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What is it?

I also got a charge from this "company" for $10.41. After contacting my bank they did some research and said it was part of OnStar. Well I do not, nor have I ever had OnStar. Also have used this card at Target, and wonder if this has been used fraudulently.

I have an unauthorized charge of $9.96 on 1/24/2014 from my checking used in Target in december. SMMXPERTS are thieves. They do not answer phone calls. Can you imagine getting $10.00 from a million people?. Have cancelled my card.

Charge on my account from 1/23/14 - this is a scam and I am requesting a new card. I did not authorize this. Shame on this people!!!

I checked my statement this morning and I have a charge of 11.90 coming from SMMXPERTS out of Florida. After reading everyone's posts it seems that this is a common issue. Something needs to be done. Thank God I had enough money in my account or I would have over-drafted. 11.90, that is gas money for my car. I have contacted my bank! Apparently I cannot do anything until the transactions posts to my account. This is ridiculous!!

I have a charge on my debit card for 6.81 from www smmxperts com also. No idea where this came from and I'm reporting it to my bank.

I have an unauthorized charge for $10.77 from SMMXPERTS.COM on my Mastercard that I, coincidentally(?), used at Target store last night.

Had my card tap on1/13/2014 for $10.99 called the same 305-677-9378 and was told to leave a message I left a message for the Attorney General Office of Consumer Fraud.

There is a 13.34 charge on my acct. this is fraud. Never heard of smmxperts.

Who can we contact to report this business for possible fraudulent operations?

I have an unauthorized charge for $6.66 on 12/23/13 on my Visa card from this same "company." The statement lists them as "WWW.SMMXPERTS.COM 305-677-9378 FL." Google search results show the URL is based in Germany (?).

I just found a charge on my account for $9.78 from Never heard of this company and I haven't used my card in a week so I don't know how I got this charge to my credit union checking account. I called them to report it as fraud, waiting on their fraud department to call me back about the investigation.

i did not authorize this !!!!!

This company is Please stop this company. They are inflicting these charges upon thousands of credit and debit card users and using up hours upon hours of our time. Can't the credit card companies ban this company and not even post these charges?

On March 2/14 I note a charge against my TD VISA for $13.31 which I did not authorize and I have no idea how my card was accessed. I have reported this as a fraud to TD Bank who are investigating. Told it is connected to OnStar which I do not have. Last used at a gas station in Canada which I use often and have never had a problem. Card number has been scammed by someone.

The same as everyone else. Have a $10.10 charge posted on 01/24/2014 on my Capital One Visa card from Left a not so nice message on the number 305-677-9378 and will be calling Capital One to be put in dispute.

this company try to steal money from my account bank cought them

I have a $7.88 charge i did not make from SMMxperts , tried contacting them and cant get ahold of any one.


Charge on my Chase Visa for $7.73. It is fraud and I have cancelled this account. I too have used my card at some of the places who have had a security breach-- Target, Michael's. Could this company be behind some sort of fraudulent operation!?

$10.53 fraudulent charge on my Capital One Mastercard by from Florida. Bank knows about them.

This is a fraud. Had $10.63 on my Visa card. Credit card Co shows it as an "advertising business" . Cancelled card. Probably stems from Target's breach. Hope Target has to pay dearly for all the hassle it caused so many people.

I also received a charge of $9.92 on my Citi Mastercard statement. This is fraudulent and was reported to Citibank. It will be investigated, I was told, and a new card will be issued at my request. Always check each item on your statement. Scam artists often place a small charge on your account which they hope will go unnoticed. Later, they may try for a much larger amount. Always report any suspicious charge immediately, no matter how trivial the amount.

Chase blocked the transaction, I am now changing the card. Obviously breached. Never used it at Target. So don't know how my card was sourced.

On 2/27/2014 6:17 PM, a transaction in the amount of $6.80 was declined at: WWW.SMMXPERTS.COM, FL

Can you help? What is this charge?

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