comenity pay oh web pymt

Learn about the "Comenity Pay Oh Web Pymt" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on December 27, 2014, Last updated on November 6, 2020

What is it?

This is a charge made through a company called Comenity, which provides stores with branded credit cards. Comenity is part of Bread Financial, a financial services company that offers personalized payment, lending and savings services.

People in the comments below report it being used by the following stores:

  • Ikea credit card
  • Ulta credit card
  • Forever 21 credit card

Why this charge may appear on your card

You're likely seeing this charge because you (or someone using your card) made a payment to a business that uses Comenity for its credit cards.

What can you do?

If you don’t recognize the charge, you can contact your bank or credit card company and dispute the charges and try to recover the money.

Community Feedback

I was unaware of the charge, based on the name. However, after conversing with my wife, I was able to connect the dots. There was a CC that she got for her hair salon, Ulta, and this is how the payment shows in our bank account. So this is a legit charge, it just shows up oddly in your bank account so it's the reason so many people question it.

Ikea credit card

Yes, this is an "Ulta" charge. I was scratching my head too until I saw Josh's answer and then remember that I had just paid it off recently and it came off in my bank statement just the same way.

I have a charge on my bank statement with the name: Comenity pay OH Web payment for $48.75.

This "company" isn't a real company. They took charge from my bank account for a credit cards that I haven't had any activity. When I called they said they were comenity bank and gave me one card name they collected money for. I called a second time and they gave me another card name. Neither one is in use and have zero balances. While I am aware comenity is an umbrella company, this isn;t them.

I found out mine was for my Forever 21 CC web payment.

Ralph didn't use this. Why u take this off from his bank and how do u know his account?? Please refund it as soon. Thanks!

I found an odd transaction and realized it was for Sephora.

Beware of and Comenity Pay. My wife passed away in April 2020 and she was the only one who bought from Overstock. The next month, I paid off Overstock, Comenity Pay handles the billing, and asked both companies to close the account. I also informed Overstock that my wife had passed away and even changed her status in her account to deceased.

Two months later, Overstock charged $29.99 to the account, in my wife’s name, “to continue her membership.”
This was either a deliberate attempt to take advantage of an elderly grieving spouse, or someone was lazy and did not check the status of the account.

I was not tracking this account because I had closed it, so I was surprised when Comenity Pay contacted me a month later to tell me I was delinquent. I informed him that the charge was fraudulent and he told me that was between me and Overstock, and that I better pay or Comenity was going to tack on delinquency charges and would start wrecking my credit rating.

It took me three months of poking and prodding to get Overstock to cancel the charge.

In the meantime, Comenity Pay has been tacking on delinquency and interest charges and has managed to drag my credit rating down over 100 points, from Excellent to Good. I continue to refuse to give in to their extortion. They are attempting to get me to pay charges they have added to a known fraudulent, and now canceled charge, made on a closed account.

Withdraw was made February 2 2022 with no accountability for large amount

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