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GOOGLE *Miniclip


What is it?

you have been charging my bank acct for something I didn't purchase

This is a charge for a game on the google playstore. It can be the purchase itself or for in-app purchases you have made.

i did not make this charge and want a refund

We purchased 3 separate charges, one for 1.99, 4.99, & 9.99 on 5/6/15. My account has since been charged $55.89 more that are not valid charges. I would to be refunded immediately.

Charges from Google Play store for Android from buying apps or app accessories.

I have many charges on my bank acct to miniclip pay pal npaccessor windows ph, electronic, go dev tea google. Like 406 dollars worth..... help me

I want all my money refunded that I did not charge to my acct

i have been charged £2.05 for I have no idea what? but it says google*miniclip, and naturally I am very angry and quickly turning very negative towards google

I am taking you.guys to court i keep getting charged without buying amything

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As

  • POS Debit GOOGLE *Miniclip
  • POS PUR GOOGLE *Miniclip
  • POS PURCH GOOGLE *Miniclip
  • PRE-AUTH GOOGLE *Miniclip
  • PENDING GOOGLE *Miniclip
  • Visa Check Card GOOGLE *Miniclip MC
  • Misc. Debit GOOGLE *Miniclip
  • CHKCARD GOOGLE *Miniclip