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Also Appears on Statements As "APL*APPLE ITUNES STORE 866-712-7753 CA"

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my card was charged for things i didnot purchase i would like for card to be taken out of apple tunes system can you help me?

fraudulent charges over $250 on multiple charges of $10.63 over a 2 day window. Charges traced to one card that had not been used . The charges show as APL*Apple ITUNES STORE 866 712 7753 CA. The phone # links to an automated message instructing the caller to contact /support / cc.

Apple was not helpful and mostly dismissive. Chase . com was decisive and acted quickly. I called apple directly . I send feedback. I chatted. I left emails. I never got the impression that they had a care in the world. The fraudulent scam is using Apple's brand and hiding behind it.

Fraudulent charges made to debit card totaling between $40 and $126 made frequently. Doesn't look to be an actual itunes purchasing related number.

They got me for over $60.00, 2 transactions on the same day. Thank goodness I check my account every day and was able to catch it before they took more of my money. It is fraudulent charges and is no way affiliated with Apple iTunes. These crooks get your CC information by buying your numbers from other crooks that have managed to get all of your CC digits, name, CC number on the back of the card. Once they sell the info to any other crook, they start off by trying it out by taking a little out at a time. (I know, I have had fraud on my acct on several occasions). I had my card that was compromised deactivated, replaced with a new card immediately, same day. I called Apple and they were very helpful. They issued a refund immediately to my bank to be processed since this is happening frequently according to the rep. She also blocked the ahole's iTunes and iCloud account. She was able to verify my deactivated card was used by the scammer when she verified the Apple ID of the scammer and my card that was on file under their account. I am thinking of pressing charges. Can't wait until the scammer tries to get into their iCloud or iTunes account and can't because they are locked out. When the DA's call to see what is the matter, Apple will tell them that they used someone elses card to make fraudulent purchases. Jerks!

I wrote about my experience with this on 01/16/2017 and said I'd come back here and report in a few months. After having my bank identify which card they were charging to get money from my account, and then having the card cancelled....I can now say that the charges have completely stopped. So finding out which card of mine had been compromised and then cancelling it, solved my issue with these thieves and their fraudulent charges.

Okay...this is what you do. Have had these folks taking money out of my bank account a few times. Contacted Apple and they said it's not them. Contacted my bank and asked which debit/credit card they were using to charge me with or were they somehow just charging my actual checking account. They were able to tell me which card it was. I explained the situation and asked them how this could be stopped. I was informed that the card needed to be cancelled and a fraud report filled out at the bank. So did all that and now I will wait a while and see. So sick of whoever these thieves are! I will report back here in a couple months to let folks know if cancelling the card remedied this situation. In the mean time, you might want to ask your bank the same thing....which card are they using and then cancel it (and get a new one).

I called the iTunes customer service number 800-275-2273 when I had yet another unexplained charge. Within 15 minutes my card information was not only removed but banned from making any future purchases and the charges were refunded. Also called the bank to report the charges as fraudulent...waiting on them to take action.

I need to change the new credit card for this account

I had 20 charges in one night to my Debit Card.APPL * APPLE ITUNES STORE I would think these could be traced back to an E-Mail.If not changes should be made in how they do business.ARKANSAS Charge enought to not be investigated by police.

My card got hit with the same thing as everyone else. A charge was made today 10/31 for $10.59 and I do NOT purchase from iTunes but I contacted them to confirm I did not purchase anything. I did a search of what my the description was on my statement and sure enough everything came back as a scam. I called my bank and cancelled my cards!

I checked my account today and discovered a charge for $25.00 from APL*APPLE ITUNES 866-712-7753 CA. I know for a fact I didn't purchase anything from iTunes today! I found out this is a know scam that has been happening for many years. I contacted my bank and cancelled my debit card and I have a new on on the way. Jerks stealing money!! urks me. Calling iTunes customer support as soon as I get off work. They need to block these people from using iTunes. I have tried every which way to remove my cc info from iTunes. It won't let you!!! you have to replace with a new number. I refuse to do this after this hack.

I was also a victim of this credit card fraud. It most likely was triggered by a recent trip where I used the card that was scammed. When I checked my card balance I noticed 5 charges all above 25 per charge. Since I rarely ever make charges that big to iTunes, I was 100% positive that it was fraud. I immediately checked my iTunes account recent purchases list, and none of the charges were on iTunes. This showed that iTunes was not directly involved. Then I called my bank and they opened a fraud claim and canceled an replaced my account with a new one, with new numbers and cards. I hope that this one fraud is being investigated. The charges are small, but from what I can gather from the web, the fraud is wide spread. Pays to check your accounts every day.

They got me too. Skimmed more than $220 from my account over the last 18 months, and maybe longer -- my bank only allows me to look back 18 months. (And speaking of banks, how can I expect any assistance from banksters who are operating their own by brand of smarmy scam? Answer? I can't. The US bank guy I sat down with offered next to nothing in the way of assistance. What the heck is the monthly $7 account maintenance fee for anyway?)

Folks, they get us comin' and goin'.

Anyway, Apple, do you care at all that these thieves are using your brand to steal millions from people's' bank accounts. Or that it's been going on and continues to go on without comment?

i will be going to the SEC to accuse you of fraud!! they have the means to have your fraudulent charges on my debit card removed and to prosecute whoever is stealing money from people like me who has never made any charges to iTunes in my life, and it is stealing!!!!

Fraud! Scammer got your info and is stealing your money. Charge really isn't for iTunes.

On 5/30/2017 I was charged 6 separate times by these "APL * ITUNES" people. The charges ended up totaling around $150. I called Chase and they were immediately helpful. I filed a dispute, my money was entirely refunded, and I was able to cancel my debit card. After doing some research, it seems as though this has been happening for several years and relatively often to other people. Is there anyway those of us who have had to deal with this could put an end to it? Especially considering it really has no affiliation with Apple or iTunes?

This scam is still happening. Our card was used four times in a row on May 19, 2017 and the bank notified us right away of suspicious activity. The card was blocked immediately after verifying that the purchase was not made by us and a new debit card was issued.

Same thing has been happening to me for the past three days. It started on Thursday morning and I had them freeze my account and then it stopped so I opened the account again. This just ended up rehappening as soon as I did that

On my card for 111. 38 I wont it off now please

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Also Appears on Statements As