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AT&T v500 10080 800-331-0500 TN


What is it?

Looks like the same charge that was on my account. Looks to me like it is the same person laughing at us thinking that we are fools. The only fraud is the person committing the crime and stealing from everyone. I’m gladly gathering my information and taking it to the police. I work too hard for my money for someone to steal it and act like they are innocent or that it was their cousin or something for example. Just a guess. Get a job and leave people alone.

so my credit card had a $56.87 charge and the notation was

at&t v500 10080 800-331-0500 tn

it looked strange so i called the number.

i called the 800 number and after lot of research the charge was legit. it was the tax for a recently purchased iphone.

AT&T V500 10080 for $92.63

This is for the taxes for the Galaxy Note phone I just recently purchased. I actually bought 2 phones, and I thought I was already charged, but they only charged for the first phone the first time, then the 2nd phone the second time. The 2nd phone was backordered because it was a different color, which was why they are just now charging for the tax for it. :)

My debit card had a $179.00 charge for AT&T V500 10080. The charge was pending so I contacted my bank to dispute the charge and got a new credit card. The next day the charge was no longer showing on my account. I use that card for my Netflix and Amazon account, so I entered the new account number on those accounts. Two days later that $179.00 for AT&T V500 10080 appeared again and is pending to be paid.

Had this charge today for $114. Reported it to my bank.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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