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What is it?

HAUTLK RACK8885478438 is online order of Nordstrom Rack Store.

Unauthorized charge of $400+ on 9.22.18 on my bank card -- I reported it to my bank today and closed the account. They see lots of fraud with this online store. This seems consistent with the other comments I'm seeing here.

My bank account had three charges of $160.47 each on October 10, 2018. I called Hautlk customer service and was told that someone from their fraud department would call me back. No return call so today I called again and was given the fraud department phone number. After calling several times received the same result, "transferring to voice mail, then unable to leave voicemail message as the mailbox is full". I guess they return the calls. Hopefully my bank will be able to help me out. NM 10-11-18

Got a charge on my card of over $500. Description says "HAUTLK RACK8885478438". Caught it right away, thank you [my awesome credit card co!]! I was not in CA or in Nordstroms lately for sure.

Same situation. 10-6-18. 15 charges, yes you read that right 15 charges for $577. from same merchant. Luckily i have text alerts and called right away.

Charge of $760 unauthorized use before the credit card company caught it. Not cool. Makes no sense that this has been going on this long.

Got hit again with a charge to HAUTLK RACK8885478438 for $2100. This is the 2nd card they hit in a week. Again the credit card companies don't really care because it's a deductible loss and it's still cheaper than providing true robust cybersecurity

Checked bank account this morning and saw 3 charges from 262.00 to 282.00. All were returned??? For today 3 pending with no dollar amount. Had credit union cancel card and issue a new one. Googled number and landed here. My eyes popped out. How can this be going on for years? Any way to report this?

HAUTLK RACK8885478438 Tried to swindle me today through my Wells Fargo Visa. However, prior to this attack, someone accessed my online banking at WF and changed my address and phone number on the account. WF did not let the charge go through, and notified me promptly, but how the hell did anybody get into my online banking, and what were they up to?

I see some complaints going back as far as 2015. What the hell is wrong with Nordstrom's?

HAUTLK 8885478438 { ON LINE FOR NORDSTROM} There is a lot of fraud involved with this company. Someone should prosecute this SCAM and put them out of business. My MC Aviator Card was in my position at all times and only used for my immediate purchases so no one physically stole the card. Number was transferred somewhere in my travels, possibly in Florida.

fuckers should be shot!

I have a Chase Visa and they texted AND emailed me about a Hautlk Rack charge of $777.69, asked if I charged it. I said no. Somebody must be returning a ton of expensive clothing to Nordstrom Rack.

I was contacted from my credit union on 5/27/19 about a 413.00 charge to my card from HAUTLK RACK8885478. Thank God they caught it right away! Security Services Federal Credit Union! Canceled card. Wow I am glad I had their service!

I recently made online purchases from Wish and Ebay the card might have been compromised through them! Thank you SSCFU!

Very strange but on 9/29 I received 2 charges that were not mine. I notified my bank who is currently investigating. The strange think is, many others are stating the same thing and the dollar amount mentioned by a few is exactly the same as one of my charges - $678.22.

Just had a total of 5 charges in the total amt. of $985 from this company on my credit card (I never heard of them). Thanks to my credit card co. BANK OF AMERICA, they picked it up right away.

Chase alerted me on charges. Now need to wait on a new card. Tell me someone will close this scam Hautlk, online and brick and mortar if there is one.

They tried to do 2 transactions, $240 and $392 from my account. I got a fraud alert. Cancelled bankcard immediately when I got the alert.

I shopped at Nordstrom Rack on 11/09/2018 and spent $185.97 using Discover card. The next day 8am-ish, a HAUTLK RA transportation charged $219.25 on my Discover card and was luckily blocked by Discover card fraud department. I am very pleased with Discover Card fraud department.

Found (3) charges from HAUTLK-RACK8885478438, 2 from Nov.3, 1 from Nov.8, for a total of $3,685.10. Called my CC fraud dept.; they are cancelling the charges. Note: The last time I used the card was online was while traveling in Japan in October, so my information was obviously compromised then. Please be wary and always check your billing statements!

I didn't realized Nordstrom Rack used HAUTLK RACK8885478438 as part of the online billing route or something. At first I thought "oh no, dam scammers again!" I googled the HAUTLK RACK8885478438 and saw it was part of Nordstrom Rack so it was all good! I bought $398.05 (four pairs of shoes), none of them fit so I ended up returning all of them. So I saw the credit of $398.05 back on my credit card. Yeah!

Had 2 charges today. One for 601, the other for 1300. Bank said the charges originated from Florida. I haven't been to Flirida in 4 years, and haven't been to Nordstroms Rack in almost 9 years.

Same. ~2,500 fraudulent charge. I came here by googling the name of the charge. Beware!

Bought clothes at Nordstrom Rack Online. Have an automatic text and email for every CC transaction and I check all my accounts via the bank's app daily. Legitimate purchase. If you or an authorized user didn't make a purchase, you better call your bank because your card account may have been compromised.

Yeah sure enough I got a fraud text with 44.62 from papa johns and one of 280 from this store. This store is know for them they don’t take the proper steps to reduce it they just accept the card numbers with no further security

I had two charges show up on October 31, 2018. I rarely purchase anything online and never with this card/account. $121.92 and $117.64. The operator said it was some sort of "denim shoes" ... definitely not mine.

I didn't recognize this charge at first, but it was legit: "Haute Look" is a new online brand of Nordstrom, alongside "Nordstrom Rack" discount outlets. My wife did buy some shoes there.

Charge pending from 1/26/2016 from HAUTLK RACK888 for $249.94 that know nothing about.

Called bank who said they can't do anything until the charge goes through. Called Nordstrom Rack Store and customer service said they would "try" to stop the charge.

There is no "try", only "do"...and while you're at it, maybe try keeping track the ship-to addresses of these assholes. If there is a pattern it is enough to get law enforcement interested. They like it when you hand it to them on a platter.

I received a fraud alert from Discover Credit Card Company, today, about a possible unauthorized purchase done today at Hautlk Rack 888-547-843 in the amount of $350+. I did not make the purchase and Discover is investigating. Discover immediately cancelled my account and will issue another card and different account number within 48 hours.

I spent $185.97 using Discover card at Nordstrom Rack. The next day 8am, a $219.15 charge by HAUTLK was reported and blocked by Discover card. Discover card was charged the $185.97 by Nordstrom Rack. An extra fraud charge of $219.15 was charged by HAUTLK. I wonder what is the connection. I am pleased with Discover card fraud department for blocking the fraud and informing me about it.

I had a fraudulent charge of $350.80 made today on my Chase, Citi, Bank of America, and Banana Republic Visa by POS HAUTLK RACK 88854 CA 888-547-8438. I got hit 4 times and 3 of the credit card (Chase, CITI, & BOA) detected the unusual activity and declines it. Banana Republic did not and let the order go through along with another purchase of $411.85. From what I see on the forum, there seem to be a lot of fraudulent charges from this company. Now I need to replace 4 of my credit cards.

just got hit today with two charges totaling about 1500....Chase contacted me right away and froze my account then issued a new card. This seems to happen to me a couple of times per year. Damn crooks.

Got hit with them too. Luckily my bank shut the card down before they could get too much. Lost about $300 but they were trying to get more. I'll have my bank reimburse me... but it's a pain that I have to go through. Hate people that steal.

My son ran up 200 dollars bill I'm killing

I checked my credit card account today I saw an online purchase of US$ 600+ from HAUTLK RACK8885478438 that I didn't make. Filed a dispute to my CC company and froze my account.

Fraudulent charge of over 2500.00 from this supposed merchant - don’t know if it is in fact Nordstrom rack but if it is, then their fraud department needs to get a handle on this. It’s a shame that people resort to scamming people because they’re too lazy to work for their living.

We got charged a total of two times. $190.93, $211.41. Card cancelled. thank goodness we caught it when we did.

An unrecognized charge was made to my credit card. The merchant's name is listed as: HAUTLKRACK8885478438. Fraudulent charge to my card, reported to the phone number resulting in no help at all. I was told to call my credit card company to report any charges.

Unauthorized charge listed as HAUTLK RACK8885478438 for $1996.40! Thanksgiving Day, so credit card office is closed and can't report it!

I awoke this morning and noticed a fraudulent charge from HAUTLK RACK for $448.68 on my Huntington Bank Debit Card. I immediately called Huntington Bank and filed a dispute on this charge. Luckily the charge was still pending. My card was cancelled and now I have to wait for a new card to be sent out to me. This is why I check all my accounts every morning. This is ridiculous. How have they gotten away with this for so long.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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