Learn about the "Web*Networksolutions" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on June 10, 2014, Last updated on July 25, 2022

What is it?

This web hosting company goes by several different names including Network Solutions (original name) and now Web NetworkSolutions and similar, all with the same phone number 1-888-642-9675. The company name often ends with either FL or VA. Many reports of unauthorized charges appearing on credit card statements. Many complaints posted under https://www.whatsthatcharge.com/NETWORK-SOLUTIONS-LLC-888-642-9675-VA.

My recent credit card statement had a $129 charge from WEB*NETWORKSOLUTIONS. I am a private citizen (retired, not connected with any firm or government agency) and have no website, domain name etc etc etc. I called the fraud department of my CC company and they stated they would "mark" as FRAUD and reverse the charge. Change their name to SCAMSOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

For the second year in the row, this outfit attempted to charge me ($171.96). Why can Comenity Bank not get this under control? Make sure you ask CB to take you off of revolving payments. Apparently, it is in this manner that the fraudsters continue to charge your account even though your credit card is changed.

I saw a preauthorization for 53.98 from this company on my CC. I knew I had never done any business with this company, so I searched for them on the web, and came across this website. I've already spoken to my CC company and they have canceled my card, and will return the 53.98 to me. Thanks for helping me confirm this was a scam!!!!

I have an unauthorized charge in my checking account for $37.99, from WEB*NETWORK SOLUTIONS. This has happened to me once before, this is considered fraud to me. I will be deleting my bank information from this point on.

$11.97 was charged to my Capital One account by web*networksolutions. Reported the FRAUD and was immediately refunded. 😡

Fraud! Was charged $54.74 on my bank card from this WEB*networksolutions and called bank immediately! Had a couple other charges from DING as well! It all started after an in-app purchase was accidentally made on my iPhone using Apple! (WalkieTalkie was the app FYI) after the 49.99 from that 2 random charges hit my account! Heads up! Refunds are in process as we speak but what a headache!

i smell a scam so sad.

I Was taken €232 from my Creditcard from Network solutions. Have no idea who they are.

My Chase CC had a pending charge for $98.xx from web*network solutions. I searched and found it was a domain name service. I have never purchased a domain name and never authorized charges from this company. We had recently returned from a trip to a national park. Chase said they will reverse the charge and I had to get a whole new credit card. They should put the domain site that way we can research things like this better.

978.60 charge to my debit card. Called my bank and cancelled that card. Called Web Services and was told some bs story and I have to wait 1-2 business days for anything to happen. They put me on hold, or they thought, and all i heard was a bunch of indian women laughing and giggling. SCAM SCAM SCAM

Both WEB*NETWORKSOLUTIOBS abd 1ana1.com charged my credit card within minutes of checking into a commercial campground in Idaho. Fortunately, my card company alerts me of all card usage, so I was able to dispute the charges, and freeze my account immediately. I do not know who these sites are, but it sure spells scam to me. Fortunately I had another card to use for the balance of my trip.

I have no idea what this is for. Flagged by CC company My website is with Word press

I’m requesting a refund on 5/23/2021 for $4.95, June12th, 2021 for $56.84, and lastly on the 7th of July for $57. 44 to my capital one card.I’m requesting an a refund ASAP and I haven’t charged these Nor do I have a domain name. Any questions call 443-822-5808. Thank u. A

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