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ATT*CONS PHONE PMT - 800-288-2020 TX


What is it?

Usually AT&T land line services. Call them at the listed number hit zero and be prepared to wait, a HUMAN will answer.

charge start for internet

I've been getting "hit" with TWO deductions from my bank's checking account. One states "ATT CONS PHONE PMT" and, the amount under this heading IS the correct amount for my bill. The other payment, ATT BILL PAYMENT, is an amount that NOBODY from ATT can tell me about. I had my bank go after ATT and they reimbursed me for one of the four months where this happened. I lost out on one month because I didn't notice it until after 60 days had lapsed. There is NOBODY at AT&T that can do anything so, now, I need to cancel my debit card and get a new one because of this FRAUD. I also STOPPED the automatic payment and asked that an email be sent to me when my bill was due. I thought that it would stop the fraudulent debit, but it has not. I paid my May bill on May 6th. I checked my banking and, there is a payment being posted to AT&T dated tomorrow in an amount that is NOT my bill amount. Folks - if this is happening to you, STOP THE AUTOMATIC PAYMENT, get a new debit card, and stop the FRAUD!!

My credit card no. has changed. Ho do I make the change without holding on the phone for an hour? 949-723-1595

What the hell is this for? I already have service that is deducted from my bank account monthly

I believe it is for AT&T U-Verse internet payment.

I have on discover for $ 140.30

Can you help? What is this charge?

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