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I had this charge show up on my credit card. Reporting as fraud..

I have had 4 seperate charges of $1.05 charged to my credit card. I have already cancelled the card and reported this as fraud. I suggest anyone else who sees these charges do the same. They first charge small amounts - hoping you won;t notice and when the amount go t hrough then they charge as much as they can!!! This is definately fraud!!!!

the charges are linked to a Gmail account, and its coming from apps that you buy, etc whatever you purchase on a phone or tablet linked to your gmail

I also had several charges on my accounts and reported fraud for all of them. They ranged from $.99 to $49.99. Not sure how my information was obtained but im pissed.

Check with you kids. If you or they have a droid or an android anything, you would have had to set up a google account. I saw a $20 charge and was pissed. Figured out how to logon to my google account and looked up the charge under apps. It was something my son put on there without my knowledge with his device. He's payin' for it now.

I had a charge for $100 on my debit card and I don't even have a google account call my bank cancelled my card I also reported it to the police.. I also called Google doesn't seem to be to helpful said for me to call my bank and they would be better to assist me with this all I can say!!!

Who ever you are out their. I did not give u permission to charge my acct. Please refund everything or l will report you.

I have a huge number of charges from Google Electronic, Google Supercell, and music I have contested all. Google needs to pay attention to the huge damage this is doing to its name!

this is weird, my mom just got 112.99 on her card reporting fraud and informing the police because it seems a lot of people have problems with this

I had $77.16 worth of charges on my account this morning.. I reported to my bank as fraud and cancelled my card.

I have had over $4,000 in charges on my account from Google electronic art, I only authorized a one time charge of $10.69, after that they went crazy charging my account every day, I reported it as fraud to my charge card co( My charge card co. even called me and told me that many charges were being posted to my account and I told them it was fraud, they investigated and said because I authorized the 1st charge, then google had my number and could keep charging me! Everyone beware, this could happen to you!

I had a charge for $100 on my debit card and I don't even have a google account call my bank cancelled my card I also reported it to the police.. I also called Google doesn't seem to be to helpful said for me to call my bank and they would be better to assist me with this all I can say!!!


I don't understand. Where did you get my credit card number? I did not authorize any paments. Please remove the information you have.

You have over $74.55 charged in fraud on my account. I have closed my card and reported your company. You better refund the credit card company because it was not autorized.

I went to a restaurant in December and used my Master card to pay for dinner. I usually pay at the register when I leave. This time the checkout girl comes over and says she will take care of my payment and I hand her my credit card and she walks back to the register out of sight. I get my credit card statement the next month and find I have two more charges of the amount to that restaurant all in the same day. Eight days later, I am given a credit for those amounts and charges for three Google *LINE Corp /CH CA at $46.99 show up on my card. All for the same day. I called my credit card company and told them the charges were fraud and closed that account and reported the fraud to police. I was told that the amounts would be removed from my card. Fraud investigators say that this is monthly charges for an android app. I have an iPhone and all my apps on it were free. Now I'm having trouble getting the credit card company to remove additional charges of the same $46.99 made on that same day that were transferred to my new account. I am pissed and will NEVER visit that restaurant again and as soon as this card is paid off I will never use a credit card with that bank again.

I did not receive my original purchase of google electronic art and was charged for it on my credit card. It is THEFT to charge for a product or service and not provide it. Furthermore, all charges, virtually daily, for google electronic are add up to $193.00. If this is not returned to my credit card further action will be taken. I WILL REPORT THIS FRAUD AND THEFT TO THE AUTHORITIES! I have copies of the credit card statements as proof of the unauthorised charges.

You people have made 5 fraudulent charges on my check card. I want my money back now

I was also charged $1.05 eighteen times on my card. This threw me into being overdraft and incurring overdraft charges 17 times. My husbands entire check for two weeks was all but stolen. I will be giving this information to the city attorneys office as it is bigger than a small claims court option.

I've also been charged 4.99 for a purchase I did not make. How are they getting away with this??? I would think Google would be all over this and stopping it, doesn't look good for them at all.

I keep getting charged $1.05 2-3 tmes a day now i owe my bank $479.13. This is illegal and i am taking you to court. I want my overdraft fees paid immediately by Google electro.

I was charged 4.99 for something i did not authorize.

All this is - a charge for stuff you buy from the google play store. If it's not you, it's probably your kids.

I have two charges on 9/21/2015 .. One for 14.99 and one for 99.99 ... I never authorized these charges and want them refunded back to my account.. This is ridiculous that Google is doing this to so many people! I don't have this kind of money to spare... I will be expecting a complete refund or I will be turning you into the BBB ...

I checked my credit account had some charges at first i thought the same thing as some of you Fraud! but I went into my Google account where there was receipts on everything that was charged. Turns out my bf bought a few things on a computer game he plays on my tab. You can log into your google account or google wallet account click on "add debit or credit card" & it will show you your current card and you can choose to remove it so it does not occur again. Hope this helps!


checked my bank account and saw a .99 charge on 01/21/2014 for Electronic art. and another charge for 6.99 on 01/21/2014 for download of Minecraft.

unauthorized transactions were processed through my bank and I DO NOT know how Google got my number. This has been happening for several months my bank has investigated with no luck.

I JUST FOUND OUT THAT MORE THAN $1000 were charged in my credit card without my knowledge. I don't know how you get my card information, but I urge you to return all my money and close that freaking account.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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