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What is it?

charges to my card that I did not authorize

Charges that start with WPY* are from charges using the platform which services lots of different organizations. My charge came from when I contributed to a charitable cause through

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I have two charges on my account for the exact same amount and date: 2/3/15 "WPY*Constant Contact E" for $33.00 My last 4 digits to my cc are "0470"

-I don't know what this is for and should it have been charges twice?

I contributed to a GoFundMe charity and this showed up on my account: WPY*Wills. It turned out it was for a kid's medical bills, and the kid's name is Will. It's a little confusing, but I think if your charge begins with the words "WPY" it stands for We Pay and is a contribution you made.

I made 1 donation and I guess you think I signed up for a monthly donation and I didn't! When I tried to call you I was given a web site to send you a letter . I have reported this to my bank and they will be handleing this for me and there will be no more donations!!!!!!

I was charged $100.00 on a VISA card by: "WPY*Operation Make a Baby". This is a fraudulent unauthorized theft. I complained to VIS and got a refund.

3 $200 charges are on my bank account??????????????????? What are they?????????????????????????????????????

Received a clearly filtered water filtration system for 9.95 and made no other authorization to bill me for any thing else please put 149.85 back on my charge card.

                                                          Thank you 
                                                                         Jeri Groth

you sent me a email today. the card in question was 4358807882658105, that was fixes thanks, but I did used a visa gift card number 4034463524339258 for a website Mp3va, which clear at first and I received the benefits. but today you put the money back on the card. I don't know why. different country trans it said. I used a lot.

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Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As

  • POS Debit WPY*
  • Visa Check Card WPY* MC
  • Misc. Debit WPY*