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I provided my credit card information for a flight and a car and I received a itinerary. However, the agent can't reach my itinerary number with EXPEDIA. Now is the 4th day my money is pending and my bank could not help me out until the send the final charge. The got from me 4 charges of 350. Expedia is not good be careful.

On 5/19 I attempted to make a reservation on line through Travelocity. Half way through the booking process, the site gave me a message indicating that the transaction had failed. It recommended I wait a few minutes and attempt to complete the reservation again. Instead of trying again, I checked my credit card and found that a charge had been made for the amount of the reservation by Travel Reservation USA in NV. I attempted to contact Travelocity and they were unable to find anything under my phone or email address. They basically had no record of any reservation being made through their account. I contacted the number (800-367-3479) on my Credit Card Site listed with the pending transaction and found it to be Expedia. I explained the situation to the first customer service agent and she could again find no information listed on me. She transferred me to a wonderfully helpful gentleman named Wayne who actually found the charges. He called my credit card company and conferenced me onto the phone. Everything was going smoothly until such time as the credit card company asked for the merchant number for confirmation. The number he had would not work. I felt so bad for the customer service gentleman. This wonderful guy from Expedia's customer service then went and found the right information and conferenced me back in with the credit card company. This time it worked! In my opinion, the help I got from the folks at Expedia to resolve this issue was top notch and taken care of by a dedicated employee who took ownership. Thanks Expedia! Thanks Wayne!

I tried to book a hotel online which I thought was expedia. Now they have charged my credit card 3 times for $1300. Luckily I will be able to cancel the charges while they are in the pending stages since I also didn't receive any itinerary

I tried to book through My credit card was declined and I received an error message. I looked at my Bank statement immediately after this and say an amount of $2,000.88 (not matching the amount I was attempting to pay.)

I called Expedia to report the fraud. They were able to confirmquickly that fraud had occured. They contacted my bank and got the pending charge removed. All in all, it took about 30 minutes to resolve. Not the end of the world, but I won't ever book through Expedia again.

To cut a long story short: I experienced unauthoried payments to both expedia and its subsidiaries (such as My bank suggested that i contact expedia to cancel a transaction that was still pending. When i called in the USA, the staff were completely clueless (e.g. they insisted on me providing the order confirmation number generated by the thief !), then i was placed on hold for 2 hours before the line manager insisted on me producing specialist banking information before dropping my call while i was transferred to another memober of staff. I finally admitted defeat when the switchboard advised that i would have to wait another 25 minutes just to have my call answered again. However, by chance i noticed that the Finnish version of expedia ( is infinitely more sensible and even has a Q&A on this issue (see It says all that is required to report a fraudulent sale is the card number, payment date and the amount paid, which is what i originally gave So i called and am finally making progress. BEWARE EXPEDIA.COM - THEY ARE IDIOTS. Also - for reasons that i cant go into here, i suspect that the original leak of my credit card details took place via

On yesterday May 13,2022 I was making reservations for Air, Hotel and car rental through AARP Expedia. As the time went on I did not receive an itinerary, no email confirmation, nothing! So I thought something is not right so I reached out to my Credit Card company to discover that $2,230 had been charged to my card. I tried every number that they gave me and no number worked or they didn't know what I was talking about and could not locate any transaction. However, I am thankful that my Credit Card company recognized that something was wrong and informed me that this happens quite often. I was able to have the charges removed. My advise is be careful before hitting the final button to Pay because you could really pay!

Same as Kim on 1/16/15. I received an error message when booking the hotel, but the charges go through. Seems like this is normal and they don't care.

I think maybe this charge was from in my case.

My mother's cards were stolen, and fraudulent charges were made in excess of $1900. Expedia's number was attached, and after 3.5 hours on the phone with them, they informed me that Travel Reservations USA - Nevada is not one of their shell companies or a subsidiary.

Thankfully the bank has covered my mom.

Travel Reservations USA, FRAUD SCAM not related to Expedia but links to it. Call your credit card co, refuse to pay for charge, cancel card, and cancel any reoccurring payments, auto payments related to the card. It's a pain but if you ok transferring those to your new card, then Travel Reservations US will just hit you again, obviously they'll just say they are a reoccurring automatic charge. These guys hit you with a tiny test charge, then bigger and bigger, if they supply the wrong cid or address, they try again. Seems cr cd cos could simply refuse to process repeated "mistakes" like that unless the card holder authorizes by phone but, if the scammer pays the cr cd fee, it's in the cr cd cos interest to let the scammer charge. Wish we had a gov't that regulated industries making it illegal, monitor and prosecute scam artists, but nope, not if some corporation can make money off it.

Wish I had seen this site earlier -- I could have got right to my bank and reported it. Called the # listed by the site from my bank statement and after waiting a half an hour I finally spoke with someone. After not finding any info on this charge, they said the reason why was that it was routed to them by mistake and gave me their number which was for Expedia. I was going to call the #listed again, but decided to look up this site instead and then I called my bank which is going to send me a fraud paper to fill out and then they will reimburse me. Wiser but angry at this kind of deception.

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