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ATT*CONS PHONE PMT - 800-288-2020 TX


What is it?

What the hell is this for? I already have service that is deducted from my bank account monthly

Usually AT&T land line services. Call them at the listed number hit zero and be prepared to wait, a HUMAN will answer.

I've been getting "hit" with TWO deductions from my bank's checking account. One states "ATT CONS PHONE PMT" and, the amount under this heading IS the correct amount for my bill. The other payment, ATT BILL PAYMENT, is an amount that NOBODY from ATT can tell me about. I had my bank go after ATT and they reimbursed me for one of the four months where this happened. I lost out on one month because I didn't notice it until after 60 days had lapsed. There is NOBODY at AT&T that can do anything so, now, I need to cancel my debit card and get a new one because of this FRAUD. I also STOPPED the automatic payment and asked that an email be sent to me when my bill was due. I thought that it would stop the fraudulent debit, but it has not. I paid my May bill on May 6th. I checked my banking and, there is a payment being posted to AT&T dated tomorrow in an amount that is NOT my bill amount. Folks - if this is happening to you, STOP THE AUTOMATIC PAYMENT, get a new debit card, and stop the FRAUD!!

I posted what I thought was accurate on 07/03/16 about this charge I found on my elderly mother's credit card. Since she is 85 years old she had no memory of this taking place and I believed her that she did not do this. After even further research, and much to my embarrassment, I discovered this ABSOLUTELY was a valid charge. My mother got a late notice, called AT&T, and paid her overdue bill (that I am supposed to pay for her) over the phone using her charge card. I just wanted to apologize to anyone out there who has read/will read my earlier post for the incorrect information. Since this website won't let me amend or delete my post, I felt compelled to put up this admission/correction.

Upon switching from XFINITY to AT&T in hopes of saving money, I realized that this was the worst thing I could've ever done. Processing my order over the phone was a hassle within itself. The representative explained to me that I would be charged a fee on the date of my install which was several days later. The very next day, I didn't get hit with one charge, but 3 charges! And they all came from "ATT UVERSE CONS SW-EVR". The first 2 for a small amount, then the third for the amount stated by the representative. I thought it was strange, called AT&T, and they said it was not from them. They could not, and still say they cannot locate the charges. But unfortunately, like an idiot, I still stayed. At the time the order was placed, I received no correspondence confirming my agreement and I still haven't. I don't know an account number. A due date, plan details, nothing. And that was a month ago! But I digress. On the day of my install, the technician showed up 2 hours LATE. Only to leave directly back out because from what he said, housekeeping at the hotel he was staying at found the guns he had in his room and the police where there, so he handle to go handle that. I was livid. I called and demanded that a different tech get dispatched immediately. I explained my concern with safety measures and told them that I didn't want the same tech. They sent him back anyway! To make a long story short, the service was terrible. Slow internet and a faulty satellite. I had to cancel. I finally thought my nite mare was over, until I checked my credit card statement today, only to see another unauthorized charge from "ATT UVERSE CONS PHONE SW-EVR". I never even provided them with that account information. After hours of speaking with a supervisor in every department, I decided it was time to bring this to the attention of my legal aid. I also began doing additional research. After four hours of reading through pages and pages on blogs and various forums, where hard working people were expressing how they have been victimized by this exact same financial brutality, for huge sums of money, for years! Not only have I began pursuing a personal arbitration with my attorney against AT&T, but now a class action lawsuit is something that we will begin to process as well. Someone has to be held accountable. And they will...Is it a coincidence it happened right after I became an AT&T customer? Who knows. But If you see an unfamiliar charge on your account with the description listed above, (or this description as well: ATT*CONS PHONE PAYMENT), it is imperative that you report it to your bank as unauthorized. You can attempt to contact AT&T in the matter, but they more than likely will pretend to be shocked and appalled as if its the very first time anyone has ever mentioned this exact situation to them. Which is perfectly fine. Because I am well prepared to purse the matter to the fullest extent. This has been the most Disgusting display of customer service I have ever experienced.

I KNOW THE SOLUTION TO THIS. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NO AT&T DOING THIS. IT'S ABSOLUTELY FRAUD. THE CALLER PRETENDS TO BE AT&T TO GET YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO "PAY YOUR OVERDUE PHONE BILL", BUT THEY ARE NOT. THEY ARE IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH AT&T. THE RECORDING SAYS "THANK YOU FOR CALLING AT&T. YOU HAVE REACHED A NON-WORKING NUMBER. PLEASE HANG UP AND DIAL 800-288-2020. THANK YOU FOR BEING A VALUED AT&T CUSTOMER." THEN THE RECORDING BEEPS PRESUMABLY TO LET YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE. THE ONLY SOLUTION IF YOU FIND A CHARGE ON YOUR CREDIT CARD NOTED AS FOLLOWS: "ATT*CONS PHONE PMT 800-211-6605 TX" IT IS FRAUD. OR ANY OF THE VARIABLES LISTED ON THIS SITE THAT ARE SIMILAR. CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY, REPORT IT AS AN UNAUTHORIZED FRAUDULENT CHARGE AND TO BLOCK ANY FUTURE CHARGES AS WELL FROM THAT VENDOR. The number they tell you to call in the recording does in fact belong to AT&T, which is why so many people believe it's actually them. Clever fraudsters. This is why so many people go round and round with AT&T. They prey on the elderly as well and got my mom with this tactic. She's 85. I caught it in time though and I am going to see if I can get AT&T to somehow go after them since they are presenting themselves as AT&T. AT&T should have a vested interest in going after them. Look at all the wasted time their employees spend when people call them over these charges. We'll see. Good luck everybody.

I have on discover for $ 140.30

My credit card no. has changed. Ho do I make the change without holding on the phone for an hour? 949-723-1595

charge start for internet

I believe it is for AT&T U-Verse internet payment.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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