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What is it?

Food vendors at the padres stadium

DNC Stands for Delaware North Concessions. How stupid that they don't program it to say Petco Park!

This DNCSS San Diego Bb Con charge is definitely from the concessions at Petco Park. I bought two beers and the totals match up perfectly. They should provide a better description of the charge.

I bought a sweatshirt outside of Petco- this was it

Duh...Petco Park...not the democratic national comity...who knew, glad I wasn't the only one to wonder. Thank you.

Caterers at Petco Park San Diego - when you sit in the Toyota Terrace and order food from your seats in my case.

San Diego Padres, Petco Stadium Food Vendor (Beer/Hot Dogs/Nachos).

Yes, Petco Park. I bet they get lots of chargebacks because they don't know how to provide a clear description on the charge.

I think these charges are from concessions stands at PetCo Park


Petco Park gift shop. I bought a Padres jacket.

Yes, it's a concessions charge for Petco Park, in my case Hodad's Burgers. To make matters worse, it took them over three weeks to process the charge.

This is for a food vendor in petco park in San Diego. Check your statements! Someone decided to tip themselves $2 extra. Darn old hag

Thanks for this site; since I watch charges like a hawk from the Target hack this is awesome. Figured out right away the totally obscure charge was correct. Thanks!

This was a charge at Petco Park for me, too, however, my charge showed up TWO months later!!

Looks like Petco Park, however I have three more pending transactions that actually say they are from Petco Park. Overall too many transactions...6 transactions when there should only be 4. The DNC transactions look correct.

Petco Park gift shop. Bought a Padres hat last night.

Yes is helpful thank you.


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