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What is it?

OK, I received a charge from Amazon Digital to my bank account and went over the records and found out that there were charges dating back 6 months at 9.99 per month almost always charged on the same day of the month. After a couple of hours on the phone with Amazon, they were able to trace the charges to someone I have no idea of...someone named John Cannaghan...who has been using my number to debit directly from my bank for Amazon digital and Kindle services. Eventually, I was escalated to a service rep who BLOCKED the card from that guys account and gave me a refund for the months that I was charged.

IF ANYONE SEES an Amazon digital or Kindle charge on their bank statement and know that they didn't make that charge, I urge you to call Amazon and get it cleared up. They will do their own investigation to recover the money on their end, but they will refund you the money beforehand and block that card from being used by that person or his/her accounts. Remember to have detailed information as to the dates of the charge/s and your debit or credit card that was used to make those charges because if it isn't in your account, Amazon's computers can search EVERYONE'S accounts to see if the particular card was used in any other account.

A charge of $4.29 was charged to my bank account from Amazon. I did not order this item, and Amazon had no record of this purchase. The bank account was paid to Prime Video Seattle WA. Small amount, but large fraud.

I had a 9.48 charge listed as Prime Video*210L82GQ2 888-802-3080 WA. After googling the number, I found this page and was able to track it down on Amazon>Account>Memberships & Subscriptions. It was for a Starz subscription. They do a good job of hiding things so you forget to cancel them. Legit, but annoying.

888-802-3080 is a phone number associated with a large foreign scam operation n India posing as Amazon. Do not call this number or provide them any information. If you see charges on a debit or credit card with this phone number, immediately call or bank and report it as a fraudulent transaction.

I also had this charge on my card and called Amazon customer service. They explained that it was for a Kindle book I purchased. They went on to say that they are having difficulties with their billing system (?) and what would normally say "Amazon Kindle Services" or similar has this name instead. They have known about the issue for a few days now and are actively working to fix it.

Not a scam. This is a "Prime Video Channel" subscription through Amazon (in my case for HBO.) Sent me down quite the rabbit hole [eye roll]. It looks like a scam because it doesn't show up in your purchased videos and it doesn't show up in your Amazon purchases. You have to go to "Your Memberships and Subscriptions" and then click "Payment History." I found this out after I reported to my bank, and cancelled my card. Oh well. Better than learning it was a scam.

I had a .60 charge on my account for Prime Video. I did not rent anything. I went to Chase, and they said it was fraud. They 1) refunded the charge 2) closed my card & 3) issued me a new card. The rep told me it was a good thing that I notified them, or else they may have incurred much larger charges to my account. 😳

Same thing just happened with me. Same number, PRIME-VIDEO-888-802-3080-Wash. I went to the store and my card was declined. Later this night I checked my account, and about $16 dollars was taken out for a transaction at Amazon. I didn't buy anything from them with that amount. Turns out it was for an HBO Subscription. I don't watch much of anything, so I know it wasn't me. As Ray Herrington, back in 12/26/2018, "Small amount, but large fraud"

How can the same number be doing this for years? Could it be someone working at Amazon?

Customer service agent would not refund me my charge because I cannot verify the name of the person who used my credit card without my permission. This is ridiculous. Calling my credit card company to cancel the card now

I have had charges going back a year now (varying from $10-$13) but never paid them attention because I assumed it was one of my family members and the price was low enough that it slipped under the radar. After receiving another billing this month and following up with family members and my own Amazon account and found no video rentals or purchases. Addition research (here and varying other sites) showed that it was indeed fraud. Talked with my bank representative and had the funds credited back and the card destroyed.

Remember, always be skeptical of people who tell you there is nothing to be worried about. At the very least it is safer to err on the side of caution when it comes to your money

I see where people are saying that this is an legit scam, however if you get the charge do a little more research. It is a amazon related charge. For me its related to a subscription for paramount+. It was only found by looking at my active subscriptions. It wont show up as a normal purchase. That's not saying however that somebody didnt your cc number and started the account, but at least you know its linked to an actual amazon purchase.

I got this charged from my debit card without my authorization. I had to block my card and request a new one. Bank refunded me the money from this transaction. So this is a fraud transaction. I am not even sure if this is Amazon. Probably fraudsters pretending to be Amazon so that people would not notice the payment.

Ok all of you people need to ACTUALLY CALL AMAZON, and not some sketchy number along with the charge. First red flag is the scammy sounding recording..

My mom got a charge, and they tried to tell her that it was some HBO purchase BUT SHE DOESNT HAVE AN AMAZON ACCOUNT.

Do NOT fall for this crap, its obviously a scam, and if you read my warning and still get scammed, well its your own fault at this point

I saw a charge on my bank statement for $9.76. So I went back through my statements and found it repeating. We rent videos on Amazon from time to time so it wasn't unusual, but this charge was on a night we weren't home, that's why I started digging deeper. I dug around my Amazon account and found it under Memberships & Subscriptions. It was for HBO. I purchase HBO through YouTubeTV, so I've been double-paying for HBO. >: I cancelled it on my Amazon account.

Saw this charge on my bank charge listing, had to do a little digging around in our Amazon Prime order history, but it was for a Britbox TV selection that I did order a few months back for my wife. Having been through a recent fraudulent use of one of my credit cards, I was glad to see that this was something I actually did buy, but had forgotten about (I don't watch the channel myself). It would be nice, however, if the description that Amazon provides to the bank would specifically state what the service is that's being charged ("Britbox") instead of a generic "Prime Video" description that may or may not ring a bell.

I looked on my bank statement online and noticed a $14.99 charge for "Prime Video - Amazon" with the phone number shown on the details line.

Called and it was Amazon Prime (an offshore service, God knows where. CSR almost sounded like a robot with excellent AI programming). Anyway, while talking to her I realized what had happened.

  • I already had an active Amazon Prime account, and separately have an HBO now account, which I pay through Google's Play subscription services.

  • My question when calling was WHY I had that separate $14.99 "Prime Video" charge when I already had paid for an annual Prime subscription.

  • Problem was on my end. A week ago I had bought a TV with Roku built in. I signed up for HBO Now, which was one of the channels offered within the Amazon Prime account (which I had entered on to the Roku TV.

  • Issue was I had entered a different e-mail in the TV's Amazon Prime account. IOW, Amazon Prime treated me as a new HBO Now subscriber. Because my original HBO Now account was under a different e-mail address, and Amazon Prime did NOT know that, it treated me as a new HBO Now subscriber.

  • When I explained that this was the issue to the CSR, she was at first thought I was making up stories. But I told her look up my Prime Account under the other address, she would see all my information is the same, she quickly said I was right. She gave me a refund on the $14.99 charge and cancelled that HBO Now subscription.

  • Note: FYI for anyone confused by this as I was, the proper way to sign up for Ruku TV on existing services which you pay for separately: the Roku TV needs your account information on that existing subscription. Also the TV will tell you to go to a link on your computer, and enter the "activation code" that appears on the TV screen.

Hope that makes sense.

P.S. I got right through to Amazon custo service. Called at 3:00 PM PDT. Total call was about 10 minutes.

Prime Video *9O2SE0CW3 888-802-3080 WA (charge for $8.40) I called Amazon directly (not using the number above), and the representative confirmed that this is NOT a legitimate Amazon phone number. He also told me that the reference number does not relate to anything in their system. He recommended that I call my bank to dispute the charge.

This is a hack / scam. They hacked my card for $10.99 and I do NOT have an Amazon Prime Account. 888-802-3080 is a scam. I had to close my card and get a new one.

just called the number because I couldn't get the bill on my amazon billing... woman on phone stated it was from a HBO movie and I told her we had firestick and she asked how many we had and I said which one was it... and being charged for prime on my account which includes video... I told her that I will be going back on my billing and disputing each and every charge from this account....she said there was $80 that will be returned to me...I will be going back on my chase Amazon bills and see what all they charged me....and DISPUTE THE HELL OUT OF IT..

I've had the same as well, it says Prime Video and one of them had AMZN Digital, then an order number or account number. Amazon said that the location shouldn't be 888-802-3080. Be careful out there, and God I hope they catch the sons a bitches.

At first I also didn't recognize this charge, "Prime Video 888-802-3080", but I went to my Amazon account, Memberships & Subscriptions page, I'm subscribed to HBO and there's a link to Payment History that the subscription charge matches the date on my credit card statement. I did sign up for this.

It's a legitimate charge for me, so don't automatically assume it's fraud - check your account, and check your email (they sent you one when you signed up for it).

I received two charges in June and again in July. The Prime Video charge was for HBO MAX, which I cancelled during the trial period. According to Amazon, they can't refund the charge and there is no record of my cancellation. They should be able to see that I have not tuned into HBO and used that service after I cancelled. So while not a scam, it is pretty deceptive, as HBO MAX did not show up my account once I cancelled it. Time for me to STOP all activity with Amazon and see what else I am paying for that I am not aware of.

Just talk to amazon via the chat if you aren't comfortable calling the number like i was. The phone number was kinda sketchy but even when calling amazon's official number it was the same way. I spoke with amazon chat and she was able to confirm that a family member charged my card on their account.

I have the same description for charges shown at the same time each month for 7 months at the same price of $9.84. I chatted online with one of Amazon's representatives and they said it was for a Starz subscription, but I never subscribed. They canceled "subscription" and providing a refund for all the months within 3-5 days. They were very helpful and it was resolved in 10 minutes.

Amazon won't ask for the full number on your credit card, they ask only for the last 4 digits which is all that they can see on your account. I also had a 8.99 charge I did not make, never talked to anyone with good english, they finally just refunded me the money, which did not show up anywhere on my account. They did tell me it was for a STARZ subscription, which I already have on my cable. Needless to say, I ordered a new credit card as I think it was compromised by someone scamming my credit card,

I was charged $76.94 for Amzn Digital services that I never signed up for, on a card that was never provided to amazon. I have a prime video subscription which runs off a different card. When I called Amazon they asked me to add the card which had the incorrect charge in order for them to investigate. I found this strange as I want to know how they got my card details in the first place. I then took it up with my bank who logged a dispute and now I wait !

Found fraudulent charges on my credit card called AMZN and KINDLE.


With the help of another post here, I was able to determine that this is a legitimate charge that I’d forgotten about. I signed up for PBS Documentaries a couple of months ago & was charged $2.99 for the first month, then $3.99 on the following months. I was able to find the subscription by logging into the standard Amazon website & looking under “Memberships & Subscriptions”. A couple of clicks and I was able to cancel it.

DO NOT CALL THE 888 NUMBER! It is a scam number. Call your bank instead as your debit card was likely hacked.

A charged just billed to my credit card (3/1/2019) for 9.99. Called the phone number and was told it was for Cinemax. He asked me do you want me to cancel it. I said yes, and he said I should receive a credit in 5 business days... so sounds like there could be a promotion for Cinemax, as he asked pretty quickly if I wanted to cancel... just saying...

My "Kindle Unlimited" subscription.

Definitely a scam cancel your card!!! Small consistent charges.

I had this charge for Prime Video for $5.44. After a little investigation, it is legitimate. We have the Motortrend channel to watch Top Gear and this was the first charge. Whew

I have had to close down all of my cards used online. I was charged 4.29 for Amazon music 2 months in a row before I caught it. Called Amazon, no record of me having that subscription and was told it was manually entered and not like a normal recurring subscription. Stupid Indian kyke mother fuckers. Always wanting shit free 🖕🏻

I had a $11.01 charge from AMZN DIGITAL 888-802-3 SEATTLE WA on my bank statement. I followed another poster's suggestion and checked my Amazon app. I went to Your Account, then in the Account Settings section, I clicked on Memberships & Subscriptions. I found that I had a $9.99 + tax (which was $1.02, so the total was $11.01) for Kindle Unlimited. Mystery solved.

I pay yearly for amazon prime, so when I noticed this monthly charge show up a few times I was concerned. Using the info here, I discovered it was a Starz subscription on my amazon account. I think it was a 7day free trial I forgot about when it showed a movie I wanted to watch, and after the free trial they start charging automatically. Canceled the subscription through account settings.

I was charged $6.99 for a BritBox subscription that I never signed up for. The rep said it was triggered by a link, and that he was elevating the issue to see that it didn't happen again. I never signed up for BritBox, PLUS the charge did not show up in my Amazon Prime account--it was ONLY in the pending charges on my bank account. Fishy!!

I was charged 3 months for $4.27. I called them and they explained it. It is due to an accidental subscription to Amazon Music. When the subscription added, I got an email with the details , but over looked it considering it as spam. As the Amazon music never used on my Alexa in last 3 months period, they happily refunded. Kudos to Amazon Customer Service.. it is just 2 minutes call with Amazon Prime and another 2 minutes with Amazon Music. Will check the refund in 2-3 days..

four unauthorized charges of 9.99 were made on my bank card. I contacted amazon and they found that someone used my card on a different prime account but could not give me the information for privacy reasons. Amazon will not take legal action against the person, they suggested to contact the police and they will provide the information to the police in case anyone want to take legal action. I had to call my bank and deactivate my card and now I have to wait for a new one. the bank is processing the claim and will refund the money within 5 days

I figured out that this charge was for digital content for my daughter's Amazon firepad. There is a tab on my amazon account for digital purchases and sure enough surprise, we were getting charged for a monthly subscription for it. It was easy to cancel.

I read the posts in here and checked my subscriptions. Found I was getting charged $3.99 a month for FANDOR. I did not sign up for this and never heard of this before today. Might have been someone that accidently clicked on it to trigger the charges. I was able to cancel and get a refund. The charges started out at 1.99/mo then when to 2.99/mo then to 3.99/mo. I though it was for movie rentals for a while until I knew we did not rent any movies.

Prime Video charge turned out to be from a 7 day free trial of the UP channel that I sign up for on TV and forgot to cancel. Go to Membership & Subscriptions and look at payment history. It will charge it to whatever card your Prime Membership uses.

This "Prime Video" charge with the number 888-802-3080 is actually for my Prime video channel "paramount" I forgot I'd bought it at a cost of $1 per month for two months and now it's 9.99. It is a legit charge. I just canceled it.

A charged just billed to my credit card (3/1/2019) for 9.99. Called the phone number and was told it was for Cinemax. He asked me do you want me to cancel it. I said yes, and he said I should receive a credit in 5 business days... so sounds like there could be a promotion for Cinemax, as he asked pretty quickly if I wanted to cancel... just saying...

This is a fraud charge caught during another fraud charge when it came through when I knew I had made no purchases and had no subscriptions plus is not an entity I was familiar with. They ARE NOT AMAZON. It’s fraud.

Just had a $16 charge show up with this phone number and "Prime Video". So I was freaked out by all the people on here saying some guy in India or something was stealing money from me! But then I relaxed a bit and checked my subscriptions on Amazon and realized it was just my HBO subscription renewing.

This charge is not a scam. It literally corresponded exactly to a charge on my Amazon account on the same date. Unless Amazon DIDN'T charge me for HBO and this just happens to be a scam charge for the same exact amount on the same exact day. That would be pretty crazy.

I called this number because I had a recurring monthly charge. The man on the other end was from Amazon Prime support and he told me that charge was for the STARS channel that I ordered months ago ... and I have been enjoying that channel all along.

I read a good number of these "complaints" here before calling the number so I could be prepared for just about anything. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this charge was NOTHING to be alarmed about. The people on this topic must be forgetful. I cannot admit that anyone here with a complaint is valid and they need to call the number and get things straightened out - just like I did. Stop being alarmists and making people think there is something wrong with this 888-802-3080 Amazon Prime Digital charge on their bill.

A charged just billed to my credit card (3/1/2019) for 9.99. Called the phone number and was told it was for Cinemax. He asked me do you want me to cancel it. I said yes, and he said I should receive a credit in 5 business days... so sounds like there could be a promotion for Cinemax, as he asked pretty quickly if I wanted to cancel... just saying...

Same phone number has a Sundance Now subscription for $7.60/month for 8 months in 2018. We've never ordered the subscription since we already on our cable, and we hardly watch it! I called Amazon's customer service and he (Erick!) resolved the problem - subscription canceled immediately, and refund to our credit card pending. Phew!

Thanks to this post, I was able to identify charges going back 8+ months on my charge card statement as fraudulent. I called Amazon, who refused to help me and said "Call your bank. We don't have a Fraud Department." I said Are you KIDDING ME??? Amazon has no fraud dept? So I called Bank of America, who gave me a credit for the $195 I had paid for these charges. It's shocking to me that Amazon cares so little for long time customers!

Can you help? What is this charge?

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