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SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL


What is it?

This charge came up as a charge on my credit card for $15.99 which I did not purchase. Suspect fraud reported to bank and cc closed.

I saw this charge on my statement dated 11/16/2016 for $15.99 and called the number. The automatic system asked for the last 6 digits of my card and told me that it saw the charge on the 11/16 and also a refund dated 12/20/16 which was yesterday. Maybe they're scammers with a system to automatically refund people who call to avoid chargebacks? If I don't see the refund in 5 business days I'm disputing the charge.

I reported the $13.99 charge to my bank and they cancelled the card immediately. So no one knows if this practice is going to occur in the future? No one has any additional information?

Same scenario as most others. $16.99 was taken from my bank acct as SOHO 855-746-3859. I called my bank to cancel my debit card. New card on the way. I filled out a fraud report and my bank sent the info to Visa. No new card yet but the money was put back into my acct in two days. But, the deposit was entered as SOHO 402-935-7733. Why doesn't the government or Visa do something about people or groups like this. From viewing this chain of hers this entity has been doing this for quite some time. Maybe they need a permit to arrest people.

I had similar charge to my cc from Soho. Called bank and reported fraud and closed old card.

Found a charge of 14.99 and have no idea of what the charge was for. I reported the activity as fraud to the credit card company and they closed the card.

SOHO VPS charged my card $18.99. Reported it and will be getting a new card. Pain in the butt.

VOHO VPS also charged me account $15.99 Reported as Fraud...

I also had a charge of 17.99 from SOHO. I sent text from my card holder and called them immediately they canceled my card and will be sending me a new one in two days

Same thing happened to me. SOHO VPS for $15.99. Called my CC company and they immediately refunded the charge. Very wierd.

What is the charge?

Routine online check BoA MasterCard account today. Had a charge from SOHO VPS 8557463859 FL posted 5/12/2017 for $16.99 transaction on 5/10/2017. No way that I would call that number to dispute the charge, because they would get my phone number from the call. Clicked on 'Dispute Charge' on BoA online, and the following claim form stated that the credit card number had been manually entered, not swiped, and that this dispute would require a call to BoA. I called BoA to report the charge as fraud, and they entered the dispute claim, and (temporarily for now) rescinded the charge. I also requested a replacement credit card number, because this was the second scam charge on this account in 6 months from an alleged Florida company. The previous scam charge was from TABLEFLAX 855-396-2268 FL for $15.95 in December 2016.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As

  • CHKCARDSOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • CHECKCARD SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • POS Debit SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • POS PUR SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • POS PURCH SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • POS PURCHASE SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • POS REFUND SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • PRE-AUTH SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • PENDING SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • Visa Check Card SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL MC
  • Misc. Debit SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL
  • CHKCARD SOHO VPS 855-746-3859 FL