers to another account, never charges. I am filing BofA fraud claims. There are certainly enough of these here that the police should be watching Express 2401 or else they are using it as a trap. I hope.

We just received notification that Express 2401 charged my mom's Wells Fargo card $821.00. The bank declined the charge and put a hold on the card and we called to close it. We have the card in hand and haven't used it for online purchases so I am not sure how they got the card info.

Three fraudulent charges on my credit card for Express #2401 Columbus OH. Cancelled my card. Credit card company wanted to let the charges go through so we'd have more information on the company, but if they let the charges go through, the thieves would get the money so I had them cancel the charges. The credit card company said, "We'll reimburse the charges;" they didn't understand I did NOT want the thieves to get any money, so they finally red flagged the pending charges. Damn scammers! And if I can Google this company and in two minutes see all these complaints, shouldn't my credit card company already have this information?

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