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My SBI Card was charged on below transaction by online hackers. 15/8/2017- FACEBK VIRTUAL GOODS IE - Rs.16,327 All FACEBK VIRTUAL GOODS transactions are fake and done by hackers. Facebook should investigate on this and take actions againest who did that transaction in FB.

I was trying to get registration information for a class when the gentleman that answered the phone told me that I had reached the billing department and gave me the number of 318.404.6523 to call. I called and spoke with a lady named "Courtney" who said she had just been hired three months ago; and proceeded with my registration. I though it was strange to need so much banking information and my instincts were correct. Thank goodness my bank flagged it as fraud. She and her male friend was using FACEBK*PAYMENT,, CA to test my bank account. It almost worked. I redialed the initial phone number and was told no one named "Courtney" worked there. Suspecting fraud had taken place, I contacted my bank immediately. The customer service rep told me that a withdrawal for $400 had been blocked and flagged as fraud. I cancelled my bank card and had the account flagged for any signs of fraud. When I called 318.404.6523 again, I got a recording.

I have fraud protection on my c.c. I was charged 15 separate times at 4:00 am all totaling over $2500.

I paid for an ad on Craig's List to sell my car and paid $5 via debit card. 10 minutes later a text comes in asking me to re-verify my card. I went online to the link and it brought up a payment form similar to the Craig's List one, which I filled out (doh!). 3 minutes later a foreign guy calls from 818-900-1993 and starts demanding a 4 digit code to complete an ad placement on Facebook, claiming he is from Facebook and associated with Craig's List. He claimed Facebook and Craig's List are the same company (NOT). I wound up hanging up on the guy. Then in my email comes the bank fraud alert. I called and they blocked/closed the card, transferred me to a fraud specialist. The bank is now having the power's that be investigate the wire fraud. Facebook is NOT part of Craig's List, do not pay more than Craig's List says if you even trust their faulty payment window. I suggest do not pay Craig's List for an ad, period. Never again! This charge came up as FCBK.ME.C/

I got charged multiple times by business merchant; FACEBK JEBD48KGC2 Menlo Park CA USA. This account pops up with multiple different varying numbers and letter e.g. FACEBK EK9R497GC2 Menlo Park CA USA. Most likely caused by a leakage of credit card information.

This is fraud. Someone has got your credit card details and is using them to buy things. I have just had the exact same thing happen to me. They also detected two other purchases that were fraudlently made today. This is not a facebook conspiracy. Your credit card provider should give you the money back if you call them.

I was charged in the last couple of days by Scrabble on FB (teacher) for three months. I just checked my bank statement and was charged for three months last month May 21st. I would like my money back or given credit. This has probably happened before & didn't check as I should have. It seems they ask often for $$ for that service (teacher) Transaction # is FACEBK *5TLSMFNCE2 CA

I was charged on my card. I didn't order this my computer was not working at the time it was charged. refuned my money

This is a charge from Facebook, which could be for facebook credits, advertisements or facebook gifts.

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