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Also Appears on Statements As "FACEBOOK.COM*E4VE322Q3 CA"

What is it?

On the 26th of Feb I recive a private message on me Facebook saying that I need to confirm me details or me page will be deleted in 24 hours without notice I did it so check me visa card today and I had -40 € it says paid to Facebook Virtual Go , can anyone help 😯

I also charged for 22 times... it is crazy man!!

June: 05/05/17 07/05/17 FACEBK 8AS4GC26F2 IE 309,000 14/05/17 16/05/17 FACEBK AY7TNCE5F2 IE 23,460 14/05/17 16/05/17 FACEBK YX7TNCE5F2 IE 309,000 15/05/17 17/05/17 FACEBK X4ZWUCW4F2 IE 309,000 19/05/17 21/05/17 FACEBK DYYWMCA5F2 IE 309,000 20/05/17 22/05/17 FACEBK 39PCCD65F2 IE 309,000 22/05/17 24/05/17 FACEBK 4HJG2D25F2 IE 309,000 23/05/17 25/05/17 FACEBK AES5MC26F2 IE 309,000 24/05/17 26/05/17 FACEBK Q9XXXCJ5F2 IE 309,000 27/05/17 29/05/17 FACEBK TU4P3D25F2 IE 149,000 27/05/17 29/05/17 FACEBK RV4P3D25F2 IE 309,000 28/05/17 30/05/17 FACEBK V49JLCN5F2 IE 589,000 28/05/17 30/05/17 FACEBK 849JLCN5F2 IE 23,390 29/05/17 31/05/17 FACEBK XDCHSCE5F2 IE 309,000 29/05/17 31/05/17 FACEBK BYJALCW5F2 IE 309,000 29/05/17 31/05/17 FACEBK CXJALCW5F2 IE 309,000 30/05/17 01/06/17 FACEBK YGYTYCW4F2 IE 149,000 30/05/17 01/06/17 FACEBK U94JRCS5F2 IE 309,000

May 25/04/17 27/04/17 FACEBK ZLZ84D65F2 IE 149,000 26/04/17 28/04/17 FACEBK 5UMPFCS5F2 IE 589,000 27/04/17 29/04/17 FACEBK GZBUEC26F2 IE 309,000 29/04/17 01/05/17 FACEBK UR6UCCW5F2 IE 309,000

It seems I am a victim of this same fraud. Has there been a solution for this?? Pls help.

i have found charges on my bank statement from here that i didn t make i am going to report it to my bank

dont appreciate FB charging my credit card without my knowledge for a fraud expensive!! something needs to be done about the FB fraud!!

i had $208.90 taken from 11 withdrawls from facebook at $9.90 6 times and $29.90 5 times that i did not do, i dont even buy from facebook ever, facebook was no help and police are going to look into it

Okay so I checked my account today (February 13, 2014) and I found that there's a new transaction still on pending on my account. I haven't use my card at all on February 13, 2014. I only made 1 transaction on February 12, 2014 and that's it. But I found this transaction and it shocked me. So I decided to checked all the transactions I've made and found that this website has took my money for 4 times already. The fifth transaction is on pending. I immediately cancelled my card and called my bank. What the heck is Who is behind this?

I did not authorize anything from this website. I was charged 9.99 twice. Please remove me from this charge. I have already contacted my credit card company. Sheila H

182.00 deducted from my acct. i dont have my cc on facebook so how did they get it? this is fraud. im doing a dispute with my bank.

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My credit card was used on this site without my knowledge or permission on the following dates 1/16/2013,1/21/2013 and 1/22/2013 for $200.00 each time. Please void these charges and refund my card the amount of $600.00 and refuse this card on any other purchase attempts.

facebk*4 jhj26aud2 charges to my credit card, I've never used facebook to purchase anything or ever given them my credit card information.

A donation to zuckerburgs billions

Fraud---card use NOT AUTHORIZED

I just got a $10. charge on my credit card and of course FB does not have my card #. I do purchase things on line but this was questionable. It is fraud and is happening all over. I have disputed with my bank but if it happens again, I will change my card #. This is a scam.

My wifes computer missed up and called this place who said they could help for 100 dollars. They said they could not get to it till the next day. They took the money out before they even helped us so we had someone else fix since my wife needs her computer for paralegal work. We need money back in our account cause we never used there services.FACEBOOK COM X9HR4 22G2 www fb me CA


I checked with my wife who regularly plays Facebook games and she admitted making charges in the games she plays. So far as I can see, this is not a fraud although the made it look like some overseas scam. What country is it that uses the .me domain?

Stay alert, some one could have cloned your credit card and used it. It's happend to me, and I don't have account on Facebook.


These popped up on my bank account just yesterday. Is this a runaway problem? What is being done about it? You can't call Facebook, you can only email them. They send you this message when you inquire about the charges (ads in my case) "Hi,

Facebook has received your inquiry. A support representative will respond to your message soon, and in the meantime we encourage you to take a look at the Facebook Help Center (

We also welcome any feedback you may have about how we might improve our Help content to help you resolve your issues more quickly.

Thanks for contacting Facebook and enjoy the site!

-The Facebook Team"

This place FACEBOOK COM X9HR4 22G2 www fb me CA 02-14-13 1-800-558-3079 and 1-480-240-9877 MY COMPUTER WORK IS THE NAME ON MY CALLER ID. I am having trouble getting my money refunded. Called bank to put a stop on the withdraw. don't if it will help or not will let everyone know. Going now to FTC to post what problems i am haveing with them.

I will be calling bank

Okay, so it's a fraud, you have to block your credit card and contact your bank. It's not from Facebook, as you can seer, it puts "facebk" for confusing. It's probably a virus who stole you credit card information from your computer or mobile. So cancel your card, if the charge it's still pending you will have it back quick, if not, call you bank and explain them, the will do a research an probably refund you. Good luck, be safer with your financial info and change you credit card info

je ne veux plus que vous prenez aucun montant sur ma c arte de crédit,vous n'avez plus d'autorisation.merci

We have 17 charges on our bank account from this www.fb/me/ca for a total of over $1100. We did not catch them because at the time we were traveling across the USA. What can be done about this?

Je ne veux plus que vous prenez aucun montant sur ma carte de crédit,vous n'avez pas d'autorisation.merci

For those of you posting that this is FaceBook, note that the charge is coming from, not This is how some overlook the charge by not paying attention to that detail.

i called the fraud section on my credit card and changed my # and they will investigate

A charge from facebook. Possibly a purchase made through a game or for advertising. For more information, visit their site at:

My credit card was used without my permission. I have reported it to the Credit Card institution. Be very careful with this site. Have this bandits been caught yet? Add this to the FACEBK*

more then 8 times the charsge on my credit in the same day. one of the code from my bank -faceb*5s2k57wup2. I did"nt do!!! please help me.

Daily charge for advertising on facebook

I've been charged three timed each £45.58 I did not make this purchase and has raised a dispute with Facebook and the bank. It's made to ie

How do you make these stop... they have taken over 1000 out of my account...

why is you going in to my bank taking money that i didnt tell you to take

This place FACEBOOK COM X9HR4 22G2 www fb me CA 02-14-13 1-800-558-3079 and 1-480-240-9877 MY COMPUTER WORK IS THE NAME ON MY CALLER ID. Having trouble getting my money back, did not use there services so need money refunded

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Also Appears on Statements As