Learn about the "Amazon Services Kindle 866 321 8851 Wa" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on March 16, 2012, Last updated on March 15, 2018

What is it?

Have received 4 fraudulent charges in the past month with this description. We had to block charges from this company.

I just received a charge on our account. We don't have a kindle. We don't use kindle. We don't buy books or subscriptions online.


I just posted a complaint on here about 30 minutes ago. I found out what you do--you call 866-321-8851 and talk to Amazon about your account. They are cancelling this charge which has been on my account since April of 2020. Amazon is returning my money to my credit card. and the lady from Amazon was very nice to talk to. Bless everyone and have a great day!!!!

I saw charge on bank statement for 9.99 from Kindle Unltd (866-321-8851). I was going to dispute charge through bank, but instead I called Amazon. They said I am a Prime member but can only get "prime" content. If I select a book that is not part of Prime, it can activate and subscribe me for the "Kindle Unlimited" subscription.

She removed the charge and removed the access. Only select content that shows Prime or Free can be added. I do not have Unlimited. If I add one of those books in the future It will enroll me in the subscription.

Issue resolved in 15 minutes. 9/14/18.

I was charged 25. on my credit card. all the description said was 'newspapers" - i KNEW I did not order anything. when i googled phone number referenced it brought me to this page. Thnk you! checked my Amazon digital orders - subscription to Entertainment magazine shows up. I HAD subscribed last year for a very reduced rate $5. - forgotten all about it.
go to orders, digital and it was showing right there. went to my subscriptions and it was very easy to cancel.

I was charged for many months for Kindle Unlimited. I do not read books on my kindle, nor do I plan to. It is used for Eventually a refund was agreed upon but not until after trying to place the blame on me and saying that they would refund my money as a gesture of "good will". When asked for a name and contact information for someone to file my grievances, I was given the generic PO box for Amazon.

For me, it turned out that it's a magazine subscription that I didn't know about.

An Amazon Kindle purchase that didn't clear the same day that I bought the book. It was the date that threw me off...

This is for Kindle purchases. Mine was a subscription initially set up by my wife - now my ex-wife. It confused me for a bit, but I had bigger concerns for a while. The solution is simple: go to Amazon >> Your Account >> Your Content and Devices. You may have to got through the "Show" list to find the subscription, but you can cancel from there.

Son says it is a charge for his textbook in college that he accesses through HIS amazon kindle account. I had said I would pay for it, so it comes across on my card.

Saw charges on my bank statement as 'PRE KINDLE SVSC 888-802-3080 WA' I talked to amazon kindle and found no kindle charges on my account. nor any other charges on my account. 2 charges for 9.99, and one 8.98. these are fraud and need to be reported to your bank asap.

I saw charge on bank statement for 9.99 from Kindle Unltd (866-321-8851). I was going to dispute charge through bank, but instead I called 866-321-8851 and spoke with Amazon. They said that 10 months ago I had activated a "Kindle Unlimited" subscription. I said I hadn't intended to do that, and had not bought anything since. They verified that, and arranged for a 10-month refund. They also discontinued my subscription, and sent me an email verifying all this.

I suspect something like a scam, with screens and information displayed so that it is easy to inadvertently sign up for a continuing charge. It was astonishing to me that Amazon would do that. However, they responded well to my complaint and gave me a full refund.

The charge was to an amazon kindle, I did not make this purchase, it has happed for a couple of months. It chow up on the back account.

My Citi Mastercard sent me an email saying my card had been charged $6.45 by 866-321-8851. I did a google search for that number and found this WhatsThatCharge site, with the references to Amazon Prime. So I went to my account at Amazon and saw that the $6.45 charge was for my Washington Post subscription. I don't recall seeing it show up as just a phone number before. If I recall correctly, it had been referenced as "Newsstand."

There is something fraudulent going on with kindle service to force customers to buy products they do not need. Las year my kndle stated giving me problems, the service people are no offshore and are Chinese, Philippine or other Duing the debug they told me the kindle needed to be replaced. I did that, then they told me I had a fraudulent Windows 10 on my computer and I needed to download from them a legal Win 10. I did that at a cost of $125.00 US. I recently went back to the seller of my computer and he sent me a copy of his license to load Win 10 on computers that he sells. Fraud #1 My kindle works but it did not pull up all the books I had paid for but had not read from "the cloud" Yesterday I called the same place{call center] and they now said it was my internet provider that is the problem but they can fix it for $79.00 US for a one year program. I refused and want amazon to look into this service outfit before they are faced with a class action lawsuit. I want my books back and get the service back to the US.

My husband purchased an e-book through the Kindle App on his android phone. It was not a purchase on my Kindle Fire HD even though it was the same payee on the bank statement.

Log in to your Amazon account and go to your Orders. Then click on your Digital Orders. That's where I saw the exact transaction that matched the suspicious "Newstand" debit (with phone number 866-321-8851 listed) that was an annual subscription renewal. So, this was a legitimate debit in my case.

I had a Kindle Unlimited charge for $9.99 that I did not make. i called Amazon and they confirmed that another individual made the purchase with my card. HOWEVER... I called 866-321-8851 and I'm not convinced that number is actually for Kindle. I reported the fraud and they didn't seem concerned with it. They just kept asking for my address, my email address, and access info. When I told them I would just address the fraud through my bank, they ignored it and insisted I give them my address.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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