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FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 400964342935


Also Appears on Statements As "FRG*TEAMFANSHOP"

What is it?

I order items from NBASTORE.COM and FRG Fanshop is what appears on my statement. Never had any unapproved charges to my card.

Someone charged $5 to TEAMFANSHOP, had to cancel my card. Thank goodness for Chase Fraud Alert!

FRGTEAMFANSHOP my case, this is NOT a fraud charge. It's for an online purchase I made from the UFC online store. I checked the original email receipt, and it even stated that the credit card would indicate a charge from "FRGTEAMFANSHOP". just throwing that out there.

I bank with Huntington and I have mobile alerts. $5 was taken out, called bank cancelled card . FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877-833-7397

Just got notification of a suspicious charge from Discover. Charge was from FRGTEAMFANSHOP in the amount of $10. The charge was fraudulent and Discover cancelled my card immediately. I called 855-222-2564 and spoke to Devon in Fraud Prevention for who informed me that when the order was attempted online, somehow flagged it as suspicious and declined the order.

I have a preauthorization charge sitting in my account from FRG team fan shop right now. I am on the phone with them now. Seems to be a trend. I am going to let them know they have a major problem.

Our valid purchase from the Maryland Terrapin Team Store showed up as FRG*TEAMFANSHOP...

I received an email from Chase Sapphire questioning if I had charged to merchant FRG"TEAMFANSHOP" for $10.00 This charge is fraudulent. I called CHASE immediately and the security department closed the number. They are sending me a new card with a different number tomorrow. They had been monitoring my account since that charge was placed. Another charge for $133.00 had been attempted at merchant DHGATE after my account was "flagged" and it had been denied. YAY CHASE!! The credit card companies are getting really good at spotting fraudulent charges, thank goodness. They also try hard to protect the honest consumer because they want to keep our business. I feel more secure knowing there is a safety net in place for the credit card users. Plus, if you have good credit, they will never make you pay for a charge that is not yours.

Had about 20 charges of $5 each, along with several other charges from other places, like restaurants, etc. Although they nearly wiped out my checking account, the bank caught it and emailed me. They will be refunding my fraudulent charges and issuing a new card for me. I would never call the place that is charging the fraudulent charges. Go through the bank.

I got a $62 charge from TEAMFANSHOP, had to cancel my card. Chase Fraud Alert sent me an email. Good job!

I've just browsed over for merchant information who charged my local cc and found this webpage. "FRG*TEAMFANSHOP" charged me for USD 5.00 for six time transactions on 16 february 2014. i then called the bank customer rep immediately, saying that those trx had not been settled by the merchant. knowing that somebody had just stolen my cc data, i closed that cc account for safety; also rejected bank's offer to issue a new one since i still don't have clues of whose party is doing it. the bank said i can claim for refund once the those billings are issued.

FOLLOW-UP: After getting my card cancelled, I was notified a day later that someone was trying to purchase on and People trying to get a vacation on my dime. Really good thing I cancelled before this!!!

Thanks for the Chase Fraud Alert! I got an email from them saying that I FRG*TEAMFANSHOP charge $5.00 on my credit card. I confirmed to Chase that I didn't charge anything to this company and I have my card with me. Chase is issuing me a new card!

I had this company put $5 on my debit card and then take it back off. Right after that a company called CENTMOBILE.COM Location: 760-201-4270, NJ Purchase Date: 3/24/14 Category: Utilities took $20 off my card. I have canceled my card and they are reissuing a card. We are filing fraud charges against them. I'm glad I didn't have more on it. How can I be safe with my next card that this company FRG*TEAMFANSHOP Location: 866-687-3305, FL Purchase Date: 3/24/14 Category: Retail Stores doesn't do this again. How do they know our balances and get our money.

Just got a text alert for $5.00 from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP, one saying my card has been approved for that amount and another saying it has be declined for $5.00. Someone trying to be sneaky, thank goodness for text alerts. What IDIOTS! Yay now I get to wait for a new card...

I just had $5,000 worth of charges show up on my debit card last Thursday (1/09/14). I caught it in time that it was still processing. There were 26 charges ranging from $150-$200. I live in Washington state, it's coming Florida!

While I am not alone in finding the mysterious $5 charge from Team Fan Shop-FRG on my recent update from Chase Bank VISA, I have learned that it's merely a "test-charge" and a precursor to many more unexplained problems. If I had simply ignored it or was unaware, the hacker/thief who stole my credit card information would be selling my card all over the world (with many others) to the highest bidder. Apparently, the $5 charge is used to buy a gift certificate in an on line store, but the hacker/thief doesn't care about the certificate, which is quickly voided, because the real money is in the selling of my card info.

I don't know how my information was stolen, but I am thankful that Chase Bank's Fraud unit was on top of it. As for the Team Fan Shop-FRG, I know they are not the thieves: they make and sell t-shirts for sporting events and the NFL & NBA stores.

After canceling my card and speaking with the Chase and the Team Fan Shop, I contacted Experian and Equifax to put a freeze or monitoring on my credit. The real pain of this little problem is not knowing how much real information was a stolen, because it could be far worse than $5 if cards were opened, car loans made, and other things bought in my name (without my authorization).

I was charged 89.90 from this company my bank fraud dept caught it. Also I had to cancel my bank card. Tried to ship to Masadonia are you serious I have never heard of the place!!!!

Got a refund today from FRG TEAMFANSHOP. It's not a scam. I placed an order from USPGA golf shop and they refunded me a purchase I made there for some ball markers through PayPal. Apparently they are out of stock and refunded me my money. So if you are getting a refund it may be from a sports shop you visited.

I purchased a pair of "Go USA" Olympic mittens from (the official on,one shop of the US Olympic team). The charge came through on my credit card as FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877-833-7397 FL. The charge was legit for me. Hope this helps.

FRG*TEAMSHOP - Attempted to charge $5.00 to my card. Bank refused the charge, but looks like they are fishing to see if the card was valid or not in an attempt to charge other items. Shortly after the teamshop charge popped up, several other charges were attempted on the same card.

[Great website!] My AMEX card was up late last night testing its ability to shop onlne. FRG TEAMFANSHOP was the first charge. Five minutes later my card took a sudden liking to iTunes,.....twice. That was enough for AMEX to lock down my account and send me a couple e-mails asking if my number was indeed being misused or if I had a sudden new passion for wasting money.

Not the first time but it is good to know that thieves are still stupid enough to test the card three times and thereby wake up the sleeping giant who cuts them off before they can do any real damage.

Hint to all folks in the same boat: Keep a list of accounts that automatically bill monthly, quarterly or annual service renewals to your card so you can update them with your new card number. I wish I had made such a list in the past. I shall now. Better late than never.

I signed up alerts which showed my Citi credit card was charged $10 today. While I was confused who the merchant (FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 8778337397 FL) was, I logged in my account and saw there was a refund of $10.

Thanks to the comments above, I cancelled my card and reported the fraudulent transaction right away. Short after I ordered my replacement card, I received an email from Walmart regarding an order of Google Play $50.

I think both Citi and Walmart did great! Citi notified me about those transactions when my card was not present. Walmart flagged the unusual order and cancelled it without me contacting them.

Just reported a fradulent charge. Site is and number is 877-833-7397.

Aldred from the lost & fraud prevention department was extremely helpful. The direct number to the lost & fraud prevention is 855-222-2564.

The $218.27 has been credited back, the order has been canceled - nothing had actually shipped yet.

Called my card and disputed the charge, requested that card be canceled, and a new card issued.

May, 2014 - A charge was just initiated to my credit card for a small amount $10.00, that was not completed (the money was not actually transferred yet) from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP. I did some Internet research and found the website, which states in their Important Information about Payment--

"Please note, the charge on your statement will appear from FRG*Teamfanshop."

I'm a 62 year old man with no interest in surfing at all, and I live halfway across the U.S. from Florida (the home of I did some research, including this helpful website, and found that FRG*TEAMFANSHOP is apparently a staging ground for testing stolen credit card information.

I immediately called the fraud department of my credit card issuer, and even while I was on the phone with the fraud-department representative, the first fraudulent charge on my credit card appeared, for $192 and some cents, for "DISNEY" something-or-other, a charge or purchase I did not make. This strongly indicates to me (and also to the fraud-department investigator) that FRG*TEAMFANSHOP actually is an operation to test stolen credit card information to see if the card is valid, before making an actual fraudulent purchase that is processed.

So beware of anything in your financial records or credit card account that is labeled with FRG*TEAMFANSHOP

I was astonished at how soon after this minor test charge of $10.00 was made as a pending transaction (not actually collected, no money transferred, because the fraudsters were trying to merely test the card, before reversing the charge to cover their staging-ground tracks) the first fraudulent charge for over $192.00 appeared on my account.

I hope this helps someone else. Best wishes--

Steve, New Mexico US

Similar to other comments, my card had three attempted $5 charges, which were all declined, thanks to Wells Fargo fraud detection. I have cancelled the credit card that was used.

A $5 charge attempt was made with my 53 bank debit card with transaction description FRGTEAMFANSHOP, 877-833-7397, FL. The same was refunded with transaction description FRGTEAMFANSHOP, 866-687-3305, FL.

I had already registered for Identity theft protection with 53 bank. They called immediately to enquire about this transaction, since they suspected this as fraud transaction. They flagged it before it could go through and marked it immediately as Fraudulent. Good job 53 Bank!

The same thing happened to me. I got a $5 charge and a $5 reversal charge. I told the bank but they said that the charge was reversed so they didn't worry about it. Then I was charged $257.42, which I had to beg to get refunded. I'm going to call them and warn them against future purchases. I guess the $5 is a test to see if the account works. If we're ALL having this problem, can't the banks be on a lookout for this kind of thing?

I found $5.00 charges on more than one of my CC accounts, at the same time. --Does anyone have any idea of where the information was stolen? --If they were just generating CC numbers, that could not explain what happened to me. --For those outside of US, did you ever use your card to shop online at any US website?

On was charged 5 dollars by FRGTEAMFANSHOP then credited right back, this happened 2 times, then i was charged 1116 dollars by apple store online after that i was charged again the 5 dollars by FRGTEAMFANSHOP and credited back again by this point i had contacted my bank and they told me they were still trying to process charges through online stores but they had already been on alert and had put my debit card on hold. I had to cancel the card. This is indeed fraud and you need to call and cancel your card. Last time i used my card was ordering chinese food, so who knows who it really was there is no way to find out, just call your bank and they will take care of it within 12 hours.

$5.00 charge on my debit card. Never heard of this company. Have charges totaling $1300 from, medieval something a nd chili's. Funny thing is chili s is last place the card was no t in my possession.

I have texts set up to alert me when any charges are made online. Received the text and immediately looked it up. The amount was $5 and i called the number associated on my bank statement. It sounded very fishy when I called and they put me on hold. they asked for my address and i gave them a fake one bc I just felt something was off. I was then transferred to their "loss prevention" guy who proceeded to tell me that hackers attempted to "test" my card to see if the charge went through. He was very friendly and talkative and I just felt like he was stalling trying to keep me on the phone, and he had the nerve to say "if you trust me, you can give me the card number and I can look it up for you to see what exactly happened". i immediately hung up and called my bank to cancel my card. DON'T GIVE THE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION, JUST CALL YOUR CARD COMPANY AND REPORT IT AND GET A NEW CARD!!!

$10.00 pending charge from this company. When I called, the woman said that I needed to give her my card number to verify the charge and she was surprised that it was a $10 charge and not a $5 charge. I called the bank and while reviewing my account noticed a $1 charge from TransUnion and 2 charges totaling $70 from Cancelled the card.

Not any one particular credit card. Mine was a Master Card. At 3 AM they charged $.10 then at 4 AM they charged $264.75. My bank caught it and left me a voice mail and put a "stop" on my card. I thought it strange that I couldn't buy gas that afternoon. When I called my Credit Card company back, they told me what happened and I had a new card in my hand the next morning. 10/05/2015 FRGTEAMFANSHOP $264.75 Debit 10/05/2015 FRGTEAMFANSHOP $264.75 Credit My statement shows the debit, then the credit. It would seem that with all the complaints, this pseudo-company name should be made public. I'm in Vermont, but they are operating with stolen information from all over the country.

FOX Sports Official Online Store.

I am extremely careful with my cards and saw this $10.00 charge from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP with an immediate return of $10.00 on a Chase card. Googled this shop and found this page. This card had been in a drawer for the past month so I knew it was not a legit charge. The only time it had ever been used online was at several months ago. All other charges were made with the chip at POS. Just an FYI.

Someone attempted to charge my credit card as "FRG*TEAMFANSHOP, FL" in the amount of $198.82. My bank automatically declined the charge, and sent me a fraud alert. There was also a fraudulent charge as "SP * MELODYEHSANI" in the amount of"$168.00. My bank removed that charge after calling me.

I was just contacted today by the fraud department for my credit card company. They detected a suspicious on-line charge of $0.00 from FRG Teamfanshop this morning. I have never heard of this company nor did I use my credit card for any purchases today. Definitely a fraudulent charge!

I too had a $5.00 charge and reversal from FRG-TEAMFANSHOP-877-833-7397-FL. Saw it today, I just called my bank and asked them to verify if it was a purchase made with my bank card or via a routing/checking account number. Thankfully it was a debit card purchase and I cancelled my bank card IMMEDIATELY. I did a google search on the charge which thankfully brought me to this site and saved me! Thanks everyone! I've made a few online purchases recently and have used my card for gas and one ATM's so scary- I swear I will be getting in the habit of using cash now! This is crazy!

I bought two sweaters from them. This is also why you pay through PayPal on these kinds of sites...not with your card. ;-)

Was charged $3500 to my Canadian credit card in mid-November 2014, by FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877-833-7397 FL. And also another $600 charge to some place in Quebec (SENSATION PLUS GATINEAU QC). All over a 4 day period.

I noticed these charges 7 days later when I checked my online banking. Immediately called the bank. They are cancelling my card, and sending me a new one. All done with in like 10 minutes.

I was charged over $300 on March 11, 2015 from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP - it was returned on the same day, but I was also charge $600+ from another company straight afterwards. I have a Chase card. I've alerted Chase to the charges and return. I have not done business with this company or the other company that charged almost twice as much. discover card just called and stated I had a $5.00 charge from FRG teamshop and then a $400.00 charge to some place else!! The only thing I did was used my card a couple days ago at and don't know if they are fraud or not credit card company is going to check into it and if I don't receive my order I will have to call them back and let them know! Thank goodness the Discover Fraud Prevention caught this and is sending all new cards!!

A charge with $0.01 DLLS from this merchant. The bank put on hold my account and cancelled my credit card when I called to confirm it was not mine. Thank God Bank of America caught this one for me before any fraud charges.

Found this charge on my Bank America credit card two days ago : 2/6/14 FRGTEAMFANSHOP -$139 2/6/14 FRGTEAMFANSHOP $139 These hackers are using this website to run a test transaction before having a field day ordering from other online websites.

Ran a Yahoo search and found this website. Saw these charges reported as fraud, and cancelled my credit card right away. BEFORE real damage was done.

THANK YOU and everyone who reported this fraud ! Much easier to catch fraud before it becomes serious. And if you are a victim of fraud, make sure to call the valid companies where charges were made and have them cancel orders not yet processed. Last case of fraud someone used my card to book a $3500 all expenses paid trip to Aruba. Travelocity was REALLY happy to hear from me and cancel that jokers trip. Neither my credit card company nor the police bothered to call them and cancel. No wonder credit card fraud is running rampant. No one bothers to even cancel their purchases.

Where are these people getting our credit card numbers from ? I did not shop at Target this year. And this is the second time my credit card has been jacked. Is all this recent jacking due to banks and credit card companies outsourcing ? Has anyone talked to anyone without a foreign accent when reporting or closing down a credit card ? Perhaps it's time to demand banks keep our personal info PRIVATE. At least within the country.l

Fraudulent charge!!, after reviewing my bank statement and seeing a charge from FRG TEAMFANSHOP I immediately called and disputed the charge because I never ordered anything from this company, the customer service rep looked into the charge for me and said he would give me the money back, and also stated that the order placed was being shipped to Italy??? Wth? $158.00. Had to close my card account!

FRG TeamFanShop put two charges totally $300 on my debit card. Reported immediately and refunded but that is not the point, how are they doing this so often and to so many people? May 2018

You’ll see something like a $5.00 charge appear for a short time from FRG*TeamFanShop 877-833-7397 FL and then disappear – it’s apparently a test. Then you start getting whacked for larger amounts from oddball places – see this link:

My charge showed the FRG*TeamFanShop 877-833-7397 for $5.00. It was there at 5:00 AM and gone by 8:00. BoA confirmed that it was attempted & reversed. The Ph # goes to Fanatics Retail Group in Jax… Al in security at Fanatics indicated that they are aware of this activity by some outside entity who uses their site to test small charges & that Fanatics automatically reverse the charges based on fraudulent address / email criteria in their system.

It appears your best option, when this happens, is to CANX & ReIssue your bank cards. Big Time Pain!..

I received a text alert for $5 early in the morning and didn't pay it any mind I just thought it was a pending transaction I made. Later on in the afternoon I received another transaction for $9.21 from Dr. and immediately called my bank and cancelled my card. Please be careful people be vigilant and check your accounts for fraudulent purchases. I've also asked the bank to investigate these transactions.

Thank goodness for CHASE fraud alert! An amount of $350.00 was charged on my card from a con artist FRG*TEAMFANSHOP! CHASE took care of it before any damage was done!

Received an e-mail from AmEx in the small hours today, about a suspicious charge of $36.98 to FRG TEAM FAN SHOP - sorted it out with customer fraud service, but had to cancel my card, which had been in my possession unused for past 3 days.

This is the fourth time I have changed my debit card and a couple of months later TeamFanShop again gets access to that number and does another fishing attempt (charge and then refund). The first time it happened I called the bank because I get charge alerts and they told me not to worry about it then a few days later I lost a lot of money. Since then, whenever there is a fishing attempt by them I cancel my card immediately. I don’t understand how this company gets away with this especially after reading all the other comments.

Wow this is no coincidence! I just had this FRG.Teamfan shop charged $5, reversed it then tried $39.95 and then Chase threw the fraud alert. Either this is an inside job from Chase or somebody has hacked their database because these dates are very close to each other and the same banking institution.

I ordered from The charge showed up on my statement as FRG*TEAMFANSHOP on 4/27/17. By 4/28/17, they were using my card at gas stations in Florida. Luckily I caught it before they got away with to much and cancelled by card.

Still Happening in 2018 They tried two different cards of mine. 10 dollar charge to FRG*TEAMFANSHOP Both we’re immediately refunded. I was able to cancel both my cards before anything else happened but seriously want to know where they got them from. I doubt it is random since they got two of my cards.

$26.53 charge from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP. Didn't authorize this and think our card number was written down while out at dinner.

I came home from work and checked my bank account. The FRG*teamfanshop FL was charging $5 and reversing $5, then there was a $100 charge for perfect world/arc in CA. I reported it as fraud to my bank. I'm being issued a new card. Why are there people like this in the world?

Citicard was used fraudulently to make a purchase from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP today for $5. These thieves are STILL at it, why can't they be stopped?????

Got off work this morning, checked bank account... nothing out of the ordinary. Woke up after a few hours and (as part of my routine after getting up, usually) checked bank account... Good thing I'm compulsive about that! I found a $5 charge and a reversal for this CHKCARDFRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877 833 7397 FL, followed by a charge at for $107.87. My first instinct was to ask my husband what he purchased and as soon as he denied any recent purchase I got on the phone to the bank. Wells Fargo was able to determine which card was compromised and that all of the charges were manually entered rather than swiped.

While sitting on hold through this process, I googled and found this site and all of its useful information.

Charges flagged as fraudulent, card cancelled and replacement ordered... and then I saw the suggestion of contacting the merchant as well.

Apparently, the thief is a Star Wars fan because he/she had ordered the Complete Set on Blue Ray/DVD. Sadly, they wont be receiving that order.

For what it's worth, my husband's card was used at Target in December... as well as a few other places that we shopped for Christmas.

I had an FRG*Teamfanshop show up on my bank statement today. My bank's website was down from 11:59PM 1-17 supposedly until 7:30AM on 1-21. Thank goodness for text alerts! It showed I was negative $40! I managed to get into the website and saw a $5 charge from the above mentioned company that was promptly returned. But after that was $899.03 worth of charges from, VALOREBOOKS, and!!! My bank was vigilant and called me but I have been getting calls from all over the country saying I have been approved for payday loans that I never applied for and didn't answer. I called 911 to file a report for my bank. After the deputy left my house I checked my voice mail and called my bank back. They have cancelled my debit card and are returning the money but this didn't have to happen if every reputable website required the security code on every sale. I had used this card on Facebook, Sprint, Dish and Sportsman's Guide websites recently and have no idea of where the security breach might occurred!

Chase sent a text this morning about a suspicious charge -- turned out to be "FRG*TEAMFANSHOP" -- not my charge. Other fraudulent charges made as well, all today. Good catch Chase! New card on its way.

This is still going on! I paid Rightsource prescription a small copay and on the same day a 5.00 cgarge from FTG this happened on 2/17/14. I looked up the company and found this website. I have no idea how they got my card number. I called AMMEX immediately and canceled the card. Never putting my card on line again!

Hi All. I saw a charge on my card for FRG TEAMFANSHOP. This name didn't sound familiar but I knew I bought some clothes online around the same dollar amount. This FRG TEAM FAN SHOP was from which is an online store. It stands for Fanatic Retail Group- legit for me

I was charged by this company and couldn't imagine what I would have bought from them. But it turns out that they have several web presences, all which use the same (different) name to report on the billing statements.

In my case, I realized after calling them (and very carefully avoiding too much identifying information to avoid fraudulent use of my identity) that I had ordered a pair of shorts from one of their subsidiaries.


They (FRG TEAMFANSHOP) attempted to charge $5.63 to my credit card. Luckily the fraud department stopped it. But I have had to cancel my card. I had never even heard of them before this, let alone tried to purchase something. Must be hard in retail if they have to resort to fraudulent activities.

Got a call from a risk management company; checked my camden national bank account and lo and behold, 5$ charge from teamfanshop in FL... called to have them cancel the debit card immediately before anything happened. I thought to check my paypal account as well and there was a 5$ charge from teamfanshop on there too!!! Both placed today!! How did they get both of my accounts?? The one on paypal was charged using my paypal debit card as a credit. I do not type the paypal debit numbers in online.. so it's like they have some kind of number generator stealing our cards or something. The camden was a visa and the paypal was a mastercard... strange...and scary

My Discovercard had a charge of $55.88 from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP I thought it was fraud but after I read these posts and the one that read: "in my case, this is NOT a fraud charge. It's for an online purchase I made from the UFC online store", that made me remember i made a purchase from the UC Berkeley Store and that's what my charge was from, but i never would have guessed it on my own.

Through Amazon Chase rewards card, I was charged a $221.27 from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP at 1:38AM . Have no clue who they are, or can account for a purchase that large. Called up Chase, and reported it, issued new card right there.

Just got a Chase email alert for a charge I didn't make for $54.94 to FRG*FANATICS.COM. I immediately called Chase number on back of my card, told them I had a charge I didn't make, and got transferred directly to Security Services who within minutes marked the charge as fraudulent, and because card has been compromized, is issuing a new card (will receive in 5 business days). Whole process took no more than 5-6 minutes. Thank you Chase! If you don't have these text alerts set up on your credit cards, then set them up NOW!

Had 2 charges for FRG*teamfanshop, one for $11.98 on 1/17/15 and one for $24.98 on 1/19/15. I disputed the charges and cancelled the card. This will be referred to the U.S. Attorney's Office to see if they can do anything to stop these fraudsters.

FRG TEAM FAN SHOP * They are still at it! Got charged $18.00 two months ago and had a new card issued. Was charged again this morning for $26.98. Thanks to American Express alerts I was able to shut the card down immediately and get reissued AGAIN!

I had a $5 charge from Team Fan Shop FL, which was reversed. I called and they said their system recognized the attempted charge as fraudulent and had it immediately reimbursed. They said they did not have any more information, but said my card had been compromised and I should have it cancelled/replaced. Then I had a $60 charge from which I never purchased anything from. Called my bank right after that to have the charges stopped & card cancelled... I believe my card information was stolen when I purchased an item from a website called Teespring. A day later the fraudulent charges began.

Is there something that we all have in common? Maybe shopping at the same place and the hackers are hacking into this companies recent purchase log and stealing our information. I've bought a lot of clothes recently. We need to figure this out!

$28.98 charged to my Amex card. Charge was rejected by them, thank goodness. Never heard of them. Glad American Express is diligent.

My wife used our Discovercard at a gas station in Florida which she, later that day, said it looked like the pump may of been tampered with and that she hoped she did not just put her card through a "slider" and have our info stolen.

The next day I received an email from Discovercard noting two charges from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP. One for around $15, the second for $160. Both were declined by my card.

I called up Discovercard and had my card deactivated before any other fraudulent charges could be attempted.

Add me to the list. I was alerted via email by Discover Card re possible fraudulent activity. In addition the $12.98 charge by FRG*Teamfanshop, which was declined by Discover, on the same date I have five $0.99 charges from Amazon Digital Services and $25 and $70 charges for Starbucks reloads. Discover has canceled my account and is issuing new cards, but it is mind boggling that this has been going on, unabated, for several years. This won't help anyone since only the people who have been victimized are likely to check this website, but it is a good reminder to keep close check on all transaction activity.

No posts for a couple months, but somebody out there is still scamming. I got a text alert from Barclaycard for a $10.00 FRG*TEAMFANSHOP charge on 11/30/15. I called and told them it was indeed fraudulent. Barclay's closed my account, is sending me a new card. My current card has a chip in it, but that does nothing to prevent online fraud.


This company charged my card $10 and immediately issued a credit! never heard of this company before, called my bank and let them know it was fraud and they will be sending me out a new card!

03/15/2016 I woke up this morning to an email and a text from my Discover Credit Card regarding a $36.98 DECLINED charge from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP. HA those jerks picked the wrong person! Even if I didn't get these alerts, I check my accounts twice a day. I have no idea how they got my credit card number. It's not a physical card I take out and about so I wasn't hit by RFID scans. Must have been stolen online.

Same as you guys, bank blocked the fraudulent charge. $5 charge on my debit card. Surely it's someone to do with this company that's purporting this!? Very worrying and frustrating.

Two charges from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP for $5 and then both charges were reversed. I called the bank and immediately cancelled my card, had hubby cancel his too.

Bank suggested not storing credit card information on online sites and they tend to be easier to hack than most bank sites.

We have never ordered from the company and their loss prevention people weren't terribly helpful but I don't believe they are the ones doing this. I think their site is just an easy one to use for these scammers. Definitely a problem but oh well. Glad we check our bank account daily.

Same issue. I received an email alert today from Citibank saying that there was a $10 charge that appeared to be fraudulent from FRG TEAMFANSHOP. I called Citi immediately and cancelled my card. Right before this charge was made, I used the card for Gas. Obviously I can't be sure but I am guessing that the gas station pump had a card reader in it. It is crazy to me that so many people have had fraud issues with this company. What can we do? I am going to call the local police to see if they have any advice.

Chase send me an FRAUD PROTECTION SERVICES alert On 12/9/2014 3:35 PM, a transaction in the amount of $84.85 was declined at: FRG*TEAMFANSHOP, FL. good job Chase

No name please but this frg teamfanshop obviously is a place to generate cc numbers until one works & then they charge higher amounts. Be vigilant in checking all charges, all the time !

Just got a Chase email alert for a charge I didn't make for $54.94 to FRG*FANATICS.COM. I immediately called Chase number on back of my card, told them I had a charge I didn't make, and got transferred directly to Security Services who within minutes marked the charge as fraudulent, and because card has been compromized, is issuing a new card (will receive in 5 business days). Whole process took no more than 5-6 minutes. Thank you Chase! If you don't have these text alerts set up on your credit cards, then set them up NOW!

$5.00 charge on my AMEX. Have not done business with this company. Nothing additional yet, but I have posted a fraud alert and had my card reissued.

I have an alert for all CC transaction for my chase card and got an alert for $5.00 charge from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP. When I logged to chase site saw $5.00 refund also. Called chase and cancelled the card and getting replacement card. Good that my alert helped to catch this fraud and thanks for this site and all your inputs.

I got a fraud alert from chase yesterday with a charge to frgteamfanshop and then a charge to So the hackers are attempting to create bogus websites, probably to steal info using fake retail online shops. The places I have used this card at in the last couple of weeks include Petsmart, Michaels, Home Depot, Tires Plus, and a Redbox. So my credit card information was stolen from one of these vendors. Beware using a credit card at any of these vendors.

FRGTEAMFANSHOP is still being used as a verification site for stolen card data. I was contacted by my bank to confirm a transaction of $10 that the bank declined. I was curious about how this worked at FRGTEAMFANSHOP's end, so I called and talked with an order processing manager. Their order processing security requires correct card data, including 3/4 digit CVV2 number, as well as matching address information. If this info does not match, the transaction is not processed by them. This makes them "normal" for online sales, and the fact that all of the data matched means that my card data was likely stolen from one of the several sites I have placed orders with recently, as the card is fairly new. Hope this helps someone out!

I just had a similar issue with a Chase Visa today (March 2, 2016) They followed by loading a $50 Starbucks card. Must say, Chase is on the ball. But why does Visa allow any charges to go through a vendor that obviously either doesn't have enough controls in place to prevent so much fraud or is potentially a participant. Visa should evaluate their Vendors to assure they are not putting Visa card holders and banks at risk by doing business with Vendors who don't have reasonable controls in place.

$19.98 authorization placed on my card from FRG Team Fan Shop, Jan 8, 2016. The culprits are still at it apparently. Hope they're eventually caught. Thanks American Express for your fraud team keeping their eyes open!

Today 9/10/15 I woke up to charges on my debit card from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP for $117.00 and it was automatically refunded to me but then there was another transaction for Zumies for $190.00 that was still pending. I informed my bank immediately and they took care of the issue. Zumies gave me a name of the person who was trying to make the transactions. His name is Eric Diaz. These fraudulent transactions came from FL.

I had a fraudulent charge approved under this name for 5.00 on my CC - immediately before a charge of 145.00. Fortunately, Chase caught it and declined it before they could do more damage. If you see a charge with this code on your statement, report it immediately, it's definitely fraud.

I used by debit card at 6:30 am on my way to work when I went to lunch at 11 am it was declined when tried to use called bank and team fan shop had charged me $5.00 at 10:08 and at 10:11 they refunded the $5.00 my bank saw this as fradulent and stopped any futher transactions with my debit card. I had never heard of team fan shop so I goggled it when got home and found this page! Infuriates me! Now the hassle of getting new card on Monday can't access any of my money for whole weekend companies/people that do this makes me so mad! Glad my bank was on top of there game!!!

FRG TeamFanShop charged our credit card $24.94 in January 2015 and it just showed up on our statement at the end of February2015. We xcelled the credit card. What I don't understand is why they have not been shut down as of yet. I thought the Feds were suppose to get involved when it crossed state lines.

My Discovercard was used fraudulently to make a purchase from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP this A.M. Thursday March 13,2014. I was notified by Discovercard that three online purchases were made in the early A.M. today. The card was cancelled and I called Team Fan Shop, which is located in Georgia, and my charge was reversed. Thank You Team Fan Shop for your help.

For the second time in a month I have had to cancel my credit card due to charges made at this company. Since I make many online purchases, the two times this has happened it has occurred two days after Macy's online purchase. At this time, I say buyers beware when purchasing online at Macy's! I also recommend that anyone that does not have text alerts notifying you when a purchase has been made, recommend adding it immediately. It will save you time in fixing the problem before it is out of control. One other thing I recommend is that if you have any autopays to your credit card, get a card that is specifically used for autopay - this way you know where the possible culprits are if it happens and also prevents you from having to reassign your new credit card information each time it is stolen!

3-30-14 They are still at it. Same 5 dollar charge on my acct from FRGTeamfanshop. Cancelled card thanks to what I found here. I can't believe they are still at it after all of these reports. Also have a 1 dollar charge from EIGHomestead. Looks like the same deal- test before a larger charge. Watch where you shop online!

There was fraud alert on my citi card with merchant name FRG*TEAMFANSHOP of $5. Luckily, citi didn't process the charge until I authorized.

FRG TeamFanShop charged our credit card $24.94 in January 2015 and it just showed up on our statement at the end of February2015. We xcelled the credit card. What I don't understand is why they have not been shut down as of yet. I thought the Feds were suppose to get involved when it crossed state lines.

FRGTEAMFANSHOP charged my card $5.00 DREDERMSTORE.COM chaarged my card $64.39 VCIVITACOST.COM charged my card $47.88 VITVITAMIN SHOPPE.C charged my card 75.40

All fraudulent charges!! Had to cancel all my cards to ensure they didnt have more then ones information. Have to go into the bank and sign fraudulent papers to hopefully get refunded. Sounds like something needs to be done against these company's, like a more secure checkout process to ensure our protection!

When I got the alert today from Chase that they had declined a transaction for FRG TEAMFANSHOP for over $400, I called immediately and cancelled the card. The rep said that it popped up because they used the wrong expiration or # on signature strip. Since my expiration was April 2014 on the old card, I am thinking this may be related to the Walmart or Target breaches that happened prior to my card's expiration.

Am EX just denied an attempt by someone to make a purchase of $134.93 at FRG TEAM FAN SHOP, a place I have never heard of and never used. Thnx Am EX for your fraud alert!

I have automatic alerts set up through Chase Mobile to alert me to any online or phone transaction. Today I received an email about a Pending FRG*TEAMFANSHOP transaction and I know damn well I didnt purchase anything from this company. I googled it and found numerous websites including this one about how many fraudulent charges have been posted to multiple people. Coincidentally I did my first purchase a few days ago via AMAZON online with some company in the Caribbean and then this happens???? I immediately called Chase Freedom customer service alerted them to the pending charged told them I didn't make this purchase. They cancelled the card, closed the account and will re-issue. I check every day anyways but suprised CHASE didn't check this as fraud as many of you are reporting it above you got a fraud alert from them?? Check your accounts people daily and stay safe!

I received an email from Capital One for suspected fraud activity. After verifying all of my info, someone tried to make an online charge to FRG Teamfanshop for $245 but the charge was declined because they were not able to input the correct 3-digit code. Thankfully I got the alert and was able to cancel the card and get it reissued. Very scary!

So i had a $5.00 charge on my debit card from Frg*teamfanshop 877-833-7397 Fl...and it was then refunded immediately. I called my bank and had my card canceled. I have been trying to figure out were they got my info and the only thing that came out of my acct. today was Netflix. did anyone else have a Netflix come out today...maybe there system is breached???

Had 4 charges of $10.00 each from FRG TEAMFANSHOP. Chase flagged them, texted me, called me, emailed me. Then a charge from Abercrombie & Fitch for $245 hit the card. All transactions were cancelled, card was cancelled.

I bank with Huntington and I have mobile alerts. $5 was taken out and then immediately out back. I googled teamfanshop and this site was the first to come up. I immediately called and cancelled my card. The guy on the phone told me I was the 2nd person he had talked to in the past 30 minutes with the same problem. The most recent purchase I made with my card was Speedway this morning. I don't know where these hackers are getting their info from but I'm so grateful for mobile alerts.

$5 charge from "FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877 833 7397 FL" showed up in my bank account today, then was refunded right away. A $110 charge followed, which appears to be from Western Union, "WU 877 989 3268 MO". I called Western Union and they have no record. So I called my bank (Wells Fargo) to report fraud, file a claim and replace my card.

This "FANSHOP" site appears to be a platform to test stolen account info, then once it works with a small amount (trying to avoid fraud detection?) they are able to process a larger amount under some other guise.

Question is, where/how are they getting our info? This appears to have happened to people all over the country. My most recent online purchase using this card was through theCHIVE. Anyone else? Otherwise I've had purchases at various merchants in the Twin Cities, MN area.

Update: I called my bank to order a new debit card, and she told me I actually had 2 debit cards on my account which there should not be. In December they put a hold on my debit card cause they said I had used it at a site online where fraudulent activity was reported.. which I had no idea what site it would be as I shop online frequently and know what I'm doing/what to look for. Anyway I had them cancel that card and send me a new one which I have been using... come to find out the old one never got canceled and that was the one used on TEAMFANSHOP... plus they got my paypal debit card numbers and charged 5$ on there. They must be connected somehow, to a site I shopped on in December.

These guys need to be shutdown considering how many complaints are being lodged. I just had a fraudulent charge from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP as well for ~$30. Fortunately, Chase caught the charge and I was able to cancel both the charge and my card. I informed Chase that I found this website where many people had their information stolen with a purchase through this vendor and the phone representative indicated they would report this company in their system. Hopefully, this helps prevent future fraudulent activity.

I actually did buy something from a site. It charged on my debit as "FRGTeamfanshop" with the 877-833-7397. When I never received the merchandise, I called the number. It was a legitimate "Fanatics" site, however they had no record of my order at all. I think maybe they are siphoning off funds from the actual site or something. Luckily, my bank is taking care of it and sending a new card. BEWARE!

paypal is advertising $15.00 off a $75.00 purchase. strange this would be on paypal.

They are still at it Jan 25. Sounds like a Chase issue, they have been very good about notifying us. Thanks Chase.

I'm very concerned about when and who, uses my card. So I have my alerts settings in Chase in 0.01. While at work, I got a text saying that someone used my card for $5.00. I knew I had my card with me, so immediately I transfered ALL my checkings account money into my savings account with the Chase App and left it only with $5.00. Guess what? 30 mins later, this hacker tried to make a $250.00 purchase from from Arkansas. HA- HA- HA and the card obviously got declined cause I had only left $5.00 in my account =) They thought they could outsmart me....Then, Chase send me an email about those weird charges made to my account and I immediately called them and got my card cancelled and issued a new one. All I remember was making a purchase at my local Walmart, gas station from Walmart, and an online purchase from, last night. So it could be any one of them. What I don't understand is that if these assholes are buying online with our card, don't these websites do an online confirmation to see if the addresses match? Or isn't it easier for the FBI to catch them if they are using their own home address for the shipping? This needs to stop and those hackers need to find a BETTER JOB!!!

Wow! Reviewed my credit card statement online. Saw the complaints here after reviewing my cc statement. These guys work with NFLShop which is the site that I ordered jerseys and other Hawks stuff from. Yes, they are in Florida. Everytime I call them (3x in the last month) there is a different person with a very wierd name. I do not like how they pre-charge us prior to shipping. I was told that was their "SOP" (standard operating procedure). That is why I called them. Told 'Jason' that I was concerned about being charged prior to shipment. After mentioning this site, the complaints, and how he should let his direct know of this site, he still acted the same way--robotically, 'is there anything else I can do for you?" In the future, steer away from ordering anything online. With high-turnaround, too many employees may be just taking jobs to steal information. I will order locally with cash. GO HAWKS!

Also $5.00 charge on my AMEX. Have not done business with this company. Nothing additional yet, but I have posted a fraud alert and had my card reissued.

FRG TeamFanShop charged our credit card $24.94 in January 2015 and it just showed up on our statement at the end of February2015. We xcelled the credit card. What I don't understand is why they have not been shut down as of yet. I thought the Feds were suppose to get involved when it crossed state lines.

FRG TeamFanShop charged our credit card $24.94 in January 2015 and it just showed up on our statement at the end of February2015. We xcelled the credit card. What I don't understand is why they have not been shut down as of yet. I thought the Feds were suppose to get involved when it crossed state lines.

My Credit Card was charged for $10 and Chase fraud detection closed my account today. When I logged into my account I saw that the $10 charge was refunded or cancelled or whatever. If the govt is aware of such charges why cant they just shut this place down !!

I received a text alert today Feb. 5,2014 for a purchase made on my Debit Card from FRG. Team Fanshop. I never heard of this place. someone made 15 transactions with my card at different websites. I thought Websites were secured? How can you use someones card numbers? Makes no sense!!50.90! I want my money back! All in all they all got me for about 1,00 dollars!

Got a text message from Chase to confirm a charge; called, they said that this FRG-Teamshop attempted to charge $80 to my card and it was declined. I have literally never used this particular credit card, I have to wonder how they even got it.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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