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SPK*SPOKEO 18006994264 800-6994264, CA


What is it?

I just saw a charge of $14.85 on my bank statement from this unknown company!! I demand my money back!! I do not know how you got my banking info and this is very disturbing to me! I better see my money back in my bank as fast as you took it!!

I was charged 14.95 on my debit card showed pending 7.30/13. I called the number fore mentioned 1-877-913-3088, spoke with Erica. All I needed to provide was the last 4 numbers of the CC it is showing on and my last name. ERICA WAS VERY HELPFUL! This is an address people search site. It is billed quarterly automatically unless you cancel. My husband has been thinking it was a magazine subscription renewal. They are crediting me back the $14.95 within 3 days and since I don't recall signing up for it they will send me a REFUND DISPUTE via email and I am to respond immediately. It will go to the REFUND DISPUTE DEPT. I am hoping I will be credited back all or most of the last year of quarterly billings of $14.95. I am hoping this goes as smooth as it is supposed to! If not I will be back on here with another report for you! I hope this helps many who fall into this same aggravating and frustrating boat!

I just found this charge to my credit card for $23.70 from SPK*SPOKEO18006994264. I want this refund returned and this account closed immediately. A copy will be sent to my Attorney General. I did not request this.

Spk*spokeo was found taking money from my bank account without authorization. I don't know what it is or how they stole my information, but I intend to put a stop to it. By whatever means possible, I am contacting m attorney general as soon as I write

I have no idea where this charge came from and need my money back

I did a one time phone number search for $0.95 on 7/17/13. The renewal charge of $19.95 was posted on 7/24/13. I called 877-913-3088 and also spoke to Erica. As in an earlier post, she was very friendly and helpful. She explained that buried in the charge acknowledgement notice is an explanation of the trial period of 7 days. If the membership isn't cancelled within the 7 days, it is automatically renewed. She did, however, submit my request for reimbursement to the accounting dept. We'll see if it goes through. In the meantime, I will contact my credit card to dispute this charge.

This on-line membership charge to investigate or researching a specific individuals info such as emails, social network, address, relatives, etc.

It's ridiculous. Apparently it's if you've ever tried to look up a phone number online. You pay 99 cents but then if you don't cancel your free trial in 7 days then you get charged monthly. You can call this number... 1-877-913-3088 Good luck!

This shit! just took 19.95 out from my bank! We need to sue this company already!

Is there any way to stop this company? Because this is just too much, I mean If they have done this to us what more in the future happenings. In my situation, I just called my bank and they said I have to wait for the final amount to go through because right now the charge was still pending and after the final amount has submitted then I can file a claim, but this is not what I wanna do! I wanna do more, file a complaint and sue whoever are behind this crap.

As others like Lane Crawford said, is a legitimate business, and my fresh experience is that they answer my phone inquiry and process cancellation, refund efficiently, and helpful.

I hope they change their "after 7 days free trial, if we didn't cancel it, we will be charged every month" practice. Maybe they make a lot of profit by doing this, but for sure also give them a terrible reputation at the same time. Do a search on the internet (spk*spokeo), there are tons of complaints and they are named as scam.

I live in North Queensland Australia , I am a single Old aged Pensioner , & today I noticed all these withdrawals out of my Visa account . =22may 2015 SpkBizshark 800-6491390 #5143 dollars CA = $19.15 , 22may Intnl fees 0.57 , 25 may Zoosk 14153621000GB$74.95 , 27 May Spkspokeo Search 800-6994264 #5148 doller CA $25.94 . 27 May 2015 IntnlFee US 0.78 . who are these people , that they will theve money off a OLD AGED PENSIONER , that is trying to survive .

It was from one of the look up people sites. I had canceled it right away, but apparently they also sign you up for their sister site as well. I called, they canceled and refunded me without any issues.

I've never even been to or heard of this site before but they managed to get my info and charge me 74.70! How have they not been sued yet!? Reporting them the first thing in the morning.

I to was charged 18.95 I will say what has been said up in these post they do seem to be helpful in cancelling and refunding my money at least that's what I was told we will see.....I was also told that it was a third party that's where the charge came from....I don't know will let you know...they said that my money will show in my account in 5-7 days ....I will keep you posted

I have had several payments taken from my bank account that I am not aware of who they are and obviously didnt authorise but a direct debit or standing order must be set up as from 3march 2014 payments have been taken. The details I know are these- SPK(SPOKEO)BZSHARK- Dates and Payments are following-

£14.24 - 3 march £9.01 - 31 march £8.95 - 2 june £8.88 - 2 may £8.79 - 1 july £14.95 - 2 june £14.95 - 1 july £14.95 - 1 august £9.18 - 9 september.

This needs to be stopped and I want to get back the money that has been illegally taken from my bank account.

I am a 16 year old kid. I bought my mother a christmas gift, an necklace for christmas from Macy's, and I have been on the phone for the last hour with my debit card holder to cancel my card. If you see these charges call your card company IMMEDIATELY. These people are scammers. I have NEVER once used their company and I hadn't noticed the charges before today because they were so small. however they add up at $18.99 or $19.99 charges. If you call your debit/credit card company where the unauthorized charges were made, the company will ask you security questions to verify who you are then cancel your card. This will get rid all your charges and depending on your card company will reimburse you.

Isn't it funny how the mistake is in spokeo's favor?

While checking through my bank statements I found on July 10th, 2015 there was a Charge from SPK SPOKEO Search 8006994264 for the amount of $23.70! I have NEVER used your service NOR would I sign-up to be a member of you company. I am expecting a FULL REFUND in the amount of $23.70!! Should I NOT receive a FULL REFUND within 2 weeks beginning TODAY August 9, 2015 I shall report your company to the BBB and Our State Representative. I Trust you will attend to matters immediately! Thank You! Mary Jo Bloom

1-877-913-3088 556 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite #101-179, United States, California, Pasadena

What I suggest for everyone to email the bbb for their state. I already did. If enough call, they get investigated, fined and have to repay everyone. So please do it.

To all of my friends who ve been Fraud by SPOKEO like to inform you that Ive find out the secret of they pull your money from your account. Once you login on "" for any persons information/credit/criminal activities etc, once you login to their site with your bank account,they(SPOKEO) will continue to pull money from your account. So, try to login again with your account and cancel your subscriptions. It`s the same on Thanks a lot Akram A Stockholm,Sweden

Listen here jerk offs! I just checked my account and you bastards took out over $23.00!! No one gave you any authorization to do this and I better see that money back in my account TODAY, or legal action against you will be taken ASAP!!!

I just opened a 2nd Fraud Report with my bank. for SPkPokeo as well as ChkMate: Chkmateinstantcheckmate 866-4905980 Ca. I feel these Fraud charges are causing Millions of $ to All; we should all open a federal case with or similar authorities against these Fraud companies. Both of these are some kind of people search.

It seems that this is a legitimate business, but mine was a fraudulent charge. Someone had signed me up for a "free" trial (used another name\email) about a year ago, and I've accrued about $225 in charges since then. I just noticed today. I did call the 800 # with my bank on the phone and they were very helpful in arranging a full refund.

Thanks, I called 877-913-3088 and reported the charge, They stated they did not have this phone number #800-699-4264 they cancelled the account and refunded the $14.85 back to my account. I appreciate the above info.

So, today my girlfriend and I are going through my statement and boom, there it's, SPOKEO has been charging me for 3 months "quietly". I do my own research online about them still can't figure out what the charge it's about and I came here and I see that a lot of people have been charged too. So I go ahead and call them at 800. The dude on the phone told me I did a research for my own phone number, I'm like "why the fuck would I use a paid service to know who owns my own phone number??" he is like "no, some clients do that to verify the accuracy of our services", really???? So I asked him if he can send by email a proof me using their services, he is like "many other search have been made but i can't see the numbers from here, you have to log in your account to see that" which account I don't even know the username or password. so he gave me a temporary password which i used to log in and there it is: no activities or research on the account for 3 months and the only search that was made was my own phone number, on top of that the guy insisted to hang up while i was going through the account. So call them back for the refund, the lady is like "i going refund you $9.95", I'm like "nope, you guys owe me $98.95", she is like"can you provide me dates for those transactions?" hell yeah. So now she is like "I can refund you $49.95, I can do anything the rest because it's too far in time" I said " can I talk to somebody who can give me my full refund?" she is like " yes, hold a second" and she got back to me saying "ooh you got approved for a full refund". this is a total SCAM, those people are THIEVES.

I received today my credit card statement with a charge of $23.70 from SPK*SPOKEO 180069942800-699-4264 CA . I immediately called my credit card company and instructing them to stop payment. They agree and will send me a new credit card. Case closed.

Just like all the others above, I had a $1.00 charge a few weeks ago, and then just days ago I had a $14.85 charge from this company and never had any dealings with them. This company is fraudulent, and most likely over seas. I demand a refund immediately.

Please advise. Gary Grindley

I have not authorized any monies to be taken from my debit card, on 01/20/2015 $ 19.95 was removed and on 01/21/2015 $14.95 was removed for a total of $ 34.90. I am requesting that the total amount be returned immediately, and any information to my debit be terminated.


I called my bank for this 14.85 charge...if it post we start a fraud investigation on it! So assholes, be ready!!

This SPK*Spokeo just took 19.95 from my bank account, the money I have is Social Security and I don't know you nor do I want to. I want my money replased now I am going to the bank this morning and have you put on the fraud lists and the bank and Gov. can deal with you. Do you understand you scamers.


Even if you cancel the subscription they will continue to charge you, Most people won;t notice. fraudulent practice clearly which they say are " mistakes".

I have been in contact with spokeo regarding the amount of £103.90 they have taken from my account and they are only offering me $44 back total rip of!

I called my bank for this 14.85 charge...if it post we start a fraud investigation on it! So assholes, be ready!!

I discovered that somehow I had signed up for Spokeo's when a charge to my debit card for $14.85. I called them at 877-913-3088 and found them most helpful. They canceled my subscription on the spot and refunded the money.

While talking to them on the phone; I discovered something unsettling.

Approaching them as "I must have signed up for the service somewhere but have no idea where" and "I never heard of you". The receptionist told me I only used the service once and looked up an email address.

They have a database that tracks every search you make plus everything they found out about you while signing up.

A little data mining they could obtain a lot of information. This information would be of value to other vendors; especially if they customize the searches for for their client.

Whether they do or this or not; this capability is there, hidden, and with a great potential for misuse.

Spokeo should approach the NRO and offer their services. It would be most lucrative.

i called 800.699.4264 and was told the same thing about the trial period of 7 days. If the membership isn't cancelled within the 7 days, it is automatically renewed. i explained that it wasnt written anywhere that i would need to cancel. all i saw was for .99 get the name of this number. it does not clearly state any contract or cancellation. all he would do is say i am sorry you didnt see it but it is there. whatever. they are crooks. how do we report these people

Charge for an online people-search website. Did you pay to look up someone's phone number or other info?

I was charged $23.70 in April 2014 and called the customer service # on The rep took my name and the last 4 digits of the affected card. He gave me the email address that had been used to subscribe me to this service (it was not mine, nor was it a viable address) and canceled the subscription and the charge.

To all of my friends who ve been Fraud by SPOKEO like to inform you that Ive find out the secret of they pull your money from your account. Once you login on "" for any persons information/credit/criminal activities etc, once you login to their site with your bank account,they(SPOKEO) will continue to pull money from your account. So, try to login again with your account and cancel your subscriptions. It`s the same on Thanks a lot Akram A Stockholm,Sweden

I was charged 14.95, after canceling the subscription, with Spokeo, I canceled before the trial period expired, and they charged me, I went to my bank, and also called the company, to return my money to my account.


I noticed my credit card has been charged by SPK*SPOKEO 18006994264 800-699-4264 CA. It is your credit card they will take care of that. they cancelled my card and will send a new one.

Also same thing: Never heard of the company, never visited their webpage. Found 3 charges on my account from them all in one month. Personally I do not believe that all these charges are actually done by the company. It seems some get trapped by making a onetime purchase or signing up for a free trail, but the majority never even heard of this webpage before. It is logical that credit card thieves would use a site like this to gain detailed personal information. I believe these thieves are using some credit cards to pay for a subscription to get information on other card numbers they have. Just a theory.

i got to deductions one for 19.95 on 8-15-14 and the other one on 07-16-14. it is a company that search for phone numbers and you pay .95 for a single service but because you enter your bank account info. they automatically deduct 19.95 every mount from your account until you phone and cancel it. they are returning those payments to my account -so they said-(it will take 7 business days) but they only are sending me 15.00 dollars for the first deduction and 19.95 for the second one. the number to call is 1 877 913 3088 and do not hang up if you hear music for 10 minutes they will try to get away with it.

Thank you SO MUCH for the above info. I called 1-800-699-4264. He said my past refunds would be "pro-rated" and I would only get a portion of them back (I had a total of 3 $19.95 charges). I said, "This is virtual fraud. I want all my money back." He said he would check with his supervisor. Quick conversation: 20 seconds later he was back and refunded all my money. Make the call. They must be making millions on people who don't check their credit card bills.

I never sign up for this service I don't no what is going on but I want the money put back into my count 14.85 I have had checks bounce I want that money put back into my account now.

I did not authorize ant charges to my credit card.

Please BE AWARE: SPK*SPOKEO is a fraud. The way they set up the service is deceiving. You do one search and suddenly you are a Member and charged every month.

I have never heard of this Spokeo , but they have commited fraud of my credit card and have stolen money from my account!I have never given my account number to them nor have I ever known of their criminal company!!!!!I have called 800 699 4264 and all I get is an automated Answering machine and then music. There isn't anyone to talk to. I need my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPK*SPOKEO 180069942800-699-4264 CA Is the listed company which has stolen my money.Please return it now!!!

I also have this on my card starting in June 2013 for 2 separate charges every month of $14.95 and $19.95. I did a dispute with my bank as well and had my credit card # changed.

I also got a charge of $23.70 from this "company" on my credit card. I'm very thankful that my credit card company caught it.... How many thefts does it take for this place to get shut down?

I just found a charge for $23.90 on my credit card statement. I don't even know what this is for and I demand a refund and this account cancelled immediately.

Please I want my money back, becasue since April month you people, take it from my account about 300 pound. Why? I dont understand at all I need now go to the bank and complaine to Investigation department. I need my money back


I called Spokeo in the same #800 provided and they issued me a refund of $19.95, when I pressed that they had been charging me monthly for 8 months unbeknownst to me, they issued me a full refund for the 8 months. Very easy process to cancel, though they are sneaky with the "trial offer" that is supposed to be a one time 1.95 fee.

You withdrew $14.85 from my checking account, this was not authorized by me. I fully expect it to be deposited back in my checking account now. I will bring charges against you on Tuesday March 18 2014, if my money is not deposited by then. JUDITH ALDRIDGE. 1-717-749 3844.

i found out it is a you search for people.

lane crawford

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