Learn about the "Act Registration 877 228 4881 Ca" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on April 21, 2012, Last updated on October 6, 2022

What is it?

ACT*REGISTRATION 877-228- 4881 CA 08/15/12 I did not sign up for a membership to this company. I don't know how you got my credit card, but I suspect you used it because I paid for a past race event using that card. I just now was able to reach one of your phone agents and she explained this ruse to me. I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and strongly recommend you cease from this manner of charging folks for something they didn't sign up for.

Black Berry Farm swimming pool entrance fee.

At first I thought it was an unauthorized charge but then I remembered that my YMCA notified me a month prior via email that they were changing their membership registration system to ACTIVE Network. It turned out just to be a name change on my YMCA membership charge. The email read as follows:

We are excited to announce that, on August 3, 2015, the YMCA will upgrade our member registration system to ACTIVE Network®. With ACTIVE Network®, you can register for activities at the Y online, allowing you to quickly and easily sign up for Y programs, view availability for member benefit classes, update payment information and more. This easy-to-use system is here to better serve you.

You May Notice a Change on Your Bank Statement: Your bank statements may no longer reflect a deduction from the YMCA; instead, depending on your financial institution, you may see it posted as ACTIVE Network, YMCA-ACT, or ACT. The upgrade to ACTIVE Network® will not affect the actual amount of your payment.

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We were charged $59.95 a month after registering for a race having a similar line description on our credit card statement. This was a charge for something we did not intentionally sign up for.

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I signed up for a Marathon a few weekends ago and then this charge mysteriously appeared. I called the number listed on the card and it looks like I must have been signed up for this $59.95/mo membership (which I did not intentionally sign up for). If you call them they remove it with no hassle but it's still a crock. I never signed up for a monthly membership!

The YMCA uses this company to take monthly automated payments from your credit card for your gym membership.

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Community Center used this website to charge an entrance fee for the day. I couldn't figure it out at first but some of the other posts about "events/activities/clubs" reminded me of what it was.

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It was a charge from our local rec center. I thought it was fraud too, but once I researched I found out it was the charge for my son to attend summer camps at the recreation centers in my town. I agree with one of the other postings on this matter, it would help if the centers posted that they use "ACT" to charge debit and credit card or if signing up by phone to have the employee who is taking your information inform you what ACT is.

Paying to get into a gym we don't have a membership to.

This is not just a "race charge." This is most definitely a SCAM. I signed up for a race in 2012 and apparently was charged $59.95 a month later. I received email confirmation and a receipt of $30 for signing up for the race, but never received ANY notices that an annual fee was taken out of my account, or an email confirmation that I signed up for an annual subscription to I was charged $64.95 again a year later in May.

I was charged once on thanksgiving for 26.00, then again on christmas day for $117.00. I thought that was funny on both holidays and I knew I hadnt gone anywhere so I did some checking and found thta they said I bought a runners guide membership, then a gym membership! Thats funny the last thing i do is exercise, I probably should like everyone else but i certainly never bought those items. Fraud fraud fraud! Beware. When I finally called and reported it to my credit card company, there was another $95.00 charge coming out that day! Unbelievable! The credit card company said this company is being investigated for phishing scams so watch your info peoples!

I signed up for the color run about a few months prior. I did not sign up for the membership this is fraud and I'm contacting 877-228-4881 tomorrow for my $64 refund

I happen to be checking my bank statement for something else and came across these charges. I have been charged for 2 amounts every month since October 2013. The total amount which has been taken from my bank account unauthorized is more than $1,600

This was for my Colorado Fishing License. I was confused at first - thanks to everyone who posted here.

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I immediately went to a search engine and put in the name: ACT*ACTIVE-NETW xxx-xxx-4881 CA. When I read the explanations here, I remembered that I recently registered for a Blacklight Run in Denver. The amount charged matched up. Thank you to everyone who mentioned the races and events they had registered for. Saved me a lot of worry.

This organization serves as a tool for online donations for different organizations. Here is their website: I made a donation to cyclists raising money for Tanzania. I had to look this up, because I did not recognize the transaction when it came through as ACT donation. Legitimate.

Campsites and cabin rental in Colorado - legitimate, they organize racing type events, runs, triathlons, etc

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We were charged this as an extra fee when we signed my grandson up for a FirstTee class. We were charged by them for the class fee, but then they added a $65 unauthorized charge. Very unethical.

YMCA-YWCA gym membership monthly auto-charge

My daughter's middle school dance registration which is put on by our local city/parks/rec center. Thanks for the posts I figured it out. If not I would have been calling because ACT in CA does not help me when I am in St. Louis, Mo and it was for a dance!

I signed up for a race through them THREE years ago and all of a sudden they charged me $79.95 today. I contacted them asap and was told it was a membership fee that I NEVER agreed to. I demanded they cancel the membership and refund the $79.95, which thankfully they did. Scam scam scam.

We signed our boys up through one of our city's community centers. This is a legit charge.

I reserved a campsite just before the hurricane and the part, apparently through Active whatever it was, which was cancelled that weekend. Then, the charge of 79.95 appeared on my credit card. What a scam. I will never do that again. This has made me more aware of this sort of scam and to read all the fine print. Thanks, All, for posting -- and giving the right number.

Saw this charge on my account statement for $22.00. After reading the comments here, figured out it could only be for ice skating at my local rink the night before. The problem is, skating only cost me $18. I have no idea why they charged me $22.00. Only $4 more, but still....given all the complaints of people being scammed by them on this page, it's outrageous they are still in operation and allowed to do what they want. Will be giving them a call and filing a complaint.

Legit charge. This was for my son's swimming lessons through the city parks and rec department.

Hahahaha, what a comical this YouTube record is! I am still laughing, thanks to admin of this site who had posted at this website.

Gym membership auto-debit.

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I signed up my son for Baseball and my City's Park and Rec Department used this company to process the charge.

Was for my Live Scan Fingerprinting Service through our city's Police Dept.

The charge is for Active, a common portal for running race registrations. They cleverly bury in the race sign ups their membership, and even if you decline, you may (as I did) got charged $79.95. They finally agreed to refund the bogus charge after hard selling me for 5 minutes on it (well, since you've got it now you might as well keep it....). Going to complain to the Rock N Roll race people as well as it was when I signed up for their race.

I signed my child up for tball. A month later was charged an additional fee of $64.95 from this company. So disappointed. Charges are in the process of being reversed, but takes 7 to 10 days. What a rip off!

This was a legitimate charge for $20 to join our local recreation center.

It's usually a charge for parks & recreation, or something for the community. Such as sports registration, race/marathon registration, maybe you paid for an activity at a park, etc.

Mine showed up after paying the park for a drive through of Christmas lights. It was the only thing for that amount, but I went ahead and did some research and that's what it's for.

It seems when a good number of people sign up for race events, they will try to tack on a membership fee and see if they can get away with it. Though difficult to get ahold of, they will refund if you catch it.

I participate in activites and use facilities through the Chicago Park District. The charge always shows up under this name on my bank account when I sign up for swimming, exercise classes and so forth. It would probably help if the park district would make sure that's listed when it shows up on your account. I had to sit here for a while thinking of everything I did because I had no idea what this was.

My daughter registered for a 5k and the system prompts for an email address to confirm the registration - but by doing this you accept a $59.95 year membership. Contacted Active.COM at the indicated phone number and was told a credit would be issued.

Smith Richardson Golf Course uses this

I got hit with the $64.95 charge as well and it is, indeed, a total scam. I must have used the payment processor "active" to donate money for a race and this amount is the "yearly membership fee" I supposedly would have signed up for. I did not sign up, naturally, as most others here and I called and am getting a refund for supposed "cancellation of my membership". The woman knew exactly why I was calling, it's a total scam. I wrote to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and all of you who had this charge should too. Imagine how much money they make off of people who don't notice or don't call. It is absolutely horrendous and anyone who ever used them should carefully check their credit card accounts.

It's a credit card processor and the charge was legitimate for a golf round I paid for. Rather than listing the transaction for the golf course, the charge showed it was from ACT.

Confusing, but not criminal.

ACT*SantaClara 877-228-4881 CA 92121 US

This was used by the City of Santa Clara to charge a fee for swimming lessons.

This charge is for the Irvine Orange Balloon ride at the park that they are building its legit don't trip

The charge was for aftercare registration for my daughter provided through parks and recreation in Maryland

This was a charge for signing my kids up for baseball through the st. paul, mn parks and rec program.

CBD oils advice site race event registration.

I found the accounts here very helpful; it's how I figured out this was a totally legit thing and was payment for my children's park district swimming. I also appreciate the warning about possible later charges. I'll be on the lookout.

Charge was legit ... Columbus Color Run ... Though not happy that it went through a company that tricks people into a useless discount program. Many thanks for the contact info.

I freaked out as I found a $128.00 on our credit card right after the news of the Equifax hacking came out. But after some digging and comparing notes with my husband we figured out that it was legit. Ours was for a charge to a camp ground that we recently stayed at. The secret to figuring it out is to google what comes after the ACT on the description line. ours said ACTCOE PARKS AND REC so when I googled just COE PARKS AND REC it came up as Army Corps of Engineers and one of the possibilities was campground registration. Unfortunately I think they (ACT) are one of those generic companies that other companies go thru to run their charges so it isn't immediately clear when you see it what the heck it is.

thank you for all the postings!!! I signed up for a 5k and got a $64.95 charge. called the 877 number and they cancelled it and did a 100 percent refund. I am going to contact the program that ran the race and let them know.

Soccer team registration

Spend some time thinking about what you registered for. I thought it was fraud but it was a charge for my daughters Lax camp. Took me awhile....but thanks to others posts I was able to figure it out. This is not fraud.

Local Little League signup for 6-10 year old in South Dakota.

A charge for $15.00 appeared as ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK. It was us visiting our local community center, paying the daily fee for using the pool.

I made camping reservations in September, and then got the email about the "free trial" after that. I didn't pay it much attention, as most "free trials" you have to sign up for, however this past week I had a charge for $64.95 taken from my checking account. I looked online about this and found this site, got the number and called them today. They were very nice, asked no questions, gave no additional sales pitch, and the money was back in my account by this afternoon...even tho they advised it would be 3-5 business days and I would receive a confirmation email.. that I have not yet received. I don't think it's a scam, I think I didn't pay attention when I registered for camping online and didn't uncheck a box or something.

Legit charge for a Sports Physical fee through our high school banker.

ACT 877-228-4881 in Chesterfield:Used to process your payment when signing up for a class at our local park and recreations center. Thank you all for helping me figure this out. ~Meme

Mine was: ACT*DalyCityLibRec At first, I thought it was suspicious, but then remembered that I paid for a monthly swimming pass w/ my cc at my local high school. Legit charge.

I bought a 20.00 puch card when we took the family ice skating. After reading thru these post's it clicked what the charge was for. Very Helpful info site.

Such a shame that many legitimate organizations use to have people sign up for their events and services. Yes, the races, events and teams are legitimate. But unknowingly entering you into an annual subscription for a service and not even sending you a confirmation of "your new membership" is NOT. It is a SCAM. I have been able to track 2 charges of around $60, one in 2012 and one in 2013, and I have only 3 emails relating to the original race event, and NO email whatsoever that I am a member of Now how is that, in these days that every (legitimate) company wants you in your records and have your email and sends you almost weekly updates to keep you as a customer? All people here who claim that this is legitimate, are wasting their money, or they are dummies.

I was alarmed at this charge on my credit card. I found out it was from our local parks and recreation where I signed up my lil guy for gymnastics.

I bought a golf club from a golf course. I was not charged by the golf course but through ACT for the same amount. This charge is legit in my case.

Phoenix Public Library - legit charge

This showed up on my credit card and I thought it was fraud. Turned out it was the registration for my daughter in the color run 5k. It's legit.

At first I was convinced that this was a fraud--the "opt in" box that I see in so many complaints here--but then I got through to the customer service line listed on the bank charge and the friendly person on the other end of the line explained that this is the charge for my local city gym membership. When the payment is pending it shows as act*registration + the phone number. Once the payment goes through it will show the city name + the gym membership.

Legitimate but shady business practices. They charged me the $59.99 membership fee since I didn't click on a hidden "opt out" button when making another purchase. They refunded me, but still very unethical practices.

UCSB rec cent. It seems to be a billing gateway provider

Race charge. Thought it was fraud but it is correct.

This charge turned out to be a legitimate charge from my local recreation department for a class. I only found out because I was able to search my email for the dollar amount.

San Diego Bumble Bee 5K Run

City of Santa Clara Parks and Rec class fee

Apparently, this is the company that our local Girl's Softball Association uses to process payment for registration. Since the company is out of California, and I'm in Texas, I thought my card had been stolen. Now I have to call my bank back, have them allow the payment to go through and wait for new card to come in the mail. Fun. Fun.

My latest American Express card showed a charge for over $200, incurred on 28 April 2014. I looked at my calendar and realized that I had paid some overdue utility bills online with AMEX on the City of Bellingham [WA] website. At the time I made online payment, the COB website said--which I made a print-out of--that my credit card would show "ACT*CITY-BELLINGHAM 877-228-4881 CA", which is exactly what my AMEX bill showed, so this charge is entirely legitimate.

Its how my city charged me for the daddy/daughter dance tickets I purchased.

I got a charge for 29.83 on my account today. I know for a fact I didn't sign up for anything when I registered for my race. My processing fee was only 48 cents so I didn't even think about checking any boxes. They just decided to randomly attempt to charge my card some more money 4 days later. Thankfully though my credit card company (chase sapphire) flagged the charge and declined it. I don't have to worry about trying to get a refund or anything else. And they are sending me a new card with a new account number so I know I won't have to worry about anything if they attempt to do this again.

Bottom line is that this ticket processing site. (Active / is fraudulent but gets away with it because it would appear anytime they get caught they immediately return the money.

This is a legit charge. My park district uses active for gym and pool memberships. I didn't recognize it either and thought you all should know.😀

I was suspicious of this charge, until I realized it was for my wife's gym membership. 100% legitimate. The Active Network offers a lot of informatin about these charges on their website:

Baseball registration for my 7yr. Thanks to this site I figured it out.

ACT MECH RECREATION 877-228-4881 CA is Mechanicsburg Recreation Department Swimming Pool

A charge showed up on my bank account from them after I went ice skating at the Mediacom rink for the same amount, so I'm assuming that is what it is from for my particular case.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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  • POS Debit ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA
  • Visa Check Card ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA MC
  • Misc. Debit ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA