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PAYPAL 4029357733, CA


What is it?

One thing you have to understand is that the charge is fraud, not the number. I live in Nebraska, which is the 402 area code, and that number goes directly to out Paypal office here. I hard two charged, one for $53 and one for $124. I called the number to the $124 (as it was the only provided, and I saw the familiar 402 code) and I was given to a Paypal representative. I also work at First National Bank of Omaha, so I know about not giving info over the phone. The only asked for my name and the last for numbers to the card I sued to make the purchases. They pulled up my account instantly and asked if I made purchases of men's running shoes or cologne and obviously I did not. I was transferred to the fraud department and the woman was very kind and credited back those charged to my account, which I can see are currently pending on my bank app. Just to be safe, I still intend on going to my bank and getting a new card number. Please please please if you see a fraudulent transaction, call the number lol. They should reverse tt for you. I was told where it was being sent to, what the item was, and how much it was for and what ebay account the fraudster used to get it.

This is fraudulent I found 2 charges on my American express one for $171.19 paypal Mistyelectr and $213.99 paypal barnesnoble both claim to be from California in store purchases when I have my card in hand in Texas. The same phone #402-935-7733 comes up for both transactions. This is scary but thankfully American express is going to refund my money back to me. This has been a scary situation.

they charge me 50 dollars for something i didnt got

This is not a legitimate PayPal phone number. They answer it PayPal but please do not give them your personal info. PayPal only has the Customer service number 888-221-1161. When I called that number I immediately hung up because the message was differed from the Customer Service message you get when calling the phone number provided on the PayPal website. It is very close however, so be careful. Best to dispute the charge via your credit card company.

Also, fraudulent emails are being send via PayPal stating an item has shipped and if you dispute this charge it has a button for your to click on. Please do not click on this button as this is not an email from PayPal. The user address for the email usually looks similar to this:

Paypal email will never have a lot of numbers before their email address which ends in:

Please do not give out any information. If you receive one of these emails PayPal ask that you forward it to them. The address I was given is:

Then you must delete it from your inbox by indicating it is a phishing scam. Please do not use the junk button. Make sure you choose phishing scam. The scam artists are getting smarter and smarter.

Hope this helps, it did for me.


This is a fraud, not paypal. Those who say it is just paypal are wrong. Someone tried to take out over $300 in 2 payments this morning, thankfully we stopped it at the bank

The 402 phone number appearing on your statement IS a paypal phone number, it is the Omaha Nebraska PayPal site. The reason it reads San Jose, California is because that is where the headquarters is located. It reads this way is because the transaction was processed by PayPal. If you don't recognize the charge you have two options. Option one is to file a ach return or chargeback with your processor. OR you can contact PayPal regarding the charge whether you have a PayPal account or not. They will be able to give you specifics to the charge whereas your processor cannot. More than likely the item was purchased on a guest checkout, or is part of a stolen cc situation.

I just want to point out that the 402-935-7733 is a FRAUDULENT NUMBER. The people are FRAUDS and they are really good at what they do. Do NOT call the number, they will use their phishing ways to get more information out of you. There is no legitimate reason why so many so called companies would have the same phone number. It is a SCAM and the PERPETRATORS are really good at hiding their tracts. They are filling this thread with claims that the number is legitimate and that the transactions turned out to be legitimate. That is NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. Check any online activity tied to paypal, such as eBay, for sure, but if things don't add up COMPLAIN to Paypal about the UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTION and notify your bank. Run ANTIVIRUS and SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTORY to be safe and CHANGE your passwords. SO ANGRY!!!!

I have a charge of 459.89 on 31 dec.2015. whitout raisons. gosselin 4029357733 it his a fraud

was charged twice in a matter of days apart. two deductions of $249.99 each. January 2015

I bought a Vanilla gift card for 120 dollars, I spent all but 11.35 on it back in April 2017 and someone figured out I had 11.35 left on it and went to paypal on 8/19/2017 and got the last exact 11.35 on the card with the name *Hunta vybz with the 7700 Eastport Parkway 402935773 CA number. I just discovered it tonight when I went to try and use the last few dollars of the gift card. I am glad I only use gift cards on line.

A $30 charge appeared on my credit card statement. When I tried to call the number I it said it was pay pal. The merchant on my statement says Carolyn Leon. My credit card company said it was a donation for Catholic Charities. I never made a donation to the Catholic Charities and was traveling at the time this charge was made and did not have this particular card with me. Do tired of these sleezy people.

A legitimate charge!
A Charge on my credit card paid to Paypal with a merchant name and a merchant number that is a paypal phone number. No record of the payment thru PayPal and PayPal does not know about this particular credit card. I didn't remember the purchase.
The explanation? It was an eBay purchase. eBay owns PayPal, and I guess they use PayPal for all payments, even if you pay with an unrelated credit card. They could solve this confusion by listing eBay instead. It's too easy to forget some of these payments and when you don't find it on your PayPal you begin to believe it's fraud.

This is a fraudulent charge. They bill your credit card as if a Paypal linked card. My card billed was not even linked to Paypal. contacted my credit card, they cancelled the card and sent me new one so its a real pain if you get one of these charged to you. Anyhow, they hit my account twice. One charge was $23 and another for $121. Appears they charge the cards reporting this twice for two separate amounts.

This is an eBay credit card charge. Check the date of the charge, and see if it's the day after a purchase you made on eBay.

This is not Paypal or a temporary charge. They took 10.00 out and it was never returned. I made no purchase from these people. Except for me they call it *SOUNDLESSBE ...7733 CA

Legit charity that I made a donation to online.

PAYPAL *RENLEYS 402-935-7733 CA

This is an at order from eBay, and i want kmow were is it now

I had a charge of $27.00 PP*Donald Buck 429357733CA called credit card and they took it off Fraud.

Follow Up to my earlier post:

This is a legitimate charge. We finally got to the bottom of it. It is best to call your credit card company as they have all the information you need to dispute it or verify if the purchase is legitimate.

The credit card company did that for me and again it is a legitimate charge for something I purchased.

Thank you.

402-935-7733 is a legit Paypal phone number. This number will call you when a charge has been made against your account and they suspect fraud. They are calling to verify the charge before they release the money to the requesting company.

I had a charge $22.00 with PAYPAL + PHONE NUMBER+ NAME I didn't recognize and didn't remember. It didn't appear on my pay pal account. I logged in to my ebay account and it was the last purchase I made. It was a completely legitimate charge.

That is for Smiley Tech Solutions.

This turned out to be a legitimate charity donation that I made.

1/28/14 Receipt #3030-4094-9151-9881, Purchase $21.80 with,, paid by MasterCard to PayPal*Sheri, 4029357733 on Feb. Statement, but merchandise not received. Cannot make contact with supplier, could you help. Mary Weaver, 2309 Vista Del Campo, Santa Barbara, CA, phone:805-569-3261. PLEASE HELP

Reported charge to Credit Card customer service, and they are investigating. PP*SDN YOSU 402-935-2244 IA $197.99

I was no longer using this credit card, so I know it is fraudulant.

my credit card shows a purchase of $19.95 for IN-TEES 402-933-7733 CA Can you help?

This is a temporary $1 charge from PayPal used to validate your card. It will be removed so won't be on your final statement.

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