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Learn about the "Facebook Menlo Park, Ca" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on May 17, 2022, Last updated on February 9, 2024

What is it?

i have a charge on my card from Facebook in Menlo Park, CA and i would like to know why i was charged $10.00. i never played a game on facebook and its exactly $10. not 9.99.

I was charged $50.00 from Facebook Menlo Park but never purchased anything. How do I receive credit for this possible bogus charge?

There are two charges posted to my American Express credit card by Facebook Menlo Park in California. One charge was for $90.00; the second charge was for $100.00. No authorization was given to Facebook or Meta for these charges to be made to my American Express. I would like both charges refunded immediately. Please advise.

received a charge of $75 on my American Express. No clue who these people are. How do I get a refund.

someone stole $10.00 from my account. i want my money back!

There are 2 charges on my business credit card that I have not charged to Facebook Menlo Park. One charge was on Saturday, October 29, and the other on Sunday, November 27. I am reporting these charges as fraudulent. My suggestion would be to credit my business card for the amount that was taken. My contact information is 919-351-0499. Thank you for your immediate attention.

I suspect fraud, good thing my bank ought it and flagged as unusual activity. There are shady "google ads" on youtube android phone app that are for FaceBook "Meta" that if touched or clicked, even accidently, may prompt this bogus charge without any explanation or confirmation such as an invoice. It may show up on bank record as " FACEBK G66E3U7FL2 MENLO PARK CA " for, or around, $11.05 each. However, 8 or more of such charges for on "click" without e-mail, invoice or other explanation of the charges screams fraud, so watch-out!. It seems to use google pay but no verify step, again vary shady. I had my bank blacklist the "vendor" and if you don't use facebook or "meta" services you should too!

absolutely NOT giving my credit card here....what was the charge for??

My Cash App card was hacked several times in one day and got away with all my cash. I want to know who authorized these charges. I did not. I would like reimbursement.

I got a charge of $2.00 may 21st. FACEBK*ADS MENLO Park

I contacted AM Express. reported it as fraud. I do not use Facebook at all and I am shocked at how many reports of fraud from Facebook. I requested to block them but AM Express sounds like it might come back if "I reinstate permission of whatever account charged this" I told them again, " I DO NOT USE FACEBOOK AT ALL" I can't see how they can charge me for anything. I warned AM EXPress if it keeps happening I will change to a different card company.

My Menlo Park Charges on Facebook are for promoting posts into ads for my business. I questioned it too, but then I realized the only thing that costs 8 or 10 is the ads I authorized.

a charge of $70.00 appearred on my Amex card on oct 20. What is that. I never gave that card to facebook

Yeah I agree, gotta call visa in the morning, definitely scam after reading everyone's input, there's no reason for this charge if you didn't purchase any ad work on Facebook or Instagram.

If you sponsored someone on Facebook with a donation the charge will appear as FACEBK MEMBERSHIP ORGS. I assumed it was a fraudulent charge also its our natural human instinct! Hope this helps.

American Express charge of $100 for July 21st. FACEBK*ADS MENLO Park

I logged into my bank account mobile and saw that I’m getting a few cents to $2 being withdrawn from my account. I looked at who’s taking this money out and it says “FACEBK ADS” along with the address from California. When I looked up the address, it’s says it’s connected to WhatsApp. While I do have these apps, I don’t have my card even in these apps. I just want my money back and I want it to stop before these transactions get out of hand.

Have a $20 charge on my Discover card which is not mine, Discover states it is set up as a recurring charge. Tried to call but did not get a live person.

I was charged $20 for Membership Orgs. I'm not a business. I didn't give Facebook my credit card number. I didn't buy anything. It's a scam. It's fraud. I reported it to my credit card company.

For me, these have been charges for my Meta Quest 2 digital purchases.

Given this site is asking for money just to provide an answer, I assume this is bogus as well.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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