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MACY*S EAST #0129 800-289-6229 OH


What is it?

iv never ordered anything from macys and my bank account is showing someone ordered $143.61 worth of product

This morning I noticed a fraudulent charge posted to my bank account (as funds on hold) for $234 with the description “MACY*S.COM #0129”. The number that a previous poster had mentioned (800-289-6229) was able to get me to a department that could assist me (after being transferred). The representative informed me that Macy’s denied the order and that it would not officially post to my account. They also informed me that the order was placed using my name and correct billing address, however the shipping address used was located on the other side of the country. I’ll continue to monitor my account to make sure the charges are removed but did call my bank to have them cancel my card and issue a new one just to be safe.

I thought it was fraud but think it was something I ordered form a wedding registry!!!

VISA called me last night regarding two questionable charges to my credit card. The first charge was to Magic Jack telephone service for $1.00. (That is the M.O. for fraudsters as they first try to charge something insignificant to see if the card is good.) The next charge was to Macy's for $136.75. That charge triggered VISA security to question the charge and call me to verify it, which I replied that I did not do it. VISA told me that my card was compromised so they closed my old account and are sending me a new card with a new number. The fraudulent charge to my statement showed up as "Macy' #0129 Mason US". After viewing everyone else's experiences on this website, it appears that Macy's is a common denominator. So the question is "why do fraudsters always try to make fraudulent charges to Macy's?" I opine that Macy's security department is dropping the ball somewhere and should beef up countermeasures to catch these criminals.

Even I have never ordered anything from Macy* but I have got 4 messages saying that 9560.70Rs has been deducted from my account.Can someone tell me what to do?

1-877-493-9116 This is number for the fraud department. Macy's on my credit card billing too.

I have fraudulent charges on my bank card for Macy's store #0129 in Ohio. Well I live in Colorado . Never been to Macy's or Ohio.


I provided Macy's On Line with the new American Express SERVE card to pay for two pieces of luggage. The total cost was $480.00. When I tried to use my card two weeks later, there was not enough funds for my desired I looked at my on line SERVE statement. Macy's charged my card twice....$960.00....on purpose. The first charge was a 'hold' of $480.00 because Macy's was going to ship from two of their stores....not one. The second charge was for the $480.00 when Macy's actually shipped the two pieces of luggage. When I called AMX, they told me that it would take 8 'business days' for the $480 'hold' to be released. And when I called Macy's....they explained that this was the only way they can handle on line orders that may ship from more than one store. So....beware.....if you order on line from Macy's....just assume that they...AMX SERVE..... will double the price of the items.....and then release the 50% overcharge 8 'business days'.....two weeks....after Macy's actually posts the sale. In my case.....Macy's tied up the additional $480 for almost three weeks.....and that could have cause quite a surprise.

Mine was slightly different. I had 6 credits actually appear in my (BOA) checking account through a Forced Credit. I called Bank of America's Fraud Dept and spoke to them for 3 hours. I have a Macy's account- there is no reason for Macy's to force a credit onto my acct. I shut down my debit card, the next week 3 of the credit now became debit. BOA said the merchant can do this. I said NO THAT IS MY ACCT- NOT THEIRS! I went to the Media and it aired! Macy's called me and said it was simple as debits and credit- and said NO - YOU HAVE A THIEF IN YOUR MIDST MAKING IT APPEAR THAT WAY, BUT NO WAY!!!!!! I cancelled my debit card again, and closed my checking account. Macy's still tried to take unauthorized money out of my account. I asked for proof- and none can or will be given to me by either one BOA or Macys. I also canceled my Macy's card. I filed complaints with the CFPB, State Atty General, the FBI (for cyber crimes)Federal Trade Commission! I suggest you do the same!

Two separate orders equaling $313. I did NOT order from them. Over drew my account and charges are piling up! I notified my bank and Macy's while the charges were still pending, they both went through the next day. Still investigating.

I found a charge for 813.20 and googled that #0129 and called the numnber that someone posted but they told meto call this number their fraud department 1-877-493-9116

amount 93.20..pre auth date 11/23/12...release date 11/26/12..receipt #232800026656...Mach# 00090988...authcode# 896203. I want to know who this package was suppose to be sent to and their address??? I plan on filing a police report and need this

this morning I noticed a fraudulent charge posted to my discover card (as declined insufficient credit) for $1,011.00 with the description “MACY*S.COM #0129” for once being maxed out help me, lol. The only place the card has been used lately was the hospital. (:(why the card is maxed) So watch your cards anywhere you use them. discover took care of all of it.

had same thing happen call Macy's here is number800-289-6229. Tell them what happened. The people doing this are placing orders and if you call Macy's will help you to get this cancelled

MACY*S .COM #0129 800-289-6229

I received a charge of $314.64 on one of my credit cards on 11/23/12. We were in Henderson, NV at the time, never been to Ohio or Little Rock, AR where the order was delivered. What kind of sleezy criminal operation are you running there? Do not know how they got our personal information.

I have also never ordered anything from Macy's and all of the sudden there is a charge for this on my bank account for $481.00!!!! What the hell is going on?? I wish I could find out who did this because I would love to press charges


this morning around 5am (GMT +7.00) i just got 2 messages from my VISA CREDIT CARD about 2 transaction (that i've never done) for USD 780.57 and USD 860.97

I placed an order last evening, 1/30 in the amount of $158.06...received no email confirmation, and yet this morning, the transaction was already in pending status. Called my bank immediately, as it seemed strange not to receive an email notice from Macy's. Transaction has been flagged, but now there are no guarantees, my bank can stop the payment.

I get email notifications from Bank of America when my card hasnt been swiped, but used either online or by phone. Yesterday within 20 minutes $3700 was changed all charges to Macy's. The store #0129 posted. Ten different transactions and only one transaction to some hotel for $1. I called Visa immediately and ofcourse I'm not liable, but I don't understand who Macy's didn't realize what was going on. Its fritenning how quickly some one can rack up charges.

I was just notified by American Express that 3 charge attempts were made on my card at Macy's EAST 129. 2 charges were accepted, 1 declined. This was all on the same day at this location. Should the store clerks check photo ID's on credit card transactions? Security needs to be upgraded at Macy's!!

Can you help? What is this charge?

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