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What is it? 9301 847-286-1940 IL Have reported fraud to cc company. Did not make this charge at Sears and what is worse is there is no way to contact anyone at Sears for explanation! This number only leads to a voicemail (no name of contact) and cc company has had same issue trying to contact Sears.

I had the same thing happen today on 16SEP13 @ 0854 EDT. This is a scam that is fraud charges and that means canceling your current CC and have it replaced with a new one. That's what I had to do. Don't bother calling Sears, it's a waste of time...No answers from Sears.

A transaction of $87 is appearing in my cc account which I am unable to dispute since its still pending. I never placed any order with SEARS and hence this seems to be fraud. The statement display 'SEARS.COM 9301 HOFFMAN ESTATUS'. If anyone happen to see similar entry in your CC, suggest replace your card and inform your CC issuer.

This happened to my not-for-profit - I caught it today. $184.99 pending payable to Hoffman Estates.

same crap just happened to me two days ago. I tried to call and wasted 20 minutes trying to decipher the broken English of the idiots on the other end of the line. They read a script and say "i apologize" for the ignorance.

i paid for a laptop bag from this company, but i dint not get any mail or product from them uptil this fraud?

I had a transaction show up on my credit card account for 9301 today. I called Sears and they were very accommodating in giving to me the information, including the email address, delivery address, name of the person it is being shipped to, and the order number. When I tracked it at, there was even a telephone number. All information has been provided to my credit card provider. This nonsense did cost time to get a new card, but at least the Sears people were very helpful in tracking this down. If you get dinged, just call Sears and give them your first and last name. They can look it up for you and provide a lot of information! My scammer: David Alvarez 287 Cindy Street Old Bridge, NJ 08857 Email: I hope an arrest is forthcoming in this!

This charge was put on my check card on 4/14/14. Called my bank and had my card cancelled. Spoke with Sears who oddly enough could not locate any order with my card info or name. However, it's appearing on my card statement. My bank is sending a dispute notice to Sears for a refund. Sears told me to fax my Drivers License and a copy of a police report confirming the fraud to 847-645-4005

This happen to us today. We caught it in pending transactions, so we were lucky. Was listed at $209.00 for 9301 Hoffman Estates. We will get our money back. Hiwever, does anyone know how this happened? We are so very careful and pretty internet savvy and follow consumer report suggestions. We just have no idea how.

On 10/22/2016 a Sears Charge of $29.95 was on my CC! This is a fraud, I do not shop at Sears Alderwood Mall Seattle 98101( CC # 4365) I DO NOT WANT TO PAY THIS.!!! I WANT THIS TAKEN OFF MY ACCOUNT!!

Recently I was called by "allegedly" Sears Fraud team and they wanted me to confirm an order for which a $133.00 point of sale had been made also to clarify the last four of my credit card. I told the representative that I had not ordered anything from Sears and since I did not know to whom I was actually speaking I would not confirm any information other than the fact that that I had not placed an order from Sears. The representative then informed me that someone had made a downpayment of $133.00 for an item and that if I had not placed an order he was going to mark it as fraud and suggested I call my cc company, file a fraud notification, and that Sears had not charged my card. I contacted my bank and explained what was transpiring and they said they would investigate and that they were canceling my current card and issuing a new one. I received confirmation from my bank about 10 days later and they confirmed that no money had been removed from my account and they would not be taking any further action. This may or may not help anyone, all I can suggest is to carefully monitor your bank statements, use your debit card as a credit card. You cannot be held liable for fraud if you run your card as credit while running your card as a debit is a gray area.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As

  • POS Debit SEARS.COM 9301
  • Visa Check Card SEARS.COM 9301 MC
  • Misc. Debit SEARS.COM 9301