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BED BATH & BEYOND #651 800-462-3966 NJ


What is it?

Fraudulent use of debit/bank account. Just discovered it myself. Someone should ask the store why numerous fraud victims online are reporting charges from that exact particular store. #651, Totowa, NJ.

Store #651 is what every online transaction to is labeled. I was charged a $400 charge this morning. After canceling my card and reporting a claim with the bank, I called 1800462-3966 (1800-GOBEYOND). Selected option 4, customer service and then option 5 - all other issues. Spoke with the first woman who said she needed the card number to look up information. Had to call my husband, which was the card effected and called back to find out that they could first try to look up the transaction by the name on the card. IF they cannot find your "order" that way, then they will need the full 16 digit number of the credit/debit card used. Ours was found by first and last name and since it was still pending, BBB was able to cancel that transaction so that the funds are not pulled out and having to be returned by the bank. If you are able to catch this before your transaction goes from pending to a finalized transaction, then BBB may be able to stop that payment. While you are not immediately refunded, at least you do not have to wait the full turn around time to go through a claim. Good question, if you are having this issue and do get ahold of their customer service - is to ask if there is a different billing and shipping address for the "order".

Bed Bath and Beyond #651 Fruad charge for 174.39 11/22/12. Apparently this particular store is rife with fraudulent activity. I'm in Texas and the store is in NJ. Reported to CC company and will file with FBI. Suspecting card # got intercepted through purchase from one of Amazon's marketplace partners...

Hello. These are not from a store. NJ #651 is there HQ for on line purchases. However USAA said the majority of these charges come from having your CC with Amazon Market Place orders.

$57.68 on Dec. 4th. Talking with BB&B, Store 651 is a warehouse, meaning online or phone order.

I have an unknown (guessing fraudulent) charge for $256.31 for Bed Bath & Beyond #651 posted 11/12/12.

I had the same issue from BED BATH and BEYOND store #651. I asked why they had so many fraudulent charges and they had no explanation for me. I m reporting them to BBB,

My on-line purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond appeared on my credit card statement as #651 NJ, even though I am in Minnesota. So it can be a legitimate charge and not fraud.

$57.68 on Dec. 4th. Talking with BB&B, Store 651 is a warehouse, meaning online or phone order.

BBB is not scamming you. What is happening is your credit card information is being intercepted from a website in which your credit card information is stored which makes it easy for scammers to steal your information. The reason scammers use BBB as the store to make the purchase is because of BBB's return policy. If the item reaches the destination, the scammer can walk into any BBB and return the unopened item without a receipt for cash or store credit.

Followed up on my pending fraud charge $440.97 that was showing on my cc acct. After contacted bed bath and beyond by calling 800-462-3966 number and spoke to one of their representative, David. He submitted a request to remove the fraud transaction for me to their accounting dept. After few hours, their accounting dept. contacted me n removed the fraud transaction for me right away. It was removed immediately from my cc acct. as well on the same day. Hopefully this will help. Good luck!

Got hit for $669.61 from this store. I live in Louisiana and didn't make this purchase. This is the second time in less than 2 years that BB&B has done this. They were also not the same accounts. Why isn't anyone fixing this issue for everyone???

$1 fraudulent charge from this store - i guess they wanted to see if i'd notice. I did...

Got me this morning for 228.94. Is it true they don't require the CVV code? Why not? Seems to me they are just enabling fraud.

i got hit for $34.98 for #651 TOTOWA bed bath and beyond. Whats going on here how is this still happening? I use amazon a lot, someone else says there card was intercepted

Same here. $333.60 for an Actifry - Multicooker. BB&B cannot give me the shipping address. They won't let me speak to their loss prevention. Dustin at 800-Go-Beyond ext. 6537 is saying just to handle directly with the bank.

I had a charge of $651 in February of 2015 - same BBB store. Frustrating that this is still happening after so many others have already been impacted.

You can report such unauthorized charges on This can surely help you out.

I received a charge on my debit account that was then reimbursed on the same day. I still notified my bank and had the card cancelled due to never authorizing BB&B to charge my debit account.

Bed Bath & Beyond #6 Fraudulent Charge for 143.88 on 19 Nov 2012.

I just found $120 charge from BB&B 651. Capital One already reversed the charge, but BB&B wasn't helpful since the item had already been delivered. I had also just shopped at Walmart as someone else mentioned.

Just found a charge for $78.42 on my credit card. Called my CC company and they are issuing new cards to me. I asked the agent if my CC company eats the loss and he said "no", they charge it to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Bed Bath & Beyond #651 Fraudulent Charge for 107.99 on 19 Nov 2012.

Just noticed a BBB pending purchase on my acct for $47.98. I called BBB spoke with Heather (was super nice and helpful) gave her my name and email did find the order with a shipping address to Milawakee, also an email with random letters and the persons name was also random letters. She was able to cancel the order.Thank God! Froze my card. Will be ordering a new one.

I saw this charge on my bank account and I was thinking "I haven't gone to Bed, Bath, and Beyond."

After careful thinking, yes, i actually ordered a wedding gift for my friends who are registered through Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Me too. I got hacked six weeks ago - have only had this card that long! Today, $1 to #651 BBB. Still, they do nothing. They've lost my business.

Got an email from my bank about a charge for BBB, called bank and card was cancelled immediately, called BBB t/w Hannah she advised me information would be sent to their fraud department and would also call me. Hopefully the person responsible will not get the merchandise.

Just called BBB and all 3 charges on my MasterCard were fraudulent. Each was around $113.00. The orders were placed online and shipped to 3 different addresses. They gave my phone number, but off by one digit and "my" email address was way off. Such scammers. FYI, the store # 651 is the processing center for online orders not and actual BBB store. Good luck folks. I just called MasterCard and faxed them my statement. BBB fraud department is contacting MasterCard also. They ordered 2- ninja blenders and a keurig. Hope it's worth it when the cops come arrest their criminal butts.

I just had a fraudulent charge for $78.55. I noticed in another post that they may have gotten the number from an Amazon Marketplace Partner, which I do use. Luckily, my bank is on top of things and is refunding my money. I would hope Bed, Bath, and Beyond would come up with better security when ordering from them. Seems like an ongoing problem.

$119.03 on 10/25 #651 bad charge.

Just got a call from my credit card company about 4 charges on my card. two from bed, bath, beyond store #651 and another one out of south africa, and then a groupon charge. they are having me fill out an affidavit to cancel the charges. they automatically closed my account.

Unauthorized charge of 359.99 Bed, Bath, & Beyond #651. Just talked to "Franklin" @ their customer service. He was VERY helpful & stopped the transaction before it posted to my account officially.

Just been defrauded with money being transferred into the bed,bath and beyond totowa 651 account. I am in South Africa and have recently made purchases on iTunes for the first time!

2300.00 here! I haven't shopped at BBB for years. I'm in Florida and have noticed my card has had fraudulent activity 2x in 2years. Seems it has happened after using my card at walmart. Coincidence??? Anyone else notice this?

I received a similar charge Bed Bath & Beyond #651 Sept 12 2012

Two charges from my debit card totaling 222.08 from this store yesterday. I haven't been to New Jersey since 1991! Is this even a real store?? Everything the comes up in google for BB&B #651 are fraud complaints!

Bed Bath & Beyond #651 Fraudulent Charge 7 Sept 2012

Charged for $484.94 on 12/21/12, obviously fraud. Calling BBB and never going to IHOP again

I had 2 fradulent charges from this bed bath and beyond store number. I also had charges to apples itunes and a diet health magazine. My husband's card was also compromised yesterday with a purcahse to an irish based airline. After doing some digging, we came to the conclusion that having our credit cards stored on my amazon account was the problem. We removed our card info and won't store anything online again, even though amazon has had our card information for years.

Also, major thanks to Capital One for catching the charges immediately and making sure I wouldn't have to pay any money.

I just got slammed with $293.94. I live on the west coast and have been no where near NJ. Dealing with bank now to address the situation - so frustrating, because I have numerous things that auto debit from my account monthly. Now I have to correct them all.

$76.57 on 5/15/2013. I live in Washington DC and have never been to that BB&B location or made a purchase at ANY BB&B recently.

Disputing with bank, but VERY upset if this is a result of shared information with Amazon.....

Received a charge for over 1,000! Something needs to be done!

4/5/17 - Bed Bath & Beyond#651 is how online purchases appear on credit card statements. I got a text alert from my credit card for $1,212.65. If you don't get alerts, I highly recommend that you establish them. I cancelled my credit card immediately and then called 1-800-GOBEYOND (800-462-3966). I ended up pressing 0 and told the rep that there was a fraudulent order. She took it very seriously. She found the order for 2 Vitamix 7500 blenders (those must be some blenders) under my name and address, but the email address was different and the phone number was off only on the last three digits. She wasn't going to give me the shipping address, but when I confirmed my address, she said the order was being shipped to me. I figure the thieves were waiting for it to be shipped before changing the shipping address with FedEx. Because I called so quickly, she was able to cancel the order before it shipped and was going to turn it over to loss prevention.

Bed bath and beyond should be fined for letting this go on for so long. Seems an easy fix would be to get security code. My credit card company called me suspecting the charge if $77 was fraudulent. I shop there occasionally so this shouldn't have seemed fraudulent. Store 651 must be flagged by American Express.

As per Chase Fraud Dept., two fraudulent charges to the amount of $544.36 each ( $1088.72 ) appeared on my bill. This store is in NJ, and I live in New York.

$57.68 on Dec. 4th. Talking with BB&B, Store 651 is a warehouse, meaning online or phone order.

I have the same charge for $39.89. When I called customer service I was told a manager would call me week later I still have receive a call.

Charge of 217.38 on 1/5. I disputed it with the credit card since I have no business with BBB.

(Sorry if this is a dup -- haven't read them all.) When we ordered an item that was out of stock at our local (Wynnewood PA) BB&B, they placed an online order for us at their distribution center (BB&B #651) in Totowa NJ. So BB&B#651 showed up on our credit card alert file.

I live in NJ but I have never went shopping to BBB. I got charged $163.47. I have no idea what that charge was for. Waiting for morning to call credit card company and have them settle this. Might just get a new card or something.

I too had a charge for 339.10 at this same place. I to will call the store as well as BBB.

They just got me for 754 dollars BofA and BBB NJ store. Im located in CA. My cards have been hacked 6 times in 8 months. Last time it was Cameta camera NJ. The time before it was Nordstrom.

same charge from BB%B 2oo something dollars stupid bank cant do anything till AFTER it post well thats usless to me since I need the 200 bucks now

Bed, Bath and Beyond #651 fraudulent charge 11/19/12 for over $1000 - what is going on?

Bed Bath and Beyond #651 fraudulent charge 11/17/12.

Transaction appeared on 8/4/13 as Bed Bath and Beyond #651 for amount $795. Bank is closed today so immediately contacted BBB customer service number 1-800-462-3966. Rep advised that this was an attempt at an online order, but no order was found. Stated if the correct billing information was not provided (address, phone, etc.) order would not have been completed. He immediately forwarded my information to the credit department for further action to remove the pending charge from my account. Within minutes of our call, I was contacted by BBB credit investigation dept. The rep advised that the credit amount was authorized, but since correct billing information was not provided, the order was cancelled. It seems that this company is doing what it can to prevent these transactions from going through, just wish they had a way to prevent them in the first place. I will still contact my bank Monday morning to cancel this card number and get a new one.

I think it's hilarious you all think it's bed bath & beyond s fault for the fraud charges. It means u unsecured provided ur card and someone went on a shopping spree. Stop blaming the charge, get a new card and move on.

I was just hit today for 98.09 I cancelled my visa bank card. I called bed bath and beyond customer service and they will not do anything about it. She said its my banks place to put the money back in. I have never shopped there and now I never will because their customer service sucks.

They got me twice in the last three weeks for nearly $300. Only recent amazon marketplace purchases were from "Cheap Sports Outlet" and "Ear Band-It/Putty Buddies". Anybody have those in common?

My company card has a bogus charge to this store fo $86.94, dated 5/28/2013. What gives!? People like this need to be in jail!

Got hit with a $222 charge for a baby car seat a few weeks ago, the credit card just came. Will let the VISA company handle it. To their credit, I just gave my name, the amount, and date. She didn't ask for my credit card number. She was polite,worked quickly and apologized.

Has anyone had any luck getting the address of where the fraudulent order is going to?

Same thing happened to me! Cap One emails me everytime a charge is made. I check my email this morning and have a charge made to BBB #651 at 2:16AM for $119.83. Called the bank and since it's still a pending charge that can't do anything til it hits. Googled the store, found this site, and did what others suggested and called customer service. They were no help at all. They couldn't look up the order by CC number to cancel it (wouldn't even attempt to) and kept telling me to call my bank. It just seemed like they wanted to get rid of me. I told them about the various fraud complaints and ended up hanging up on them. I cannot believe they allow this! I shop there occassionally but never again after this.

$57.68 on Dec. 4th. Talking with BB&B, Store 651 is a warehouse, meaning online or phone order.

BED BATH & BEYOND #651 Dec 3rd fraudulent charge for over $250. Working w/VISA to remove charge.

They got me for $317.97 on December 6th. Since I didn't find out until after hours, I haven't spoken directly with Bed Bath & Beyond yet. I did put a stop on my card though.

I saw this charge too for $312.69. I know this was not authorized, be on alert and keep your eye on your statements. Someone really needs to shut down this store/individual at this store.


Got tagged for $50.97 on a stolen debit card. These people need to do a better job of validating cards.

I was charged $170 to my credit card, Live in CO, have recently shopped on the amazon market place. Called my credit card company, it was off my account within 24hrs.

I got hit with a $480.xx charge, but they would not tell me much about it since "I didn't place the order"

Thought this was fraud - I certainly didn't get anything from BB&B for myself. But when I checked my e-mails, had a confirmation receipt. Turns out, it was a wedding gift I had ordered for some friends. Did it through their wedding registry so it didn't "register" in my mind as being from BB&B.

Just got an alert from my CC protection service

"your card ending in XXXX was declined at BED BATH & BEYOND #651 in TOTOWA US for a 1684.77 USD purchase."

Fortunately, the charge was declined by Chase

I found a charge this morning 12/4/12 for $422.60. This was stolen from my boyfriends debit card.

I also have a fraudulent charge on my account it is pending transaction right now so I caught it just in time. It is from the Bed Bath & Beyond #651 in NJ, I recently bought something off of Amazon and I have seen a few posts already regarding this, bank knows about and I reported this to Amazon as well..

I got hit with a charge I didn't make by bed bath and beyond new jersey store .I have never been in or ever purchased from bbb.i callsd my bank bank of America to cancel my card and have to wait till this purchase prossess and call them again to let them know it went through .in the mean time they are sending me a new card and paperwork to sign as I am pressing charges.the only thing I have purchased online was from pugster and that was back in febuary sometime .I suspect it may have something to do with this though.i hope who ever this jerk is enjoys themselves when the cops come to their door to arrest them

I just discovered a charge on my credit card for 170.79 for bed bath and beyond for store #651. Credit card company cancelled my card. I did NOT charge anything here!

You can report such unauthorized charges on href=""></a> This can surely help you out.

got hit with a $371.28 charge from Bed Bath and Beyond from Totowa, NJ. Based on the comments Ive read, this appears to be some sort of warehouse distribution facility. Never stepped foot in NJ in my life, I am 2,000 miles away. Based on the wide array of posters on here living in various locations keys me in to believing this fraudulent activity is the result of some sort of online merchant that is widely, perhaps?

Someone attempted to make a purchase for in excess of $100 from this BBB 651. I have notified BBB of the fraudulent purchase attempt and the Federal Trade Commission of the activity. I will be notifying our local field office. BBB 651 isn't a store it's their main office. Spike with a lady at BBB 651 named Vicky and requested info as to what the shipping address was for the purchase. I see posts on here dating back to 2012 and it's still continuing. Obviously BBB has had adequate time to address this issue and change their return policies for items purchased online.

7/12/17 saw $296 pending charge on CC from this BBB #651. Looked it up and is store in NJ. We are 2000 miles and 8000 miles away. Of course was neither of us. BBB needs to change their return policy to make it less easy or these crooks. It is a major pain to have to get cards reissued, people are hosed with sudden non-working card, have to reupdate all autopay things from bills, insurance payments, everything else. This is why don't use debit card - is like taking cash out of your bank directly.


i just looked at my billing on line and found a charge for bbb #651 i did not do. I did how ever charge at walmart on line. I called may cc company and and getting it off.

I had a Bed Bath & Beyond fraudulent charge today. Seeing that these other complaints are a few years old I thought should update.


651 Charged $76.29 - Been in dispute or this unknown charge for months. Item purchased was sent to a Buddy Lucato(sp?) In Little Rock. Never heard of this person.

I recently received a charge on my credit card from Bed Bath and Beyond in NJ. Strange seeing as how I live in Denver, CO. I called my bank and they are removing the charges, shame on Bed Bath and Beyond for not stopping this. Reading through the posts this has carried on for over a year. Certainly is not good PR for Bed Bath and Beyond.

651 is their warehouse 1-800-462-3966. All the fraudulence is from the companies' on-line stores most likely. I just got this number for my case as well.

We just had a 218.$ charge posted on 12/6/12 this is b.s. and something needs to be done.

As several people have pointed out, charges to this particular store number (651) are ONLINE orders for And for the reasons stated, this does appear to be a popular way for criminals to fraudulently use others' credit/debit cards, so many of the complaints here are legitimate. But before you fly off the handle with a fraud complaint, because you haven't visited a BB&B store, or you've "never been to New Jersey", realize that you wouldn't have to have done either for this charge to be legit. If you ordered something ONLINE from BB&B, that's what this is. Now, if you DIDN'T order anything from BB&B online, then sure, this is likely some kind of fraud. I'm just saying, make sure you didn't order something online before you file a claim.

I just read on here that this is a warehouse. My fears have been realized. I have always thought the day would come when an employee taking an order writes down the info you give over the phone or online (seems like over the phone is more likely) with the security number on the back of the card and then goes on a shopping spree! Miss the days when most people had ethics! I am furious that they get away with it. There has to be a way to prevent this from happening. I know for me I will use cash or get a prepaid card with the amount needed at Walmart before I shop online. I rarely shop online and this definitely takes away the convenience so hurts companies and people's convenience. But somehow we have to stop these criminals in the U.S. who think they are entitled to other people's money! Hmmmm wonder where they got that idea?

What is the deal with this store? It ought to be shut down! After this many fraudulent activities they obviously do not ask to check their photo license and name against the card along with signature. you would THINK they would have began this years ago due to their problems!!!! Someone at this store just used my card number and spent $747.00!!!!!! how hard is it for that to be a red flag people!!!! The employees are probably doing it too so that is why it keeps happening!

BB&B store 651 fraudulent charge in Sept 2013 for $42.xx This is on a Cap1 Visa card.

THIS IS FRAUD AND THEY ARE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT! I got hit for the $665 amount 08/07/2013! I called to tell them about this and also tell them there is chatter all over the internet about this store and their ATM, but they don't seem to care.

Just called BBB and all 3 charges on my MasterCard were fraudulent. Each was around $113.00. The orders were placed online and shipped to 3 different addresses. They gave my phone number, but off by one digit and "my" email address was way off. Such scammers. FYI, the store # 651 is the processing center for online orders not and actual BBB store. Good luck folks. I just called MasterCard and faxed them my statement. BBB fraud department is contacting MasterCard also. Fun fun

Yea it just keeps going, my wells Fargo card was hit for $ 117.88 from this store and nobody can give me any explanation, was an item shipped to a woman I don't know and from an email I never had. Wells Fargo is gutless, they didn't do SH@T to help me,they just let it go......

I found there is a charge on my card for $211.99 on 4/12/2012 at Bed Bath and Beyond #651 .This is Fraud charge. I have not done the transaction.

You have to have your credit card company do an investigation( for what good it will do( and then you will recieve documents to sign, at that point you should get the name and address of the person the goods were shipped to.

Someone is ghost shopping. $555.00 to BBB. REALLY????? With so many reports of fraud BBB needs to change how they do business. I will never go there again. I have not been in a BBB since Christmas. Bye Felicia and I am telling everyone I know!!!

Someone is ghost shopping. $555.00 to BBB. REALLY????? With so many reports of fraud BBB needs to change how they do business. I will never go there again. I have not been in a BBB since Christmas. Bye Felicia and I am telling everyone I know!!!

Seems to be a rampant problem. Even though it has been mentioned by many here, I'll state it as well. Saw a charge for $110.19 for an online or phone transaction from this BB&B out of New Jersey with a phone number of 615-111-1111. Charge occurred 9-7-15, called my CC Company and they dropped the charge and issued me a new CC. No liability here but don't like being hacked financially. Check all your statements every day.

I found a charge of $97.98 from Bed Bath and Beyond that I knew I didn't make. I called my credit card company, who said all they could do was cancel my card and give me a new one, but I couldn't do that because I had charges that hadn't even made it to the pending stage. They "investigated" and said they found the charge to be "valid" because the merchant provided the service. Yeah, they provided the service, but not to me!

FRAUD with me as well Went to the 76 station in Dana Point, CA and just checked my account and a charge from Bed Bath and Beyond store 651

Got a 440.97 charge on my cc. call 800-462-3966 to remove the transaction.

Received a charge for over 1,000! Something needs to be done!

My bogus visa charges(yes..3)showed #651 in NJ and I have NEVER shopped at BB&B. NEVER been in any of their stores or their websites. I don't know how they got my card number. I canceled my card and called the 1-800-462-3966 and talked directly to Loss Prevention. I had to wait 10 days for my card company to refund my money because BBB didn't send any type of authorization release to my card company. Make sure you get them to do this!!!! I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I also received some coupons in the mail two days later from BB&B addressed to me. How did they get my address? Like I said...I have NEVER done any type of business with them!!! CRAZY!!

I had two such charges, on 11.27 and 11.28.2012. Thanks to this site for helping me identify them

Got a pending charge of 215.16 from Bed Bath & Beyond #651 too. This site was extremely helpful in identifying a larger issue. I contacted my CC company but they can't do anything until the charge posts. Called Bed Bath & Beyond and they won't do anything at all.

Got hit with debit charge for $286 from BBB Totowa, NJ. Very scarey how common this is. Bank is investigating however currently out the $286. Always the victim.

We got charged on 12/28/12 for $102.32 from store #651.

on 12/18/12 $111.15 was charged to my account as online order on a card that I never use, except on 1 and only order to amazon 2 weeks prior.

BB&B is at minimim complicit in this ongoing scam. Our account has been charged over $4000 and of course the bank will EVENTUALLY refund the stolen money. In the meantime, my account is overdrawn and checks are coming in that may bounce. If this has been going on for this long why doesn't BB&B do something to improve/verify their cc sales. Maybe because it doesn't cost them anything and they get all the sales? And why this store, I'm in Los Angeles and have my card in my possession. Must be an inside deal. I've been playing phone tag with the BB&B "fraud" Dept. still no contact.

Someone is ghost shopping. $555.00 to BBB. REALLY????? With so many reports of fraud BBB needs to change how they do business. I will never go there again. I have not been in a BBB since Christmas. Bye Felicia and I am telling everyone I know!!!

thought i was charged fraudulently at BB&B #651 and then realized i made a purchase from a wedding registry a week ago, silly me. love my cc number and would have been pretty down if i had to memorize a new one

$57.68 on Dec. 4th. Talking with BB&B, Store 651 is a warehouse, meaning online or phone order.

I had a fraudulent charge for $159.74. Contacted the Loss Prevention Dpt. but they have a recorded message that you need to deal with your bank which I did first thing. No help from the online ordering customer rep to stop the order since is still pending. They said because of legal liabilities.

Got a fraudulent charge at this store. I live on the west coast and this is NJ. My bank's 3rd party risk management team called me and sure enough, I log into my account and see the charge for 172.96. Apparently they kept trying different amounts to see how much the card terminal would accept. It appears as if amounts in the 170s would work. Anyway, card is now canceled and am awaiting for a new one.

BB&B, charge for $152.97. No way I had this charge, 11/9/12.

What is wrong with this damn place. Seems like everyone is receiving fraud charges all coming from the store, and you haven't fixed the problem??! $562.38 Charged on my card this morning, rediculous

Okay, I've got a charge of OVER $1600 to this same damn store. WTF???

My bogus visa charge showed the same #651 and the customer service person said it was an online transaction. I wondered why BB&B then went to their website and noticed they do not require the 3 digit code on the back of the card. So it's an easy site to buy stuff from if you have a stolen credit card number but not the actual card.

I received 2 emails.. one yesterday, one this morning at 4am saying my transactions didn't go through. He's to google the store number and came across this site. The transactions were for $52 and $352. Calling my card company to see what's up.

You thieving personnel should be arrested. I have fraudulent charges on my account and I really think that does not speak well for you Corporation. The main headquarters should be investigating the store secretly so they catch the unscrupulous employees and/or management. If you order something online you should not have to worry that thieves would get your information. Such a shame that I will never order from there and I will tell anyone and everyone to not shop there as well.

FRAUD with me as well Went to the 76 station in Dana Point, CA and just checked my account and a charge from Bed Bath and Beyond store 651 This is a central processing center

Fraud continues ... in addition to BB & B they have charged Expedia and Avianca Airlines. Fortunately the charge was discovered quickly (I signed up for text notices of large charges). My card was Discover ... are all charges being made with Discover card or others as well?

Got one today (2/4/13) for $86.98...

I just got charged $193 on my debit card. You would think they could find out something.This has happened way to many times.

I got hit for $111.96 on 12/13/12

Credit card fraud detection department just called (1/25/13) to notify me of a $748.18 charge at BBB #651. They're not making me pay for it.

372.98 here, I guess I will get on the band wagon and call the BBB

Well, they strike again...$633.63 on May 21st. Unbelievable!

Can you help? What is this charge?

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