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ALG*TRIP CHARGES 208-429-2349 ID


Also Appears on Statements As "TRIP CHARGES 208-429-2349 ID"

What is it?

When I used my citi thank you points to get a reward flight and didn't have sufficient points for the cost of the flight, this was the charge for the extra.

For information on why this might appear on your statement visit

I jumped to an incorrect conclusion when I wrote my first comment on this site. After calling the phone number provided here, I was able to determine the charge is not for extra money needed for a flight but for a rental car in St. Maarten for next month. I thought I would be paying for the rental upon arrival at the Avis booth next month and not charged in advance. My bad....

I never needed extra points for an airfare ticket. This is a fraudulent charge on my credit card and needs to be removed. I have notified my credit card company that this charge is in dispute. I will notify the better business bureau if this is not corrected. I will attempt to rectify the situtaion by calling the phone number provided in other goggle searches by others who have had this same situation.

Yes, I got the same charge name for a city thank you points reward flight

Charges in conjunction with renewing loyalty points for air travel, See

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As