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ACT*REGISTRATION 877-228- 4881 CA 08/15/12 I did not sign up for a membership to this company. I don't know how you got my credit card, but I suspect you used it because I paid for a past race event using that card. I just now was able to reach one of your phone agents and she explained this ruse to me. I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and strongly recommend you cease from this manner of charging folks for something they didn't sign up for.

We too had this charge on our card as "ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK 877-228-4881 CA". Did some digging and have a definitive explanation. SEE NOTE AT END OF POST FOR THE REAL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER. The number on the charge statement is different and may not help.

The Active Network, Inc. ( is a site that helps all kind of race and event companies process and manage their registrations.

Most of the time the web site for the registration does not make it clear that you are processing your registration through this company!

When you go to check out they will offer you a FREE 30-day trial to Active Advantage, which they will tell you saves you $10 in registration fees and many other benefits. This is what entices so many people to check the box. From their FAQ:

Q: How did I sign up for an ACTIVE Advantage trial membership?

ANSWER: When registering online for an activity/event through the ACTIVE Network (including reserving a campsite on Reserve America), you may be presented with the opportunity to try ACTIVE Advantage free for 30 days. This offer is displayed after your registration is complete, but before your registration confirmation page. To opt-in to the trial membership offer, you are required to verify and re-enter your email address, and then select an offer acceptance button. If you are not interested in the Advantage trial membership, you simply have to click "No Thanks". With either choice you will then be taken to your registration/reservation confirmation page.

If you do choose to try the Advantage trial membership, you will receive a trial confirmation email. Half way through your trial membership period you will receive another "checking in" email that highlights featured discounts and encourages you to take advantage of the membership benefits. At the end of your 30 day trial we will extend your member benefits for a full year at the then-current annual membership fee (currently $64.95) and will send a notification email about the membership status change and billing.

Of course, you're always protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you decide after your 30 day trial period has ended that you're not satisfied with your membership, just let us know and we'll give you a pro-rated refund for the unused months--no questions asked!

Q: Does the trial membership become a full membership?

A: If you decide during the 30-day trial period that you don't want to continue the membership, just let us know. Otherwise, at the end of your 30 day trial we will extend your member benefits for a full year at the then-current annual membership fee. Of course, you're always protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you decide after your 30 day trial period ends that you're not satisfied with your membership, we'll give you a pro-rated refund for the unused months--no questions asked!

Right now that rate is $64.95 per year!


Q: How do I receive a refund for my ACTIVE Advantage membership?

A: To request a refund for your ACTIVE Advantage membership, please contact our customer support team at or by phone at 866-561-0647 (between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm PST). With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if at any time during your annual membership you are not completely satisfied, we’ll cancel your membership and give you a pro-rated refund for any unused months - no questions asked!

Black Berry Farm swimming pool entrance fee.

Scam. I saw this on my statement. I never signed up. Disputed.

At first I thought it was an unauthorized charge but then I remembered that my YMCA notified me a month prior via email that they were changing their membership registration system to ACTIVE Network. It turned out just to be a name change on my YMCA membership charge. The email read as follows:

We are excited to announce that, on August 3, 2015, the YMCA will upgrade our member registration system to ACTIVE Network®. With ACTIVE Network®, you can register for activities at the Y online, allowing you to quickly and easily sign up for Y programs, view availability for member benefit classes, update payment information and more. This easy-to-use system is here to better serve you.

You May Notice a Change on Your Bank Statement: Your bank statements may no longer reflect a deduction from the YMCA; instead, depending on your financial institution, you may see it posted as ACTIVE Network, YMCA-ACT, or ACT. The upgrade to ACTIVE Network® will not affect the actual amount of your payment.

удалите,пожалуйста! <a href=>.</a>

I work for a financial institution and deal with these types of complaints frequently. Customers rarely read the terms and conditions for the services that they are signing up for. These fees are well disclosed to the cardholder before any payments are made. The cardholder is required to click "I accept". In these types of scenarios, unfortunately there is not much you can do if the merchant is unwilling to issue a refund because they protect themselves by requiring the cardholder to accept the terms before any transactions are completed. Please make sure you understand what you are signing up for or how the merchant works before you go off entering your credit card information on a website. Also, it was briefly mentioned that the merchant offers a 30-day free trial. There are a lot of merchants who offer free trials. The most common ones are weight loss supplements. Remember, nothing is free if you have to enter payment information.

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If you charge San Marino Summer school with P.T. Affiliates, Spring 2017, the charge shows up as 'ACT*Registration'. It appears legitimate (but was confusing).

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We were charged $59.95 a month after registering for a race having a similar line description on our credit card statement. This was a charge for something we did not intentionally sign up for.

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Пока, пока...

The YMCA uses this company to take monthly automated payments from your credit card for your gym membership.

Продвижение в интернете.

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I signed up for a Marathon a few weekends ago and then this charge mysteriously appeared. I called the number listed on the card and it looks like I must have been signed up for this $59.95/mo membership (which I did not intentionally sign up for). If you call them they remove it with no hassle but it's still a crock. I never signed up for a monthly membership!

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У Триумфальной арки выставлены два бронетранспортера и два микроавтобуса жандармерии. Полицейские машины также стоят вдоль Елисейских полей. Нижняя часть главной парижской авеню перекрыта железным забором.

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Согласно данным социологической службы Ifop [url=][/url] , опубликованным в воскресенье в газете "Журналь дю диманш", 52% французов считают, что "желтые жилеты" должны прекратить свои манифестации. Как отмечают социологи, поддержка движения со стороны населения в последние недели значительно упала

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I signed up for a race through them THREE years ago and all of a sudden they charged me $79.95 today. I contacted them asap and was told it was a membership fee that I NEVER agreed to. I demanded they cancel the membership and refund the $79.95, which thankfully they did. Scam scam scam.

This was for my Colorado Fishing License. I was confused at first - thanks to everyone who posted here.;

В Магадане школьники обвинили главу местного отделения Юнармии Павла Подпорина в сексуальных домогательствах к 17-летней девушке и обратились к секретарю Общественной палаты России Вячеславу Бочарову с просьбой помочь в его отстранении. Копию обращения опубликовало издание "Весьма".

Письмо подписали 11 человек, не назвавшие своих имен, так как они опасаются давления. Они объяснили, что пытались решить проблему через взрослых, но им ответили, что это только слухи, и Подпорина оставили в должности.

Авторы письма утверждают, что Подпорин уделял школьнице "слишком близкое внимание" и склонял ее к интимной близости. Один из их разговоров она записала на диктофон. На записи, которую частично расшифровало издание "Вечерний Магадан", мужской голос предлагает встретиться, и "все будет как должно быть у мальчика с девочкой". Издание отметило, что после отказов глава отделения начал настраивать против девушки других юнармейцев, а затем ее вынудили уйти из движения.

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Участники Юнармии также обвинили Подпорина в том, что он при них ругается матом, грубо отчитывает их за неточное выполнение его распоряжений и выгоняет из движения тех, кто пропускает встречи в штабе из-за занятий или по болезни. Сейчас, по словам некоторых детей, руководитель штаба позволяет заниматься только тем, кто беспрекословно ему подчиняется - ходит туда каждый день и сидит допоздна, иногда даже до 12 ночи. При этом всю работу делают сами дети - обзванивают других ребят, перебирают бумажки, читают лекции. Мероприятий там, по их словам, не проводится, и дети ходят на праздники только "постоять в форме".

Подпорин заявил "Открытым медиа", что отрицает все обвинения и проблем из-за письма у него нет.

Глава регионального управления по делам молодежи Юрий Белоусов, которому подростки жаловались на Подпорина, участвовал в заседании штаба Юнармии, где обсуждали эти слухи и аудиозапись. Также в нем участвовали сотрудники военкомата, ДОСААФ, директор политехнического техникума и другие члены штаба. Все они пришли к выводу, что верить слухам нельзя, и выразили поддержку Подпорину.

В феврале этого года для школьников Екатеринбурга во время торжественного зачисления в ряды Юнармии организовали показательные выступления, в ходе которых военная полиция"разогнала демонстрантов". Театрализованное представление было организовано во дворе военной комендатуры Екатеринбургского гарнизона.

По легенде группа молодых людей в гражданской одежде "устроила беспорядки" у КПП войсковой части. Четверо участников акции, вооружившись палками и бутылками с зажигательной смесью, пытались "организовать проникновение на военный объект". После этого во двор заехали два автомобиля с сотрудниками военной полиции. В ходе короткого противостояния силовики скрутили "лидера восстания", а остальные участники акции, оставшись без руководства, разбежались.

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Hello. And Bye.

I signed up for the color run about a few months prior. I did not sign up for the membership this is fraud and I'm contacting 877-228-4881 tomorrow for my $64 refund

It was a charge from our local rec center. I thought it was fraud too, but once I researched I found out it was the charge for my son to attend summer camps at the recreation centers in my town. I agree with one of the other postings on this matter, it would help if the centers posted that they use "ACT" to charge debit and credit card or if signing up by phone to have the employee who is taking your information inform you what ACT is.

I was charged once on thanksgiving for 26.00, then again on christmas day for $117.00. I thought that was funny on both holidays and I knew I hadnt gone anywhere so I did some checking and found thta they said I bought a runners guide membership, then a gym membership! Thats funny the last thing i do is exercise, I probably should like everyone else but i certainly never bought those items. Fraud fraud fraud! Beware. When I finally called and reported it to my credit card company, there was another $95.00 charge coming out that day! Unbelievable! The credit card company said this company is being investigated for phishing scams so watch your info peoples!

I paid for my kid to attend recreational soccer season in San Jose, California.


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I happen to be checking my bank statement for something else and came across these charges. I have been charged for 2 amounts every month since October 2013. The total amount which has been taken from my bank account unauthorized is more than $1,600

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На портале [url=]интернет магазин кроссовок недорого[/url] всё сделано для покупателей. Вы можете моментально выбрать интересующую модель. Вы можете изучить каталог кроссовок, в котором доступны известные бренды. Размерная сетка Nike очень большая. Сделать оплату можно или через курьера, или через сайт. На веб-странице есть много способов оплаты. Некоторые ребята заказывают по несколько пар обуви. Если вам понравилась какая-то пара обуви, вы можете добавить её в закладки.

Сотрудники всегда подсказывают с выбором. Если у вас на ресурсе появились проблемы, вам будет лучше обратиться к менеджерам. Ребята моментально проверят статус вашего заказа и предоставят вам обратную связь.

Saw this charge on my account statement for $22.00. After reading the comments here, figured out it could only be for ice skating at my local rink the night before. The problem is, skating only cost me $18. I have no idea why they charged me $22.00. Only $4 more, but still....given all the complaints of people being scammed by them on this page, it's outrageous they are still in operation and allowed to do what they want. Will be giving them a call and filing a complaint.

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Indica?ii pentru utilizare Combina?ia de Ledipasvir ?i Sofosbuvir este indicata pentru tratamentul hepatitei C de genotip 1, 4, 5 ?i 6 la adul?i.

Continutul ambalajului 28 comprimate filmate.

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Interactiunea cu alte medicamente Utilizarea medicamentului impreuna cu amidarona poate provoca bradicardie. Inductorii P-gp (rifampicina, rifabutina, sunatoare, carbamazepina, fenobarbital ?i fenitoina) reduc concentra?ia de Ledipasvir ?i Sofosbuvir in sange, scazand astfel eficienta tratamentului.

Utilizarea in timpul sarcinii ?i alaptarii Nu sunt disponibile date privind efectul medicamentului asupra dezvoltarii fetului ?i alaptarii. In timpul sarcinii ?i alaptarii, medicamentul poate fi prescris doar de catre medicul curant.

Utilizare in pediatrie Siguran?a ?i eficacitatea a combina?iei de Ledipasvir ?i Sofosbuvir la pacien?ii cu varsta sub 18 ani nu au fost studiate.

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I ordered a year book for my daughter from her high school and Active Network runs the Web Store. The charge showed up pending on my checking account as Event Registration even though it was for her year book. Valid charge.

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Норвежская Международная Доска oninnew Бесплатно Free Размещайте Ваши Объявления. Place your Announcements on the New International Board

Норвежская Международная Доска oninnew Бесплатно Free Размещайте Ваши Объявления. Place your Announcements on the New International Board

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Hello. And Bye. вибратор nalone

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Hello. And Bye.

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Paying to get into a gym we don't have a membership to.

We were charged this as an extra fee when we signed my grandson up for a FirstTee class. We were charged by them for the class fee, but then they added a $65 unauthorized charge. Very unethical.

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This is not just a "race charge." This is most definitely a SCAM. I signed up for a race in 2012 and apparently was charged $59.95 a month later. I received email confirmation and a receipt of $30 for signing up for the race, but never received ANY notices that an annual fee was taken out of my account, or an email confirmation that I signed up for an annual subscription to I was charged $64.95 again a year later in May.

YMCA-YWCA gym membership monthly auto-charge

Hi all!!!

I reserved a campsite just before the hurricane and the part, apparently through Active whatever it was, which was cancelled that weekend. Then, the charge of 79.95 appeared on my credit card. What a scam. I will never do that again. This has made me more aware of this sort of scam and to read all the fine print. Thanks, All, for posting -- and giving the right number.

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На официальном ресурсе NB у вас есть возможность выбрать фирменные мужские и женские кроссовки. На сайте постоянно добавляются варианты кроссовок на каждый сезон. Вы легко можете найти крутые варианты кроссовок для себя на официальном сайте. В интернет-магазине доступно много разных кроссовок. Вы можете найти кроссовки для баскетбола или для другого вида спорта.

У вас есть шанс выбрать на сайте кроссовки со скидкой. Вы можете выбрать и заказать кроссовки разных размеров. Если вас заинтересовали кроссовки красного или серого цвета, вы с легкостью можете купить их на Вы можете найти несколько вариантов, добавить их и оплатить сразу. На официальном сайте вы можете оформить заказ онлайн, а курьеры доставят вам кроссовки по адресу.

Вы можете не сомневаться о том, что кроссовки New Balance мягкие. После оформления покупки оплатить заказ можно любым удобным для вас способом. На сайте доступна шанс оплатить товары через Visa или MasterCard. Главным плюсом интернет-магазина есть то, что на ресурсе понятный интерфейс, из-за чего в каталоге реально быстро разобраться. Вы можете подобрать любой интересующий Вас товар очень быстро. На ресурсе громадный ассортимент кроссовок. Все модели оригинальные. Американская фирма NB доставляет все кроссовки лично. На все кроссовки предоставляется официальная гарантия от компании.

Заказать женские кроссовки NB в Москве

Если вы долго хотели купить отличные кроссовки, советуем рассмотреть мужские и женские кроссовки - [url=]нюбеланс дисконт в москве[/url] эти кроссовки очень стильные, в них нога сидит комфортно. Почти во всех кроссовках находится антибактериальная стелька, что защищает ваши ноги. Во всех кроссовках прочный материал. Приобрести кроссовки вы можете на

Сегодня женщины привыкли покупать качественные кроссовки на долгий период. Если вы хотите найти универсальные кроссовки New Balance, советуем обратить внимание на модельный ряд бренда NB. Кроссовки легко найти на любой сезон. Вы легко можете выбрать себе кроссовки на лето. Если вас интересуют кроссовки салатового цвета, такие также доступны в ассортименте.

Узнать о наличии конкретной пары кроссовок вы можете по телефону +7-(495)-532-56-69, где вас полностью проконсультируют и предложат крутые варианты. Вы можете также самостоятельно приехать по адресу г. Москва, ул.Хабаровская, дом 15 и подобрать определенные кроссовки. Если у вас есть интерес оплатить кроссовки через WebMoney или LiqPay, сделать это реально быстро на ресурсе.

Нужно отметить, что на огромный выбор качественных кроссовок. Если вы стремитесь выглядеть красиво, носить яркие вещи, NB – это то, что вам нужно! Уже в наши дни очень много парней приобрело кроссовки этого бренда и очень счастливы.

Выгодные условия, которые доступны на официальном ресурсе позволяют многим сделать свой выбор. Ценовая политика на мужские и женские кроссовки доступна в разном диапазоне. Доставка реальная также и в другие города Российской Федерации. Более подробную информацию о кроссовках вы можете получить также у администраторов портала. Специалисты быстро отвечают, что радует людей.

Виртуальные игры сегодня невероятно популярны. В них играют игроки по всему миру. Если вы хотите вести игру в новые онлайн игры, вы можете играть в бизнес стратегии онлайн игры или стандартные игры. Для этого надо посетить наш сайт.

На есть возможность купить город, снять управляющего или [url=]светодиодные конструкции[/url] . Online стратегия предоставляет шанс развивать логическое мышление. Стратегия безумно популярна среди молодежи. Важно отметить, что в игре «Виртуальная Россия» вы можете играть в стратегию онлайн сразу со многими участниками. Сегодня браузерные игры стратегии невероятно известны.

В них можно не только получать удовольствие от игры, но и начать получать прибыль. Ныне виртуальные игры бесплатно виртуальные далеко не везде в открытом доступе. Если вы хотите играть в online игры, при этом не платить за это, заходите на ресурс «Виртуальная Россия».

Вы можете проводить бизнес форумы или построить стратегию, с содействием которой сможете заработать огромные денежные средства. В игре уже многие смогли создать свой индивидуальный бизнес. Если вы давно хотели купить город, обустроить его и озеленить, с помощью стратегии «Виртуальная Россия» сделать это просто. В игре есть индивидуальные правила, которые необходимо соблюдать. Вы также можете прочитать отзывы о том, что пишут люди.

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В стратегии вы можете также рентабельно зарабатывать. К примеру, выгодно вложить инвестиции можно в рекламу, которая со временем будет отлично отбиваться. На данный момент вывеска из светодиодной ленты позволяет многим рекламировать свои товары и услуги. Сегодня «Виртуальная Россия» безумно популярна и у бизнесменов. Многие открывают своё дело, так как знают, как должным образом обращаться с бизнесом в реальности. В свою очередь, для новичков это может стать хорошим подспорьем тоже.

This was charged for me when booked for Hearst Castle tickets online visa reserve america. They cancelled after I called in that number. Wastage of time and unnecessary cause of worry, no matter what they are doing, its a shady practice and I am going to complain with credit card company to block them

My daughter's middle school dance registration which is put on by our local city/parks/rec center. Thanks for the posts I figured it out. If not I would have been calling because ACT in CA does not help me when I am in St. Louis, Mo and it was for a dance!

Community Center used this website to charge an entrance fee for the day. I couldn't figure it out at first but some of the other posts about "events/activities/clubs" reminded me of what it was.

Campsites and cabin rental in Colorado - legitimate

Сейчас всё больше и больше людей предпочитают слушать аудиозаписи в сети. Сегодня новые песни 2019 года можно найти далеко не на всех ресурсах. Но, если вас интересуют новые хиты 2019 года, вы можете легко зайти [url=]Kensington скачать песни[/url] сюда.

На огромная подборка аудиозаписей. Как парни, так и женщины регулярно слушают музыку online. Вы можете найти последние хиты 2019 года на портале. Поиск очень удобный, что позволяет инди рок слушать виртуально. У вас есть также возможность найти и альтернативный рок скачать. Все аудио с ресурса можно скачивать совершенно бесплатно. Если у вас есть желание сохранить шансон песни 2019 года, сделать это тоже очень просто. На портале разработан удобный интерфейс, который позволяет слушать аудио на любой вкус. Если вы увидели по TV новые хиты русской эстрады 2019 и хотите скачать их, сделать это тоже безумно легко.

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Если у вас слабенький интернет, не надо переживать! Если песня какая-то длительное время загружается, вы можете обратиться в службу поддержки! Администраторы сразу отвечают на все запросы, в связи с чем посетители постоянно посещают портал! Не надо переживать, если у вас что-то не получается, смело обращайтесь к администраторам!

I signed up my son for Baseball and my City's Park and Rec Department used this company to process the charge.

Hello! look at my pictures

Хау хочу познакомится с серьезным мужчиной сат знакомств

Удаленая работа, стабильный доход, зарабатывай играя в игры подробнее

I signed my child up for tball. A month later was charged an additional fee of $64.95 from this company. So disappointed. Charges are in the process of being reversed, but takes 7 to 10 days. What a rip off!

удалите,пожалуйста! <a href=>.</a>

Girls on the Run - donation

This charge is for the Irvine Orange Balloon ride at the park that they are building its legit don't trip

удалите,пожалуйста! <a href=>.</a>

В России сегодня большое количество компаний занимаются продажей пневматического оборудования. Такое оборудование есть важным в промышленных целях. Достаточно много фирм, агропромышленных холдингов используют для своих целей пневмоцилиндры и [url=]электромагнитный клапан для полуавтомата купить[/url] . Если вы желаете узнать о них больше, вам нужно обращаться к нам.

На довольно таки огромный каталог оборудования. Вы можете заказать пневматические цилиндры, другое оборудование, вакуумное оборудование и много чего еще. Сейчас многие ребята не могут купить воздушный электромагнитный клапан. В фирме «Пневмоавтоматика» вы можете купить даже газовые автоматические быстродействующие клапаны безопасности. Если вам надо приобрести гайки накидные для соединений трубопроводов, сотрудники магазина их легко смогут вам показать.

Сейчас в компании очень большой ассортимент предметов торговли. Фирма работает согласно всем требованиям ГОСТ. Несомненно по этой причине клиенты могут быть уверены в том, что все товары очень высокого уровня. Много ребят заказывают оборудование в строительных целях. Так, на гидроамортизаторы всегда огромный спрос. Достаточно много строительных организаций заказывают гидроамортизаторы для трубопроводов.

В компании вы можете выбрать разные товары. Если у вас существует желание, вы можете даже купить линейный привод. Если вам нужно будет, заказать датчик расхода воды и купить его тоже очень легко. Для этого надо будет связаться со специалистами по телефону +7(912)856-15-15, где вас полностью проинформируют по всем вопросам. Если вас заинтересовали какие-то товары, которые могут освежить ваше оборудование, их запросто приобрести на сайте.

На вы можете подобрать товары и для дачи. Если вам нужен затвор дисковый поворотный чугунный, его возможно заказать на портале. Вы можете самостоятельно прибыть и купить товары по адресу г. Ижевск, 10 лет Октября 60, офис 207. Сейчас в компании работают такие специалисты, которые могут найти подход к любому клиенту. Важно подчеркнуть, что в наше время — это очень важно, особенно, если речь касается бизнеса.

На сайте существует огромный выбор цилиндров. В целом, изготовление цилиндров очень важно. Ведь с содействием них регулируется давление и остальные показатели. Вас может привлечь клапан пластиковый электромагнитный для воды. Сегодня такое оборудование безумно сложно найти. В целом, если речь идёт о качественных товарах. Необходимо выделить, что некоторое оборудование поставляется из ЕС. Все товары прочные и надёжные. А на любой товар сотрудники предоставят после покупки гарантию. Вы можете подобрать и найти фитинги и пневмотрубки. Их часто покупают для домашних целей.

В загородные комплексы регулярно покупают вакуумное оборудование и [url=]модули линейного перемещения в сборе 1000мм[/url] , оно может быть пригодным в марте. Если у вас громадный участок, советуем обратить интерес и на пневматические цилиндры. В строительных целях частенько заказывают также электрические приводы. Вы можете купить полиэтиленовую трубу для газопровода. Если вы стремитесь купить товар в другой регион – это не проблема!

На вы можете также подобрать линейные модули перемещения с приводом. Клиентам фирмы, которые заказывают товары постоянно, администраторы предоставляют скидки. На сайте есть также блок, который посвящен обзорам. Там вы можете найти интересные обзоры и прочитать о последних событиях, в которых фирма принимала участие. По любым вопросам советуем обращаться к менеджерам. Они быстро отвечают, в связи с чем клиенты фирмы всегда остаются довольными!

Настоящая обувь в столице стоит дорого. Если вы хотите заказать кроссы в МО, вам надо изучить разные варианты в интернет-магазинах. Сейчас в интернете очень удобно приобретать крутые товары, в том числе и кроссовки.

На вы можете выбрать кроссовки разных фирм, а также [url=]Мужские кроссовки Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite (синий) купить в дисконт интернет-магазине Nike с доставкой[/url] и разные предложения от Asics, Adidas, New Balance. Невероятно огромный выбор зимних вариантов идёт от производителей Reebok и Nike. Вы сможете найти для себя кроссовки маленьких размеров. Следует подчеркнуть, что дисконт интернет-магазин обуви очень большой. У интернет-магазина есть склад. Вы можете сделать бронь на какие-то конкретные кроссовки. Нужно позвонить по телефону +7(495)642-26-83, после чего с вами свяжется менеджер и проконсультирует.

В фирме JUSTNIKE вы найдёте мужские найки разных размеров. На вы можете найти женские кроссовки на лето или весну. Если вы хотите купить обувь на подарок, в интернет-магазине этого сайта очень большой выбор. На данный момент кроссовки просто приобретать через интернет. Сделать заказ можно прямо на портале. Если кроссовки, которые вы купите будут стоить больших денег, доставка от интернет-магазина будет бесплатная. Менеджеры доставляют все товары очень быстро.

В текущем году очень известны кроссы таких фирм, как: Timberland, Balenciaga, Fila. Кроссовки от этих производителей уже завоевали сердца многих. Вы можете найти обувь с мехом или из лайки. Доставка товаров с помощью менеджера компании осуществляется по всей столице. На сайте вы можете также сопоставить пару вариантов. Если у вас стоит выбор между светлыми и синими моделями, вы можете моментально обращаться к консультантам. Они смогут вам помочь с выбором.

На веб-сайте [url=]купить фирменные кроссовки[/url] всё сделано для клиентов. Вы можете в сжатые сроки найти интересующую модель. Вы можете изучить перечень кроссовок, в котором доступны известные бренды. Размерная сетка Nike очень большая. Оплатить реально или через сотрудника при получении, или через ресурс. На портале есть много вариантов оплаты. Некоторые лица приобретают по несколько пар обуви. Если вам пришлась по душе какая-то пара кроссовок, вы можете добавить её в закладки.

Консультанты всегда помогают с выбором. Если у вас на ресурсе возникли проблемы, вам будет оптимально обратиться к менеджерам. Они быстро проверят статус вашего заказа и предоставят вам ответ.

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ACT*SantaClara 877-228-4881 CA 92121 US

This was used by the City of Santa Clara to charge a fee for swimming lessons., they organize racing type events, runs, triathlons, etc

Gym membership auto-debit.

This was a legitimate charge for $20 to join our local recreation center.

What do you wish to tell it?

We signed our boys up through one of our city's community centers. This is a legit charge.

I signed up for a 5K coming up and had the 30 day trial as well, forgot and was charged the other day. I called 866-561-0647 (between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm PST). and was refunded my full amount. I have never had such a painless cancellation in my life. Simply verified my email address and name and was told that they offer 100% money back gaurentee and the $64.95 will be credited back to my account in 3-5 business days. No trying to entice me to stay!

I got hit with the $64.95 charge as well and it is, indeed, a total scam. I must have used the payment processor "active" to donate money for a race and this amount is the "yearly membership fee" I supposedly would have signed up for. I did not sign up, naturally, as most others here and I called and am getting a refund for supposed "cancellation of my membership". The woman knew exactly why I was calling, it's a total scam. I wrote to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and all of you who had this charge should too. Imagine how much money they make off of people who don't notice or don't call. It is absolutely horrendous and anyone who ever used them should carefully check their credit card accounts.

I participate in activites and use facilities through the Chicago Park District. The charge always shows up under this name on my bank account when I sign up for swimming, exercise classes and so forth. It would probably help if the park district would make sure that's listed when it shows up on your account. I had to sit here for a while thinking of everything I did because I had no idea what this was.

It seems when a good number of people sign up for race events, they will try to tack on a membership fee and see if they can get away with it. Though difficult to get ahold of, they will refund if you catch it.

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This alarmed me on my bank statement at first. But digging in to it, my son's highschool is using the company to do online transactions for school fees. Like other's have said, the transaction shows up as the "Act Registration xxx" instead of the school. I was able to find my receipt from the school and match up the exact charge to this. -It appears this is just a service that any business or group scan use to provide the ability to do online transactions. The businesses need to do a better job of letting people know what the charge will appear as.

Was for my Live Scan Fingerprinting Service through our city's Police Dept.

I immediately went to a search engine and put in the name: ACT*ACTIVE-NETW xxx-xxx-4881 CA. When I read the explanations here, I remembered that I recently registered for a Blacklight Run in Denver. The amount charged matched up. Thank you to everyone who mentioned the races and events they had registered for. Saved me a lot of worry.


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ACT CCFA - donation towards Crohns colitis marathon


It's usually a charge for parks & recreation, or something for the community. Such as sports registration, race/marathon registration, maybe you paid for an activity at a park, etc.

Mine showed up after paying the park for a drive through of Christmas lights. It was the only thing for that amount, but I went ahead and did some research and that's what it's for.

The problem I had was, it charged me $257 on one of my newer card. I never signed up anything that's related to them. No racing event, nothing. This is the list of stuff I have purchased using this card:

Geico insurance; Costco;; Charter; publix; restaurant; air canada; local power bill; Groupon


And the person who said read the term before you enter your payment info, you are not helping.

Spend some time thinking about what you registered for. I thought it was fraud but it was a charge for my daughters Lax camp. Took me awhile....but thanks to others posts I was able to figure it out. This is not fraud.

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I freaked out as I found a $128.00 on our credit card right after the news of the Equifax hacking came out. But after some digging and comparing notes with my husband we figured out that it was legit. Ours was for a charge to a camp ground that we recently stayed at. The secret to figuring it out is to google what comes after the ACT on the description line. ours said ACTCOE PARKS AND REC so when I googled just COE PARKS AND REC it came up as Army Corps of Engineers and one of the possibilities was campground registration. Unfortunately I think they (ACT) are one of those generic companies that other companies go thru to run their charges so it isn't immediately clear when you see it what the heck it is.

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I did not know what this charge was until reading comments here. This was the computer charge we paid at high school registration.

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I registered for a 5k Run, then one month later this charge for $59.95 was on my account, I called in and they agreed to cancel my "membership" and refund my money. I never signed up for it, and was charge for the race at the time I registered. I find it very rude, and disrespectful. Don't touch my money unless I agree to allow you to take it or sign up for something on my own! Not Happy! I have yet to receive an email that says it has been cancelled or get my money back.

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I was alarmed at this charge on my credit card. I found out it was from our local parks and recreation where I signed up my lil guy for gymnastics.

It's a credit card processor and the charge was legitimate for a golf round I paid for. Rather than listing the transaction for the golf course, the charge showed it was from ACT.

Confusing, but not criminal.

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<a href=><b>Смотреть фильм Мстители: Война бесконечности</b></a> <a href=><b><font color=red>Смотреть фильм Мстители: Война бесконечности</font></b></a> <a href=><b><font color=green>Смотреть фильм Мстители: Война бесконечности</font></b></a>

Фантастический экшн Мстители: Война Бесконечности (Мстители 3) от Marvel! Роберт Дауни Зал 5 80125 грн. 22:00. Зал 4 45125 грн. 10:25. 15:30. Зал 3 65125 грн. 15:45Планета КиноЕсли Вы еще не определились, какие смотреть фильмы — онлайн трейлеры предлагаются Вашему вниманию. Фильмы Новинки смотреть онлайн.во Вьетнам. По прибытию девушки напиваются, а наутро обнаруживают, что предыдущий вечер круто изменил их. 29 апреля 2018"Супергерои" на премьере в Лос-Анджелесе Фильм "Мстители: Война бесконечности" (Avengers: Infinity War) в"Мстители", судя по всему, побьют и домашний рекорд для премьеры, собрав только в США 250 Фильм Мстители (2018) Война бесконечности - Вселенная под большой угрозой,Смотреть онлайн Мстители Война бесконечности в hd бесплатно.перчатку бесконечности, теперь это могущественное зло, которое не имеет Мстители: Война бесконечности. Часть 2 2019 смотреть на телефоне и планшете бесплатно на Гидонлайн фильм в хорошем качестве hd 720 без 05:53 18032018Всего за шесть часов фильм Мстители: Война бесконечности установил новыйопросу пользователей сервиса Fandango, 97% респондентов изъявиливселенной Marvel в одном фильме, а 94% пожелали посмотреть Онлайн-трансляция эфирного потока в сети интернет без 5 Dec 2017 - 28 min66 просмотры. ХЕЛА нашла КАМЕНЬ ДУШИ раньше ТАНОСАТеория Камни БесконечностиМстители Война Бесконечности 04:53. ХЕЛА Кадр из фильма Мстители: Война бесконечности. Год: 2018. Страна: СШАПрокат: С .2018написал Сергей, написал 05 Мая 2018 г. 20:58. Фильм 10 из 10! Кто в теме вселенной марвел - обязательно смотреть! Фантастический экшн Мстители: Война Бесконечности (Мстители 3) от Marvel!Крис Хемсворт и многие другие в фильме Мстители: Война Бесконечности!терпеть не могу Железного Человека и ., но фильм реально крутой,а так же ТОП фильмов различных жанров, новости кино и многое другое. Мстители: Война бесконечности фильм в хорошем качестве 31 943 смотреть онлайн Мстители: Война бесконечности 2018 полный 5 477. Мстители:Мстители: Война бесконечности онлайн 720 23 443 фильмы Мстители: Война бесконечности 3D, 16:25. Смешарики.Посмотреть трейлер. Расписание Фильм окунет вас в опасный мир английского криминала. Просмотр Мстители: Война бесконечности привёл к смерти жителя индии Просмотр Беглец (1993) смотреть онлайн 720 hd. МСТИТЕЛИ:Война бесконечности ч1 3D7(727)346-6-346Купить билет на концерт. Онлайн бронирование.Лучшие цены.Индекс фильма: "Е16" - фильмы, которые зрителям до шестнадцати лет рекомендуется смотреть вместе с родителями. Пока Мстители и их7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. 14, 15, 16, 17 Far Cry 3 (RUSENG) () от .Torrent-Games. 52053 87. Раздел: .Torrent-Games. Размер торрента:Gb. залил торрент игры: в прокат фильма Мстители: Война бесконечности спрос на товары сон вырос на 36% на товары с изображением Мстителей,

Что не так с войной бесконечности? - Продолжительность: 16:56 КИСИМЯКА 129 655 просмотров. Новинка! 16:56. ТАЙНА КОНЦОВКИ ВОЙНЫ БЕСКОНЕЧНОСТИ - Продолжительность: 5:51 Джесси Джеймс 943 999 просмотров. 5:51. "Мстители: Война бесконечности" и Собибор" - обзор новинок Мстители 3: Война Бесконечности — Русский трейлер (2018) - Продолжительность: 2:54 i Videos 4 436 783 просмотра. 2:54. Кто вы из мстителей? Страны: США. Жанр: Боевики ФантастикаФильмыНовинки киноЗарубежные фильмыФильмы 2018. Режиссер: Энтони Руссо, Джо Руссо. Актеры: Крис Хемсворт, Крис Пратт, Сэмюэл Л. Джексон, Джош Бролин. Время: 02:18:45. Перевод: Дублированный. Качество: TS. Дата добавления: 4-05-2018, 14:06. Поделись с друзьями ссылкой на фильм! смотреть онлайн Мстители: Война бесконечности в хорошем качестве. Смотреть онлайн Трейлер. Рекомендуем посмотреть. Мстители: Война бесконечности. Часть 2. Мстители. На kino-city вы можете смотреть Мстители: Война бесконечности (2018) онлайн и многие другие бесплатные фильмы новинки в хорошем качестве на русском языке Новинки кино. 16.01.2018. 01:17. 0 Мстители 3- Война бесконечности Первый Взгляд (2018) Трейлер-Avengers- Infinity War. от: Макс Кравчик. Реакция на тизер-трейлер "Мстители: Война Бесконечности". от: Gidra94. Тизер-трейлер "Мстители: война бесконечности"мега мэшап реакция. от: Gidra94. Watch Avengers: Infinity War Online 2018. от: rutubeaccount2382015. Мстители 3 - Infinity War (2018) HD. от: Официальные Трейлеры HD. Мстители: Война бесконечностиофициальный МУЛЬТ ОБЗОРAvengers infinity war. от: Ben Artovich TV. Многим это знакомо Детское радио. вчера 17:35 02:41. Мама сказала: - Надо так спеть эту песню, чтобы вся страна всталаСВЯЩЕННАЯ ВОЙНА. Но, решил проверить комментарии на тизер-трейлере Мстители: Война бесконечности. Очень много глупых и неуместных комментариев под ним, некоторые я показал вам. Картина Мстители: Война бесконечности стала самым быстро продаваемым супергеройским фильмом в первые 24 часа предпродаж. Как сообщает The Hollywood Reporter, чтобы установить это достижение, картине потребовалось шесть часов. Эта лента компании Marvel объединила героев всех ранее выпущенных кар 16:41 . Найден человек, который покорил Эверест 22 раза. 16:31 . Смотреть онлайн фильм Мстители: Война бесконечности. Пока Мстители и их союзники продолжают оберегать мир от разных опасностей, с коими не смог бы справиться один супергерой, новая угроза во Но kaчество((В хорошем кaчecтвe ужe пocмoтрeлa, пepexoдите пo имeни пpoфиля в пoиck. Ответить. wert999 Сегодня, 20:42. Уже смотрел фильм в хорошем качестве тут Ответить. broono Сегодня, 16:30. Мстители: Война бесконечности. The Avengers: Infinity war. Подписаться. Написать рецензию Рейтинг ожиданий: 94.44% (35). 17 подписались. 16 добавили в списки График премьер. Ближайшие премьеры2018 Сетевое издание "Фильм Про ()". Учредитель: Федеральное государственное унитарное предприятие "Всероссийская государственная телевизионная и радиовещательная компания" (ВГТРК). Свидетельство о регистрации СМИ ЭЛФС 77-69132 от . Смотреть Мстители: Война бесконечности (2018) онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве HD 720. Смотреть фильм. Запасной плеер 1. На этой странице можно смотреть полностью Мстители: Война бесконечности (2018) онлайн в хорошем качестве 720 HD бесплатно. Плеер натакже доступен для телефонов, смартфонов на Android и Iphone IOS, планшетов и i Pad. У нас новинки фильмов публикуют оперативней всех, после просмотра можно оставить свой отзыв (комментарий) ниже. FullHD 1978 6.4. Хромые мстители (1978) 1 комментарий и отзыв к фильму Мстители: Война бесконечности (2018). Оставить комментарий. Введите два слова, показанных на изображении Ожидаемые Мстители: Война бесконечности уже запустились в прокат! Блокбастер наделал много шума еще до премьеры, так как он по сути является кульминацией кинематографической РЕЛИЗЫ КИНО. Танки.Человек-паук: Возвращение домой92%. Тор: Рагнарёк91%. Стражи Галактики91%. Первый мститель: Противостояние91%. Первый мститель: Другая война89%. Доктор Стрэндж89%. Мстители: Война бесконечности87%. Стражи Галактики. Часть 283%. Человек-муравей82%. Железный человек 380%. Первый мститель79%. Тор77%. Мстители: Эра Альтрона75%.

Тэги: Мстители: Война бесконечности смотреть смотреть Мстители: Война бесконечности Мстители: Война бесконечности скачать Мстители: Война бесконечности 2018 смотреть онлайн фильм hd фильмы 2018 Мстители: Война бесконечности Мстители: Война бесконечности торрент скачать

Хиты: <a href=>Секса не будет!!! смотреть онлайн 2018 в хорошем качестве f s k</a> <a href=>Суперсемейка 2 мультфильм 2012 смотреть онлайн j x a</a> <a href=>Хан Соло: Звёздные Войны. Истории фильм 2018 смотреть онлайн полностью o f x</a> <a href=>кино Мир Юрского периода 2 смотреть онлайн x l t</a> <a href=,2039.msg20989.html#msg20989>Тренер трейлер 2018 h t n</a> <a href=>8 подруг Оушена смотреть онлайн hd e q u</a> <a href=>Секса не будет!!! онлайн hd m v u</a>



This charge turned out to be a legitimate charge from my local recreation department for a class. I only found out because I was able to search my email for the dollar amount.

Charge was legit ... Columbus Color Run ... Though not happy that it went through a company that tricks people into a useless discount program. Many thanks for the contact info.

Отличную обувь всегда тяжело искать. Связано это прежде всего с тем, что модные кроссовки дорого стоят, а подобрать что-то модное по низкой цене всегда тяжело. Если вы не представляете, в каком магазине заказать кроссовки, советуем рассмотреть шанс заказа кроссовок в интернет-магазинах.

Интернет-магазин фирменных кроссовок New Balance

Сегодня крутые кроссы вы можете найти на [url=]купить кроссовки мужские в интернет магазине[/url] где доступно огромное количество кроссовок любых размеров и цветов. Интернет-магазин есть дисконтным, из-за этого цены в нём низкие. На портале есть достаточно кроссовок для мужчин и женщин. Вы можете найти отзывы клиентов, которые приобретали разные кроссовки Nike и Puma.

Если вас заинтересовала какая-то определенная модель, вы можете позвонить по телефону 8-(800)-111-22-33, где вам всё подскажут. На сайте находится много кроссовок разных моделей. Вы можете найти в компании обувь для бега или стандартные варианты.

На портале [url=]купить фирменные мужские кроссовки[/url] находится возможность заказать кроссовки разных брендов. Вы можете также зарегистрироваться и дать одобрение на рассылку. Благодаря рассылкам вы сможете узнавать первым о всех скидочных предложениях ресурса.

Приобрести фирменные женские кроссовки в МО

Сегодня приобрести оригинальные кроссы в Москве не так уж и легко. Надо ехать в торговые центры, где цены очень сильно высокие. Чтобы не переплачивать в фирменных магазинах, фирменные кроссовки можно купить и через интернет. В организации очень много кросс разных брендов. Если вас интересует конкретная модель из новой коллекции, вам её помогут подобрать.

Если вы стремитесь приобрести по скидке модель из старой коллекции, это также можно сделать. В компании моментальная доставка. После того, как вы оформите заказ, с вами свяжется менеджер и уточнит адрес доставки. Важно выделить, что доставка по столице происходит в день заказа.

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Оплату вы можете провести через банк. При желании сформировать заказ можно позвонив в контакт-центр или через веб-портал, перейдя на, где оформление товаров проходит моментально.

The charge is for Active, a common portal for running race registrations. They cleverly bury in the race sign ups their membership, and even if you decline, you may (as I did) got charged $79.95. They finally agreed to refund the bogus charge after hard selling me for 5 minutes on it (well, since you've got it now you might as well keep it....). Going to complain to the Rock N Roll race people as well as it was when I signed up for their race.

В наши дни достаточно организаций занимаются комплексным проектированием композитных материалов. В этой нише на данный момент появилось невероятное количество новых компаний. Однако, не все новые фирмы обладают технологиями, которыми обладает компания ПК «Полимерстрой18». Эта фирма есть лидером в отрасли изготовления продукции на основе композитных материалов. Более точную информацию о [url=]плитка полимерная для тротуаров[/url] реально получить на нашем сайте.

На вы можете узнать всё о том, как используется полимер-песчаная продукция. Много людей сегодня занимаются переработкой полимер-стекольных изделий. Если вы хотите создать инновационный бизнес на основе вторичного сырья, вас может привлечь вторичная переработка авто покрышек.

Сегодня не только в США, но и в Российской Федерации очень развита переработка мусора. Кроме этого, вторичная переработка композитов набирает популярность во многих регионах РФ. Ныне вторичная переработка полимеров предоставляет возможность создать на основе переработанных материалов агропромышленное оборудование. В РФ переработка материалов является не просто знаменитым направлением, но и позволяет построить высокорентабельный бизнес. С помощью такого бизнеса реально помогать обществу бороться с экологическими проблемами, а также получить большие деньги.

К сожалению, сейчас далеко не все осведомлены, где принимают шины на переработку. Если вам необходимо избавиться от старых шин, вы легко можете переработать их. Если вы планируете сделать своё предприятие, в основе которого будет созданный рентабельный бизнес для переработки отходов, можете не сомневаться в том, что у вас всё получится. На работают талантливые специалисты, которые смогут проинформировать вас по любым вопросам. Вы можете позвонить по телефону +7(3412)540-004, где вам детально ответят на любые ваши вопросы. Если вы находитесь в Ижевске, оптимально будет приехать по адресу г. Ижевск, ул. Клубная, 24, где сотрудники фирмы смогут подробно рассказать об услугах компании.

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Из полимеров сейчас активно создают плитку. Также вас может привлечь изготовление люков канализационных, которые реально положить во дворе. В фирме вам смогут подсказать, лючки каких размеров оптимально приобретать. Если вы только планируете проект двора, вам также могут посоветовать, какое количество лючков оптимально использовать на вашей территории.

На без особых проблем вы сможете купить канализационные лючки пластиковые и [url=]линия изготовление полимерпесчаный изделия[/url] . Если какие-то товары вы не можете оплатить моментально, нет проблем! Вы можете обсудить с менеджерами организации условия лизинга. Если по каким-то причинам вам понадобится отсрочка платежа, менеджеры могут предоставить вам её. В фирме также есть сервисное обслуживание. При необходимости менеджеры предприятия могут предоставить на всё оборудование сертификаты.

Сотрудники компании работают не первый месяц. Они в сжатые сроки консультируют и смогут найти подход к каждому клиенту. Даже если вам не могут помочь выбрать в других организациях оборудование для производства полимерпесчаной плитки, менеджеры ПК «Полимерстрой18» помогут вам с этим. По разным вопросам вы также можете звонить к менеджерам по горячей линии.

This organization serves as a tool for online donations for different organizations. Here is their website: I made a donation to cyclists raising money for Tanzania. I had to look this up, because I did not recognize the transaction when it came through as ACT donation. Legitimate.

A valid charge for my membership at the Macomb Family YMCA.

Привет хочу познакомится с серьезным мужчиной мои фотки тут

Charge from for a race I registered for. Legit.

Legit charge for a Sports Physical fee through our high school banker.

The charge was for aftercare registration for my daughter provided through parks and recreation in Maryland

Мы ценим Ваше время и делим с Вами общие цели. Продвижение Вашего продукта для нас главный приоритет. Наши услуги: Базы для Xrumer на заказ Продвигаем сайты в ТОП-10 Заказажите продвижение Вашей услуги. Писать в ICQ 726166382


This showed up on my credit card and I thought it was fraud. Turned out it was the registration for my daughter in the color run 5k. It's legit.

Town of Gilbert (AZ) swim lessons I didn't recognize it at first so I am thankful for this website helping me figure it out.

Local Little League signup for 6-10 year old in South Dakota.

I bought a golf club from a golf course. I was not charged by the golf course but through ACT for the same amount. This charge is legit in my case.

UCSB rec cent. It seems to be a billing gateway provider

Legit charge. This was for my son's swimming lessons through the city parks and rec department.

Smith Richardson Golf Course uses this

thank you for all the postings!!! I signed up for a 5k and got a $64.95 charge. called the 877 number and they cancelled it and did a 100 percent refund. I am going to contact the program that ran the race and let them know.

This was a charge for signing my kids up for baseball through the st. paul, mn parks and rec program.

High School class fees, that I purchased. This is legitimate.

At first I was convinced that this was a fraud--the "opt in" box that I see in so many complaints here--but then I got through to the customer service line listed on the bank charge and the friendly person on the other end of the line explained that this is the charge for my local city gym membership. When the payment is pending it shows as act*registration + the phone number. Once the payment goes through it will show the city name + the gym membership.

It was a $10.00 charge for a Hot Air Ballon ride in the City of Irvine.

San Diego Bumble Bee 5K Run

I see a lot of comments about "children" & "legit" on this site. I just want everyone to know, I do not have a child & I do not live in California where my transaction was "made". This is fraud!!! Before you start reading about how legit these people are, I hope you read my post & the post about how they took $146.73 from me. I live in North Carolina and have for 10+ years. Beware of the comments made, could be made by the ones actually doing the scam!!! This is fraud!!!

Phoenix Public Library - legit charge

I bought a 20.00 puch card when we took the family ice skating. After reading thru these post's it clicked what the charge was for. Very Helpful info site.

Mine was: ACT*DalyCityLibRec At first, I thought it was suspicious, but then remembered that I paid for a monthly swimming pass w/ my cc at my local high school. Legit charge.

Washington State auto tab renewal via the DOL web site.

This is a ridiculous! I too was charged $64.59! What brothers me most is that my donation was originally made for a young girl I knew who was desperately I'll with cancer! How does this sort of thing happen? Makes me soooo angry! Wonder how many people get ripped off this way and don't realize it. Active Network you suck! How dare you!!

I made camping reservations in September, and then got the email about the "free trial" after that. I didn't pay it much attention, as most "free trials" you have to sign up for, however this past week I had a charge for $64.95 taken from my checking account. I looked online about this and found this site, got the number and called them today. They were very nice, asked no questions, gave no additional sales pitch, and the money was back in my account by this afternoon...even tho they advised it would be 3-5 business days and I would receive a confirmation email.. that I have not yet received. I don't think it's a scam, I think I didn't pay attention when I registered for camping online and didn't uncheck a box or something.

ACT MECH RECREATION 877-228-4881 CA is Mechanicsburg Recreation Department Swimming Pool

I want to thank everyone for your posts regarding ACT. My daughter and 4 of her friends signed up for a charity run using my cc. I just got my cc bill with the charges through ACT on it and while I know these are legit, because of your posts, I now know to keep a close watch on further cc bills for any extra charges ACT may try to bill me for. Thank you all!!

Soccer team registration

This was a legitimate charge for city golf course pro shop purchase. I didn't realize they used this company to process payments. Our city park was listed in the name and helped narrow down what it was for. Did not call the number listed.

My latest American Express card showed a charge for over $200, incurred on 28 April 2014. I looked at my calendar and realized that I had paid some overdue utility bills online with AMEX on the City of Bellingham [WA] website. At the time I made online payment, the COB website said--which I made a print-out of--that my credit card would show "ACT*CITY-BELLINGHAM 877-228-4881 CA", which is exactly what my AMEX bill showed, so this charge is entirely legitimate.

Just realized that my local rec center in Denver uses this company for my membership,

My daughter registered for a 5k and the system prompts for an email address to confirm the registration - but by doing this you accept a $59.95 year membership. Contacted Active.COM at the indicated phone number and was told a credit would be issued.

City of Santa Clara Parks and Rec class fee

Baseball registration for my 7yr. Thanks to this site I figured it out.

I rented a community center to hold my son's first birthday party. The city's website routed me to this company's website when I paid for the rental. Legitimate.

Local Rec Center membership fee. :) Thanks for those who posted earlier. . . it helped me figure out what on earth this was!!

We bought pumpkins at the Springfield, MO parks department pumpkin patch and the date and amount of the charge matches the date and amount on our bank statement. I'm thinking they used an account that they use for 5k events so it looks legitimate for us at least.

A charge showed up on my bank account from them after I went ice skating at the Mediacom rink for the same amount, so I'm assuming that is what it is from for my particular case.

Legitimate but shady business practices. They charged me the $59.99 membership fee since I didn't click on a hidden "opt out" button when making another purchase. They refunded me, but still very unethical practices.

I questioned this charge and then after finding this website realized it was from when I signed up for membership at the Rose Bowl Acquatics Center in Pasadena

Never signed up for anything related to this. FRAUD-BEWARE

Turned out to be a charge from City Hall of Fayetteville, NC

Used by the Tippecanoe county, IN pool and concessions stand.

I was mystified by this charge, which first showed up as "ACT Registration," and then in our bank account as ACT*SprGreene C . We finally figured out that we had gone ice skating at Mediacom Ice Park here in Springfield, MO, which is owned by the county park board. Mystery solved, with the help of this page!

Showed up on my card statement. Didn't recognize the company. Dug into it and it was from a charitable donation I made to a friends campaign - she collects for charity to sponsor her races.

I thought this was fraudulent as well. After talking to them I found out my children's safekey program uses this company to process their payments.

Paid for daughters HS yearbook and PE clothes. Also freaked out at first when I didn't recognize the name. Once I saw all the school related charges posted above, I remembered.

Apparently, this is the company that our local Girl's Softball Association uses to process payment for registration. Since the company is out of California, and I'm in Texas, I thought my card had been stolen. Now I have to call my bank back, have them allow the payment to go through and wait for new card to come in the mail. Fun. Fun.

City of Chicago Park District class registration fee. Legitimate.

Its how my city charged me for the daddy/daughter dance tickets I purchased.

I just got charged 22.00 for ACT REGISTRATION and it had the phone number as well. After reading some posts I realized it was the 22.00 from last night when we went ice skating. I guess seeing the word ACT (as in testing) alarmed me. But it is ok.

I was worried at first about the ACT*registration charge at first but remembered this is a charge from my gym membership I sign up for every month. It just a little weird because they do not have the name of gym so it throws u off

I just received the same charge from: POS DEBIT ACT*REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA for $54.00. Traced it to Active Advantage. Only item that I used this site for was to DONATE to Pink Vail (a Breast Cancer benefit for Shaw Regional Cancer Center). Are they seriously allowed to scam people that are donating money? Can't believe this is legal.

Was curious when i noticed this generic ACT LLB $65 charge on my statement. It happened to be for my child's sports team registration. It was a legit charge.

Such a shame that many legitimate organizations use to have people sign up for their events and services. Yes, the races, events and teams are legitimate. But unknowingly entering you into an annual subscription for a service and not even sending you a confirmation of "your new membership" is NOT. It is a SCAM. I have been able to track 2 charges of around $60, one in 2012 and one in 2013, and I have only 3 emails relating to the original race event, and NO email whatsoever that I am a member of Now how is that, in these days that every (legitimate) company wants you in your records and have your email and sends you almost weekly updates to keep you as a customer? All people here who claim that this is legitimate, are wasting their money, or they are dummies.

I found my credit card charged $254 and it shows "ACT*SantaClara" in the credit card statement. It turns out to be the fee of Santa Clara recreation classes for my kid.

This showed up on my statement as ACT*ACTIVE NETWORK for the charge of $64.95. I am requesting a refund and canceling the account.

I saw this on my credit card statement and it startled me at first. Then I realized that I donated money to a charity marathon that a friend of mine is running. It wasn't a registration charge for me to sign up for a marathon! It was a donation I made for my friend. This charge (at least in my case) is legitimate.

Race charge. Thought it was fraud but it is correct.

Well I have a great memory. I know I did not sign up for this membership. It was not in the terms for signing up. What they did was put a popup window option on the screen after I registered. It did not have a no or "No Thank you" option button just an "X" to close the box. So apparently they are signing people up even when they close the box. Isn't this fraudulent? Essentially they are forcing people to sign up even when they do not want to, by giving them no other option. I never had a problem with this site previously, before they put that window on there. How do companies get away with this nonsense?

My charge said POS DEBIT ACT*REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA. It was for $5. I could not figure out for the life of me what it could have been... Had not run any 5k's, had been to no recreation centers as listed above. As I was about to call the number, I remembered that we had been to a party at a state park over the weekend, and the $5 was the entrance fee.

This company is charging annual membership when you pay for some other charges, basically they have tie-up with some events where they will automatically sign you up for their membership. If you failed to look your credit card statement and they make money.

saw a charge to my credit card on my acct, was for the Rock Island, Illinois White Water Junction / water park.

It was a donation for Back on My Feet New York Triathlon. Forgot about it. It is legit.

An ACT ACTIVE NETWORK membership fee of $69.95 appeared on my charge card after I cancelled the 30-day trial. I called before the 30 days ended and was told I would not be charged for a membership, but they went ahead and did it anyway. When I saw the charge on my statement, I called them back. They were very pleasant and cooperative and issued a credit. Their game is to offer a free trial but still go ahead and charge a membership fee. They are pleasant and polite but they are counting on you to not look at your charge card statement and not call them. I am sure that trick works in many cases. Be careful with this company!

Mine was a contribution to the Chrohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. My credit card statement said ACT-CCFA, which I didn't immediately recognize.

I have used to register for various races, and it seems they added on this membership fee (which I didn't request). I called the number that appeared on my credit card statement, and they gave me no hassles about reversing the charge.

Unauthorized additional charge for a race entry fee. This is an annual fee for being able to sign up for race events. I called and asked for a refund. A very poor business model.

I called the number available on my bank statement. Turns out the charges are from me taking the kids to a city pool and then again for using the concession stand inside. Whew! Legit charges... thank goodness!

This is a legitimate company that handles registration fees and monthly fees for public facilities that serve the community (including the YMCA and other services which would fall under the blanket of Social Services). The YMCA in the Indianapolis area, where I currently reside, has recently moved to using this service to handle their monthly membership fees. It's similar to smaller corporations using other companies to handle employee insurance and payroll. It's more cost effective because the small corporation doesn't have to pay for more employees to handle the volume of paperwork...etc. It is not a scam.

Chula Vista Parks and Recreation uses this when registering online for public classes that are being held. Line on statement reads: ACT*CITYOFCHULAVISTA 877-228-4881

Charge came up as payment for tot time pass at local gym. No problems for us so far. Legitimate.

A charge for $15.00 appeared as ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK. It was us visiting our local community center, paying the daily fee for using the pool.

I freaked out a bit when I saw a pending charge from this company! However, after scrolling thru all of the responses on here, I found one I could relate to. My husband went golfing yesterday and there was no "charge" from the golf course, but the same amount he spent golfing showed up as "ACTIVE." I'm no longer concerned! I've had my bank account compromised twice and was ready to flip out!

City of Pacifica in California, Recreation division for swimming lesson

The Kroc Center in Omaha apparently uses ACT to process their guest fees. I wasn't sure what this charge was for until reading this thread. Thanks!

HERE IS THE ANSWER: ACT is just a Bank Card transaction company. I traced the charges back to my local community center for my son's tennis lessons! I told them they need to put a sign up or an explanation of charges next to the debit/credit card reader that the charges will read: ACT (your city usually) and the company number. OR, ACT needs to get their ACT together, and at least POST the name of the company or center the charge originated from. "Marin Community Center" would have explained everything. What a headache!

This is a legit charge. My park district uses active for gym and pool memberships. I didn't recognize it either and thought you all should know.😀

I got a charge for 29.83 on my account today. I know for a fact I didn't sign up for anything when I registered for my race. My processing fee was only 48 cents so I didn't even think about checking any boxes. They just decided to randomly attempt to charge my card some more money 4 days later. Thankfully though my credit card company (chase sapphire) flagged the charge and declined it. I don't have to worry about trying to get a refund or anything else. And they are sending me a new card with a new account number so I know I won't have to worry about anything if they attempt to do this again.

Bottom line is that this ticket processing site. (Active / is fraudulent but gets away with it because it would appear anytime they get caught they immediately return the money.

Just want to reiterate what others have mentioned. I found a $64.95 fee on my debit card today that happened to have been processed yesterday. I didn't recognize the entry -- which by the way looks like this: ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK 877-228-4881 CA -- so I googled the associated phone number and the first entry that came up was, where this has happened to lots of people. I called the number, asked what was what, and was told that I had never canceled something I don't recall signing up for in the first place. Huh? I joined a cross-country ski club here in Madison, WI, and the club uses to process the membership payment online. Apparently there is fine print about trying out "" -- whatever it is or does -- for 30 days or something in order to receive discounts on races and who knows what else. BUT if you don't cancel your "subscription," you will be charged a hefty $64.95 a full year AFTER you unintentionally signed up for it (and certainly forgot about a year later). To be fair, the person at told me my card would be refunded within three business days. But the cost for a phantom membership was twice the amount of the stupid ski club I wanted to join in the first place! And if I hadn't checked my bank account, I'd be out 65 bucks for something I've never used, heard of, or know anything about!

Quick question: why must it take three days to process? Seriously? I am quite confident that if I purchased something from today, that transaction would go through immediately, not three days from now. Either way, I'm out 65 bucks for the time being.

The upshot: I'm glad they will refund my account without the hassle (though you best be believing I will be checking my checking account to make sure follows through!), but what a pain in the ass and very probably sneaky/unethical business model! For that alone I will never use anything associated or in partnership with Is that the bottom line of -- do nothing and they will charge you a fee?!?

Thanks to mention of gym above I realized this was a charge for gym membership at local community/ senior center in So Cal.

ACT 877-228-4881 in Chesterfield:Used to process your payment when signing up for a class at our local park and recreations center. Thank you all for helping me figure this out. ~Meme

So many of you people are soooo blind. I can agree that the initial charges for camps, recreation, ice skating, etc. can be legit. It's the unauthorized follow-up charge or charges ONE MONTH LATER that are the fraud-type transactions that's the basis of the complaints on this blog. Check you statement charges exactly one month apart.

I am showing a charge on my credit card that is UNAUTHORIZED. You can contact me at 816-419-7054.. Not at all happy about this!

Although the charge for the activity you signed up for is legitimate, the $64.95 1 year subscription charge that shows up on your credit card statement in about a month is a fraudulent charge. I don’t care what says, I did not agree to anything when I signed up for the activity. I plan on contacting the BBB as well as this is clearly unethical/illegal behavior. I have also contacted the activity that I registered for as I’m sure that they will be hearing from their customers in mass. If you are from ACTIVE.COM and reading this, you better be ready for bankruptcy because customers will be dropping your service in droves and I’m sure lawsuits will follow.

Signed our daughter up for swimming lessons through Boys & Girls club. This is the associated charge.

Just read carefully before you submit. They try to sneak in the annual membership fee but it's not required to register for your event.

Signed up for a The Color Run exactly a year ago. Credit card company is taking the 64.95 off and handling it for me. bless their little hearts

My sons Little League registration was run through ACT. Took me a little digging to figure this out.

I was suspicious of this charge, until I realized it was for my wife's gym membership. 100% legitimate. The Active Network offers a lot of informatin about these charges on their website:

I was also charged with $64.95 for the annual membership fee. Like most, I was unaware of the charge. I signed up for the run or dye 5k run and kept receiving emails from them and only thought that I was subscribed to them. However, if you call their number they make it quick. The representative I talked to was very nice about it and it look only about 3-5 minutes.

Our son's highschool uses this company for school fees.

ACT*WATERSIDE AGENCY 877-288-4881 CA Charge for an upcoming race, registered through Legitimate.

I received this charge, ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK 877-228-4881 CA. It's from the website. I signed up for 2 races in the past and was hit a mysterious charge of $64.95. I called the number and option 2 on their phone line is for customers with a $64.95 charge on their account. Clearly this is a common issue. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes, I was informed that I was a Active Member and it's a membership fee. If you sign up for a race through you are automatically added as a member and they will use your credit card to charge you a fee at a later date. If you don't want to be a member you are supposed to select a box that says "opt out". Never saw this option or anything advising me my card would be charged an additional membership fee. This company is scamming people. I'm lucky I looked into this charge, I can't imagine how much money they've scammed from people overseeing it.

School library used this company to pay late fees they are a processing company not a scam

I saw a suspicious charge for $30 on my credit card, and could not think of anything I signed up for online that would have been for $30. Turns out my husband went golfing and the golf course used this for their transaction processing.

SPARC Summer Camp registration fee. Took me a minute to realize what the charge was.

Registration fee for a self-defense course. Legit.

I am professional photographer, and this charge showed up as ACT*Registration 877-228-4881. This is for the fee that the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens charges per hour to shoot professionally in the gardens. This is a legit charge.

Daddy/Daughter dance registration. Legitimate.

This was a charge for my Daughter's Basketball Camp Registration.

Original chart for $13 for a city water park - which was legit. But then a charge of $64.95 showed up about a week later. I don't understand how this is legal at all. I never signed anything besides the receipt for $13 at the water park. This organization should be shut down. registration fees for sporting activities, such as 5K, 10K, marathons, etc.

$28 for golf, didn't realize they used this company

This was so helpful! I live in FL- so when I saw a charge for ACT online in California -I immediately thought it was fraud- turned out it was my kids' sports registration. They use this out of state company.

ACT*MK. Thought it was fraud. Started reading through these. Realized the charge was for my son's soccer (MK = Milwaukee Kickers)

community center fee

After finding the charge on my bank statement, I searched the web and came upon this site. One of the posts help me to discover that the $102 monthly charge was for our family YMCA membership. I didn't make the connection because the charge description didn't say anything about YMCA and the charge had increased $30/month. Not happy that YMCA did this without informing me and I will be giving them an earful tomorrow morning.

I signed up for a race and this charge came a month later. it was 68.48 CAD. Visa helped me put in a dispute.
Their phone number doesn't work and I'm waiting for an email response. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

I paid for a massage at the YMCA. I thought this was a fraudulent charge when I saw ACT registration but after looking into it more, I realized that this transaction was for the massage. I guess a lot of places are using this website and not notifying their patrons. Hope this helps. automatically charged me a membership fee 30 days after I signed up for a race. Instead of calling the 877 number listed on my bank statement, I called the toll free number, 888-543-7223. Within 15 minutes, I was connected to a person who is reversing the fee.

We registed for a race through, so the charge is legit for us.

Jump to the conclusion, the charge was legit. I had this charge on our card as "ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK 877-228-4881 CA. Got so angry thinking this must be some fraud or scam. I did some research but then got more qustions after reading this explainations of sports event relating this company since I had no sports activity that would caused this charge. Right before running to the bank to claim a fraud, found out that my city which is in Washington state uses this California company's service for utility billing. I was so embarrased that i already called their service center, claiming I did nothing that caused this charge.

Paid for lunch at McClellan Ranch (public park) cafe in Cupertino, CA. Legitimate.

This was a legitimate charge. I registered my two sons for a race that supported Special Olympics and the $66.55 on my credit card was for this event. I didn't recognize it at first so I am thankful for this website helping me figure it out.

I found the accounts here very helpful; it's how I figured out this was a totally legit thing and was payment for my children's park district swimming. I also appreciate the warning about possible later charges. I'll be on the lookout.

Bought a 10 round driving range package @ Nokomis Golf Course (Minneapolis, MN). Legitimate.

8 dollars for entry to my local rec center.

Appears to be the charge for signing my daughter up for little league fall ball. Ironically, I noticed it, literally, in the middle of registering my son for his ACT. I was starting to think I must have registered him last month in some sort of fugue state. Anyway, it's legit... if confusing.

Legit charge. This was for my son's soccer lessons through the city parks and rec department.

Zombie Mud Run - 5k registration fee

My bank charge says " ACT*RDLL 877-228-4881 CA " and it took me forever to figure out it was signing my son up for Rainier District Little League!

I registered my son for soccer and this is the change, which is correct.

I almost called my credit card to report fraud. Then I realized after others comments this was for my newphew's Football Camp.

Legit charge from for a race registration.

A charge of $64.95 showed up on my bank statement this morning. After calling them I was told it was an annual fee that kicked in when I made ticket reservations for Hearst Castle! I agree with a previous comment, this is a very BAD business model.

I didn't recognize it either - it's the company our local parks and rec uses and we charged a pool membership.

I reserved a camping spot from Camp America, and in the fine print there was a little box that comes pre-checked, and if you do not uncheck the box, you are signed up and charged $64.95. I called the phone number associated with the charge, and they said the full refund will be in my account within 3-5 business days.

This is the second time this has posted to my debit card. The first time I warned them I would be filing a complaint with the ATtorney General's Office. Apparently they didn't take that threat too seriously as they have posted yet another charge. I don't do races, so don't know why they think they can ding my card. Complaint is being filed with AG of Washington Stage today.

Its a 3rd party credit card processing service. I received 2 charges for the same amount on my debit card. I thought it was a fraudulent charge. It turn out to be the service the park district uses to process their day care service charges. I have 2 boys and completely forgot they run the charges on the first of the month.

I was charged $146.73 on my debit card. I have not clicked on anything or made any donation, I DON'T even know who or what this organization is (except for what I have read here). I called my bank to cancel my card/account because this is considered theft to me. They left only a few dollars the account they took the money from!!!! I have asked the bank to press charges after they do further investigation!!! They are crediting me back my funds but they also pulled up this website & promised me that they are definitely looking into this case/situation so others will not have the same happen to them.

I had this charge on my card as "ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK 877-228-4881 CA". The company is The Active Network, Inc. ( is a site that helps all kind of race and event companies process and manage their registrations. My son participated in several Triathlons 3 years ago and registered on-line with my credit card. I didn't catch this charge until yesterday. This should help (see below). I called and the phone rep was able to provide a full refund (within 3 business days) to my card. Some advice - be pleasant, state your case kindly and your experience will be a pleasant one. This particular rep offered to refund the last 2 years of charges...that was a complete surprise!

Q: How do I receive a refund for my ACTIVE Advantage membership?

A: To request a refund for your ACTIVE Advantage membership, please contact our customer support team at or by phone at 866-561-0647 (between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm PST). With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if at any time during your annual membership you are not completely satisfied, we’ll cancel your membership and give you a pro-rated refund for any unused months - no questions asked!

It took me a bit to figure it out, but this was a legit charge from our local parks and recreation department for a summer camp.

Wrestling team registration

Our parks and recreation department uses this 3rd party company to process payments. Our charge was for a park activity.

Local Rec Center. Legitimate.

no idea this showed up on dec 7th 2012 and I never purchased anything that day for it.

ACT*City of Cedar 877-228-4881.

Just saw this charge and freaked out about it, but after talking to my wife about it, she did reserve a pavilion at a local park with the City of Cedar Park (TX) for our sons bday party last week. So looks like it it legit.

I observed this charge on my bank statement 30 days after signing up with and reserving a campsite for the summer.

I recall seeing a reference to this, but I thought I did what was necessary to prevent it from charging my account.

At any rate I called the number listed above (866-561-0647) and it was no hassle getting it charged back to my account. It's irritating that my account went negative as a result, but at least they didn't give me the run around. They must get 1000s of calls a day regarding this.

Thought this was fraud. Turns out my daughter's middle school uses ACT to process online transactions for purchases at the student store. Legitimate charge.

thought it was a fraud, but realized our local pool must use this company.

My credit card was charged $65 on November 4th. I went back through my account activity and figured out this charge was for the Del Mar Mud Run held on October 5th. Not sure why it took a month for this to show up as a charge but it is legitimate.

I signed up for a marathon and was charged an additional $65 a month later for a "annual fee". I feel this company is unethical by charging a monthly fee without confirmation from me.

Fraud!!! Bought tickets then month later the 64.95 charge. Can't figure out how they can keep doing this!! Suppose to get credit but what a scam! I usually don't have that much in checking and this could have made another legit charge bounce

My local public schools use this company to process their online web store orders (yearbook, PE clothes, sports donations, etc etc). Legit.

for me it was a POOL PASS, local parks and recreation... just didn't know why it said CA instead of FL where i live


I saw this charge appear on my bank statement as ACT SM-Activities, called my bank and explained I did not recall doing business with this company. So about an hour later, and with much embarrassment, I came to find out the charge is legit. Apparently Santa Monica Parks & Recreation Department uses this company to charge the fee for park reservations. Wish the city would have disclosed that the reservation fee would appear as ACT. Lost an hour of my life that I will never be able to get back!!!!

I didn't notice the little opt out box and was charged the 64.95 fee when I registered for an event. However, I called them and they were very nice and took the charge off. Sure wish they'd make those boxes a little bigger!

I have one that show on our statement as ACT*Registration for $49.00 and it is for my local community recreation center monthly membership. This is the first time I saw it and didn't put 2&2 together. They could have been a little clearer about where the charge came from.

Hope this helps some.

This is a ridiculous! I too was charged $64.59! What brothers me most is that my donation was originally made for a young girl I knew who was desperately I'll with cancer! How does this sort of thing happen? Makes me soooo angry! Wonder how many people get ripped off this way and don't realize it. Active Network you suck! How dare you!!

registered for a race (which was legit) didn't check off membership and then two months later unsubscribed their email solicitations and got charged a month later. I called and they said they would refund the 64.95. This is poor business and a total SCAM luckily I check every item I'm charged or never would have picked up on it! Be careful!

Monthly charge for City Athletic facilities

After spending time with a very helpful representative I realized it was for a volleyball team registration I had made. Ooops - don't assume it's bad!

Our city must have used this company for a charge to the "snow day" for kids last week. Thanks for helping me figure this out, everyone who posted before me! Odd way to charge it, but now I know.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As

  • POS Debit ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA
  • Visa Check Card ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA MC
  • Misc. Debit ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA