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What is it?

Red Cross CPR Training

I never took Red Cross CPR training. Please explain this charge.

Turns out my kids are taking a Baby Sitting course from the Red Cross.

It's the ARC calling for blood...again. You CAN stop the calls.

I wrote an e-mail and sent it to -->

"Bob" replied and asked me to verify my name & phone number. And, voila! Less than one week after I gave Bob my info, the calls for my blood stopped completely! Hooray! The ombudsman saved my sanity.

arc services/training 800-733-2767

Yes, this is CPR/AED, etc. training course from the American Red Cross - I wasn't sure either and then googled the code, which helped me remember that that was the thing I purchased for that amount!

A donation to the American Red Cross

Can you help? What is this charge?

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