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Also Appears on Statements As "BWI*BOINGO WIRELESS"

What is it?

How to cancel my internet connection? It's charge me over 1 year by credit card. I live in Taiwan.

BOINGO WIRELESS is a Wi-Fi provider, giving their customers access to Wi-Fi Internet connections almost anywhere. Customers can purchase one of their monthly plans, a free trial that automatically turns into a PAID monthly plan after the trial period expires, or select one of their Pay-As-You-Go options for Wi-Fi access. Most people use Boingo's services while traveling.

I wanted to cancel my connections internet because I'm Live In Canada

Nunca he usado este servicio..y me están cobrando.Esto es un fraude de parte de ustedes.

Nestor Salavarria

I was trick by this company and now they keep going into my account and take money out I want them to stop taking money out my account cause am not using there service I live in England so please to cancel it now

This place seems like a scam. I called because their charges started showing up on my credit card. Canceled it got a new card. They showed up again so I called them. I could hear the other customer service people having a similar issue with someone else. I hung up. Call your credit card merchant.

me estan realizando cobros mensuales a mi tarjeta de credito sobre un servicio que no vengo utilizando. .

I wanted to cancel my connection because I live in the Marshall Islands

I fell into the same trap, thinking I was on a month free trial but didn't realise that it converted to paid after the first month - now cancelled with a small refund (2 months)

Necesito cancelar el servicio porque ya no tengo covertura

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As