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PAYPAL 4029357733, CA


What is it?

they charge me 50 dollars for something i didnt got

This is a fraud, not paypal. Those who say it is just paypal are wrong. Someone tried to take out over $300 in 2 payments this morning, thankfully we stopped it at the bank

This is an at order from eBay, and i want kmow were is it now

A $30 charge appeared on my credit card statement. When I tried to call the number I it said it was pay pal. The merchant on my statement says Carolyn Leon. My credit card company said it was a donation for Catholic Charities. I never made a donation to the Catholic Charities and was traveling at the time this charge was made and did not have this particular card with me. Do tired of these sleezy people.

This turned out to be a legitimate charity donation that I made.

That is for Smiley Tech Solutions.

Reported charge to Credit Card customer service, and they are investigating. PP*SDN YOSU 402-935-2244 IA $197.99

I was no longer using this credit card, so I know it is fraudulant.

I have a charge of 459.89 on 31 dec.2015. whitout raisons. gosselin 4029357733 it his a fraud

PAYPAL *RENLEYS 402-935-7733 CA

This is not Paypal or a temporary charge. They took 10.00 out and it was never returned. I made no purchase from these people. Except for me they call it *SOUNDLESSBE ...7733 CA

1/28/14 Receipt #3030-4094-9151-9881, Purchase $21.80 with,, paid by MasterCard to PayPal*Sheri, 4029357733 on Feb. Statement, but merchandise not received. Cannot make contact with supplier, could you help. Mary Weaver, 2309 Vista Del Campo, Santa Barbara, CA, phone:805-569-3261. PLEASE HELP

This is a temporary $1 charge from PayPal used to validate your card. It will be removed so won't be on your final statement.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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