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Adam & Eve Adult Toys and Novelties.

Adam mail is Adam&eve adult online store. Either someone's husband or kid has ordered porn.

I didn't take this off my card! I need my money back!$3.40 (overdrawn) available after $48.25 purchase at ADAM MAIL 800-794-3316 NCUS on 06/18 11:25PM CT with your NetSpend card ending in 7267.

Hi as you can tell it is with unfortunate circumstances that I am sending this email to you, to inform you that someone is/has used my visa card 4934 1486 5303 4694, which I believe they got off pay pal that I use to purchase dvd's. I got a call from the Qantas Staff Fraud Team on Saturday, to let me know that someone has made a heap of unauthorised transactions on my visa card, so they cancelled it and instructed me to call my bank on Monday 22nd, the bank Officer told me their will still outstanding amounts to go through, and they still had until 4th October for these amounts to go through. There was one purchase made to yourself, the details are: adammail, AUTHORITY NO:563938 for the amount of $120.89, the bank informed me that you would need to fill out an authority form, with the authority number, to cancel the transaction, then the form would need to be faxed to them, Qantas Staff Credit Union, (02) 4889 2090, Sydney, Australia Dean Bender, Staff number: 763872, they told if for some reason the amount does come through they will be emailing me a form, to dispute all the unauthorised amounts that have been taken out of my account, and reclaimed. Your assistance in this unfortunate circumstance is greatly appreciated, you can email me at or mobile +61402 037 133. Kindest regards Dean Bender.

Yesterday on 27.08.14 any fraud person done fraud from my hdfc credit card ac.while i had never given my card no or password to any person.then how can thiefer hijacking my card no. amt.deducted Rs. 10902.60 (INR) at 04.38 a.m. indian standard time on 27.08.14. pls help for recovery my amt. i had made complaint at police stn & bank also.

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